Africanis Dog Breed Info [Guide for 2023]

The Africanis dog was developed in South Africa and acknowledged a short time ago as the landrace Canine. It is a  very talented medium to a large-sized dog with a strong, muscular, but with sleek body. 

Since this dog was developed naturally without any intentional breeding by a breeder, there are plenty of variations that can be seen within this breed as compared to standardized breeds. Despite the fact that these dogs are relatively new, South Africa still has a fair number of Africanis dogs around the country.

In the late 1990s, this dog was treated with disdain. However, thanks to the Africans, the breed’s overall status and credibility have improved and they consider it the original dog of Africa.

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Africanis Breed Profile:

Breed NameAfricanis
Other names- Bantu Dog
- Hottentot Hunting Dog
- Zulu Dog, Tswana Dog
- Umbwa wa ki-shenzi
Female Weight55 to 100 lbs.
Female Height20 to 24 inches
Male Weight55 to 100 lbs.
Male Height20 to 24 inches
Purpose of BreedingHunting
Breed SizeMedium to large
TemperamentLoyal, Courageous, Energetic, Intelligent, Social, Friendly
Energy levelHigh
Barking tendencyWhen necessary
Breed GroupPurebred
Exercise requirementUp to 90 minutes
Colors- Brindle,
- Sable
- Pied
- White
- Silver
- Fawn
- Isabella
- Cream
- Red
- Brown
- Gray
- Black
Club RecognitionKUSA (Kennel Union of Southern Africa)
Life span10 to 12 years.
Social AttentionLow
Health IssuesNo major health issues
Price$300 to $500

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Quick Facts about Africanis:

Common Features and Traits:

Since this dog developed naturally without much interference from humans, it is very difficult to know the exact ancestry of this dog. However, many experts believe that they belong to the family of wild Hounds and Pariah dogs.

They are tremendously intelligent and inborn obedient dogs. These dogs are commonly used and seen in the small villages where traditional South African lifestyles are still kept alive. Usually, they are used for guarding purposes for humans as well as livestock.

Since there are a lot of variations in the African dog breeds, an overall breed standard has been composed by the African Society. This is a large size dog that can weigh between 55 to 100 pounds. It has an athletic but lean body with visible ribs. It has tall and slender legs, a graceful head just like ancient sighthounds, and a long muzzle.

Common Pros & Cons:


  • Intelligent, friendly, and versatile
  • Excellent hunting dog
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Easy to Train
  • Longer life span


  • High Exercise Requirement
  • Not an indoor dog

Avoid Unnecessary Physical Contact

Generally, these dogs have quite a friendly, affectionate, and patient nature but sometimes these canines are uncomfortable with unnecessary physical contact and may become reactive if thrust. So, any possible interaction between kids and Africanis dogs should be supervised. Overall, this dog breed is exceptionally tolerant, gentle, and playful with children.

Mental Stimulation

Since they are independent dogs and free thinkers with a lot of creativity, they are more likely to find the solution to many problems by themselves. Therefore, it is recommended to give them enough vigorous exercise along with sufficient mental stimulation otherwise these dogs will find something to do by themselves which may create trouble for you.


They are very loving and loyal and get attached to their human family in days. These dogs are territorial, alert, and protective of their humans. Although they are loving and playful, they will go aggressive if their family is threatened.


Africanis dogs can get well in almost all situations and circumstances because of their natural survival talent. They are smart enough to deal with numerous situations confidently. In fact, these dogs can adjust to an apartment-like environment if provided sufficient mental and physical stimulation. However, they will be happier in a bigger space where they can easily run and play without obstacles. 

Bottom Line

Africanis are purebred dogs that originated in South Africa. These dogs are developed naturally and are mostly used for guarding and hunting purposes. They are smart, affectionate, friendly, and protective, and can make excellent family dogs if socialized early.

It is an ideal dog for active owners who enjoy being outdoors most of the time. This dog enjoys running, hiking, and jogging with its owner. Moreover, it can make a great sporting dog and is well suited for activities like free dance, agility, and rally.

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