Groodle Cons – Things to Consider Before Getting Groodle Puppy


Looking to get a Groodle puppy or a dog? First of all, congratulations on getting a new dog and secondly, best of luck with your new doggy.

While getting a new dog or a puppy, one must check for several things and health-related issues of that very breed, especially, if you are getting a relatively new dog breed or you are a first-time dog owner.

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Well, cut the story short, let’s find more about the Groodle dog breed and its cons in details, so you already know if you can keep this dog with you or not.

What is a Groodle?

Groodle is a designer dog breed and is a Golden Retriever and a Poodle cross. Groodle is more popular with its other name Goldendoodle around the world. Being a crossbreed of Poodle and Retriever, it inherits most of the wonderful traits of both the breeds. Moreover, they are friendly, loving, and highly intelligent.

The most important feature they have is their hypoallergenic coat that makes them an ideal dog breed for allergic families. Due to their intelligence, they are very easy to train and won’t give you a tough time while you train them.

Like all other dog breeds, they do also have some negatives, in fact, these are not negatives, but their compatibility with your lifestyle. Some dogs need more time from you while some may not need that much of your time. So, it’s important to know these types of issues.

Let’s find some of the cons of Groodles that you should consider before getting a Groodle puppy.

Not Suitable as a Guard Dog

Yes, unfortunately, this lad does not make a good guard dog. So, if you are planning to get a dog that becomes a loyal companion, as well as, become a guardian then you should consider getting some other dog breed.

Not an Apartment Dog

Groodle needs much more space to live in. He won’t feel good in an apartment. So, an ideal home for Groodles is the one with a fenced lawn where they can run and kill their time and most importantly, their energy. Avoid getting a Groodle if you live in an apartment, instead, try getting a Shih Poo that makes the best apartment dog.

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Need Lots of Exercises

A Groodle need lots of activities and exercises to burn their energy; therefore, you must give him at least 30 minutes a day for exercise and walk. If you have a tight schedule and a busy routine, don’t get a Groodle and get a lazy and less energetic dog such as Shih  Tzu, Chow chow, or a French Bulldog.

Separation Anxiety

Groodles love their owners like anything and they usually want to see them without blinking their eyes for a second. So, in these circumstances, they develop some extreme conditions like separation anxiety and destructive chewing. If you spend most of your time outside in traveling or other matters, try not to get a Groodle.

Needs Grooming Frequently

Groodle is a non-shedding dog so they need grooming almost every week. Get a Groodle only if you can manage to do so on a weekly basis.

Final Thoughts:

So, these were some disadvantages or cons that you should consider before getting them. If you can manage all of these things without any difficulty, you are good-to-go. Congratulations once again.

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