11 Best Dog Videos on YouTube Not to Miss [#8 is a Must-See]

Well, dogs are the best 4-legged companions to humans because of unlimited reasons. They care for you, entertain you, protect you, and I can give you like zillions of the reasons why they are the best companions.

Every dog has a different story, different habits, and different skills. And, almost all of them are overloaded with cuteness.

While roaming on the internet, I thought to gather some best dog videos for our viewers and ended up found 11 superb videos on YouTube. Although there were millions of videos available, I somehow managed to select 11 best videos of them. I can literally watch some of them for hours, so, let’s not waste your time and move towards the best dog videos on the internet.

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11 Best Dog Videos on the Internet

So, this first video is a compilation of dogs playing soccer.

1: Cutest Corgis

Corgis are among the cutest dogs on the planet earth and the Corgi Puppies are even overloaded with more cuteness than the adult ones. You cannot afford to miss this video. Check Best Female Corgi Names here.

2: Labrador playing Soccer

Whatever you do and whatever you play, your dog will be following you all the time. This video contains a Labrador playing soccer with full passion and attention.

3: The broken dog

Sometimes, because of laziness, dogs make some of the best poses and show the coolest reactions. And here, we are presenting the same lazy broken dog.

4: Basenji, the Barkless Dog

And here comes Basenji, the barkless dog scared by an egg. Watch yourself and enjoy.

5: Athletic Dogs

Well, if I ask you to find one thing which dogs can’t do, I bet you won’t be able to find one. Either, it’s an extreme sport or an indoor activity, a dog will always be there to break all the barriers. Check out the following video how these athletic dogs have stunned the audience with their brilliant performance.

6: Dunkin Dalmatian Dudes

Dalmatians are undoubtedly among the most unique dog breeds. Watching these Dalmatian dogs and puppies in this video are a treat to your eyes. I bet.

7: Its Chihuahua Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are among the smallest dog breeds in the world and their super-small puppies are just adorable. Watch this video and thank me later.

8: Spaghetti-eating Golden Retriever

Getting bored? Give your doggy an apple or some spaghetti and watch him closely while he eats them. Your boredom will run away instantly.

9: Golden Retriever Puppies

Golden Retrievers are pure love. How about visiting a place where you have direct interaction with a Golden Retriever Mom and about 2 dozens adorable puppies.?

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10: Discipline is the Key

You’d never see such a wonderful dog video on the internet. All the doggies are disciplined and obedient.

11: Goldendoodle Puppy Training

Goldendoodle or Groodle puppy in his initial training sessions. Just check how cute and innocent he is.

So, guys, these were 11 best dog videos on the internet and I hope that you have enjoyed them a lot. If you too have such an entertaining video of your dog, you may share with us.

Image credits: Pixabay | Video credits: All the videos are the property of their respective owners on YouTube, we have embedded them just to entertain you.

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