Why Do Dogs Eat Poop and How to Deal With it?

Well, if you could not resist yourself after reading the title of the post, I can sense your embarrassment when your lovely dog eats poop when many other people are around or even if there is no one around.

There are several reasons behind your dog eating his poop such as boredom, health-related issue, or just a habit.

So, today, we have gathered the 10 top reasons why your dog eats his/her poop and how to deal with it.

Let’s explore more about it below.

10 Reasons Why Your Dog Eats Poop


Well, I am sure you always try to feed your dog on time and don’t miss any meals but you still need to make sure whether your dog has had enough meal and is consuming enough nutrients. If you are unsure about your dog’s diet, ask your vet and prepare a feeding timetable as per the vet’s instructions. Usually, a hungry dog will try to find and eat food items or non-eatables that he is not supposed to eat, and poop is one of them.

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Intestinal Parasites

Intestinal Parasites are common in dogs and are among some of the major causes of diseases. These parasites survive on the food eaten by your dog so your dog needs some extra nutrition and ends up eating poop, as well as, other unnecessary things.


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Puppies love to explore almost everything around them. Likewise, they eat everything they find and poop is also an easier target for them. Luckily, they get out of this stage gradually as they grow younger.

Different Types of Deficiencies

There are several types of deficiencies that can let your dog eat poop. Some of these deficiencies are:

  • Deficiency of Digestive Enzymes
  • Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI)
  • Hydrochloric Deficiency
  • Mineral Deficiency


Now, this is something weirdly interesting. Malabsorption is a condition that results in the absorption of fewer nutritions due to which your dog not only eats its own stool but also shows a keen interest in eating the cat’s stool. It is all about the lack of nutrients and the dog tries to get undigested nutrients back wherever he finds.


A bored puppy is among the destructive ones, especially the one who spends all of his time alone in the home. A bored puppy always tries to find the newest ways to entertain himself such as destructive chewing, excessive barking, tail chasing, and poop eating.


NEVER punish your dog if he has an accident in the house and try to tackle this situation calmly. Overreacting on an accident might let your dog hide the evidence in the future that results in eating the poop.


Stress causes several conditions in dogs such as isolation, aggression, increased sleeping, and most importantly, a decrease in appetite. So, a dog may eat stool to deal with his stress.

Copying Other Dogs

The puppies and dogs may see other dogs eating poop and they pick up this bad habit from them. Usually, the puppies learn it from their mothers and other old-aged dogs.

Attention Seeking

You may have noticed your dog trying to entertain or please you. They do this because they love you and want to seek our attention. So, they feel poop hunting is fun and entertaining and we’ll be happy seeing them eating poop.

How to Deal with Poop Eating?

As you already know some top reasons behind your dog’s bad habit, let us find some best practices to deal with it.

Exercise and Mental Stimulation

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Give your dog enough exercise and daily walks, as well as, mental stimulation activities to keep his brain active and healthy. Use entertaining but safe toys, enrichment activities, hide n seek, and get ideas from your friends too.


Cleanliness is the key, especially, if you have more than one pet such as cats. While your dog is in the backyard or on a regular walk, keep supervising him and clean the poop as soon as it happens. Also, keep the litter boxes clean so your furbaby won’t have a chance to try it.

Balanced Diet

Don’t stick on one type of food and try to add a variety of diet that contains digestive enzymes and other necessary ingredients. Ask your vet about the best diet plan for your dog.

Get Your Dog Checked

Visit your vet and get your dog screened for parasites. It won’t take much time in finding out about the intestinal parasites in your dog.

Never Punish Your Dog

As we have already mentioned, punishing your dog while they poop in the house may result in several other problems. So, try to be rewarding and polite if any such thing happens.

Add Supplements in your Dog’s Diet

To add supplements in your dog’s diet, it is recommended to ask your vet instead of doing experiments by yourself.

Wrapping it up:

So, mighty friends and dog parents, these were the 10 most common reasons behind your dog’s weird and embarrassing habit, i.e., Poop Eating and some handy ways to deal with it. Remember, a puppy needs more attention than your real human child and it is always recommended to train and socialize them well to avoid such behavioral and health-related issues.

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