Bernedoodle Pros – Things to Know before getting them

What is the best dog breed in your opinion? A Poodle, a Doberman, a Labrador, a Chihuahua, a Bernedoodle or any other? You may think of many dog breeds here which you like and already have one. But, in my personal opinion, all the dog breeds are the best.

Every dog breed has its own pros and cons but you can’t say a dog less loyal or less loving on the basis of their cons. Whatever dog breed do you have, it is for sure that he loves you, he just needs a chance to show is love and loyalty.

Okay whatever, that was not my point today, I was gathering some Bernedoodle Pros for those who are planning to get a Bernedoodle and want to its pros and cons.

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Bernedoodle inherits most of its characteristics from Poodle such as its hypoallergenic coat, its friendly behavior, and its active exposure. Still, its good to check their Pros and Cons before making any decision. Let’s explore the Pros below.

Bernedoodle Pros:


If you are not allergic to the dog’s dander and hair, you don’t know the importance of hypoallergenic dog breeds. But if you are allergic to dog dander, Bernedoodle is one of the best dogs for you because it shed very less. They inherit their hypoallergenic coat from Poodles. In Bernedoodles, most low-shedding dogs are the F1b generation Bernedoodles. This feature makes them a hot cake for dog lovers.

Cuteness Overloaded:

The smallest breeds of Bernedoodles i-e., Tiny and Mini, break all the records of cuteness. They literally look like a toy.


They are highly social and become a very good friend of your guests.

Ideal for Family and Children:

Do you need a playmate for your children? Go, get a Bernedoodle. They are safe and friendly for your kids, moreover, they like to please you every time with their loving behavior.

Excellent Runners and Swimmers:

Imagine you are swimming in a pool along with a highly-cute small friend of yours. A Bernedoodle will always be available to run, walk, swim, play, and cuddle with you.

Exercise Partner:

Almost all dog breeds need daily exercise to improve their mood and health. The Bernedoodle is the one who’ll enjoy doing exercise and can run for a long time with you.

Social and friendly with other pets

Either you have a cat or a parrot in your home, the Bernedoodle will treat them as his real friends. They are great with other pets, dog breeds in any type of environment.

Final Words:

Remember, all the dogs are good, it is just their characteristics and the compatibility with you, your family, and your daily routine that makes a difference. So, if you can give time to your dog, either it’s a Bernedoodle, a Shih Poo, or a Bulldog, you should get one.

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