19 Dog Terms All Dog Parents Should Know


    Did you know what is an F2 generation of a dog?

    Do you know about the terms MuttSire, and Dam?

    Well, if you don’t already know about these terms, let us tell you that these are the different terminologies related to dogs and puppies.

    Being a dog owner, you must know some of the basic dog terms because it really helps while dealing with a dog. Moreover, if you are a first-time dog owner or planning to get/adopt a dog in the near future, this dog terminology guide is a must-read for you.

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    Let’s find some basic but important dog terminologies below.

    19 Dog Terms Every Dog Parent Must Know


    A spay surgery stop prevents pregnancy in female dogs. It is usually done to fix issues when the female dog is in heat. It’s major surgery so you should coordinate with your vet if planning a spay surgery.


    Neutering is done in male dogs for several reasons. Some of them are the elimination of their strong urine odor, reduce the chances of testicular cancer, and most importantly to decrease their sexual frustration.


    A female dog is called a bitch.


    The Canine term is used to indicate dogs or dog families. Also, the long pointed teeth in the dog’s mouth are known as Canine Teeth.


    Dysplasia is a condition which is caused after the abnormal development of joints; elbow and dysplasia. It is one of the common diseases in large-sized dogs.

    F1 Generation:

    F1 generation is a term that is used for a designer or hybrid dogs. Any designer dog which is a cross between 2 different pure dog breeds is known as an F1 generation dog.

    F2 Generation:

    An F2 is a second generation cross; a cross between 2 F1 dogs.

    F3 Generation:

    A cross between 2 F2 dogs is known as an F3 generation cross.


    A mutt (also known as a mongrel or mixed-breed) is a dog that is a result of unintentional breeding and is a cross between 2 or more breeds.


    A Pedigree dog is the one that does not have parents from any other breed in at least three generations.


    A cross between the same breed of dogs.


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    A juvenile or a young dog is called a puppy. The puppies usually take 9 to 15 months to get into their adulthood.


    The Setter is a type of gundog that is usually used for hunting game or quarry such as grouse and quail. Some of the popular setter dog breeds are English Setter, Gordon Setter, and Irish Setter.


    A sheepdog is the one who is used to herd and guard sheep and prevents bad people or things and wolves. Some of the most popular breeds used as sheepdogs are Border Collie, Old English Sheepdog, or an Australian Shepherd.


    Spitz is a type of dog breed with a pointed muzzle, ears, and long thick fur. Their appearance is like a wolf. Some most popular Spitz dog breeds are Samoyed dog, Siberian Husky, and Pomeranian.


    An undercoat is another coat beneath the outer coat of a dog. The dog breeds with an undercoat need extra care and grooming so you need to brush them once or twice a week. The best examples of dogs with an undercoat are Chow chow, German Shepherd, and Husky.


    Adoption is the process in which you take the responsibility of an abandoned or a rescued dog as an owner or a guardian.


    This term is used for a dog’s mother.


    A dog’s father is known as a sire.

    Final Words:

    We are hopeful now you have a clear idea about many dog-related terms which you didn’t already know. BTW, this post is not completed yet and we are gonna add more such terms/terminologies soon. If you too think something is missing in this post, please let us know.

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