5 Best Havanese Breeders in Florida (2024)

If you’re seeking the perfect puppy with a delightful temperament and charming personality, the Havanese dog may be the ideal match for you.

In the heart of Florida, dedicated Havanese breeders are committed to breeding and raising these lovable and affectionate dogs, ensuring they find their forever homes with caring families.

Originating from Cuba, the Havanese dog breed is renowned for its affectionate nature, lively spirit, and undeniable charm. With consistent training and socialization, they can become ideal family dogs.

So, if you are looking for some ethical and experienced Havanese breeders in Florida, keep reading this article.

Tips to Choose the Right Breeder:

It’s very important to choose an ethical and responsible breeder instead of a backyard breeder or a puppy mill. Given below are some quick tips on how should you select a reputable breeder.

  • Research breeders thoroughly by checking reviews, testimonials, and recommendations from previous buyers.
  • Visit the breeders’ facility and make sure their premises are good enough to raise dogs and puppies.
  • Ensure their health testing procedures are up to the mark and the breeding stock is free from genetic disorders.
  • Check out health records, registration papers, and any other documents specific to that breed.
  • Interview the breeder.
  • Check the breeder’s reputation, as well as knowledge and experience with the Havanese breed (or any specific breed if you are getting another breed).

5 Best Havanese Breeders in Florida

Island Havanese (Southwest)

Quick details about the breeder:

Puppy Price: $2850

Phone:  239-785-6857
Email:  [email protected]
Social Media: Instagram

This Florida-based Havanese breeder specializes exclusively in the Havanese breed, offering dogs and puppies that are lovingly raised from their home. All of their dogs and puppies are AKC-registered.

They are located on a beautiful island in South Florida. Their breeding dogs are considered family. Operating a small breeding program, the Havanese are integrated into the breeder’s home, ensuring they receive full-time care and attention.

They aim to produce the healthiest puppies with excellent temperaments, so they emphasize daily interaction with the puppy’s parents, who are an integral part of their family. Their breeding program is overseen by a dedicated stay-at-home mom, ensuring that the dogs and puppies receive constant care, attention, and a loving environment within the breeder’s home.

Canyon Hills Havanese (Nokomis)

Quick details about the breeder:

Puppy Price: Ask the breeder.

Phone:  941-220-7070
Email:  [email protected]

Canyon Hills Havanese operates as a committed show and pet breeder specializing in Havanese puppies. Being one of the oldest show breeders of Havanese in the US, their primary goal is to provide families with happy and healthy Havanese puppies. Focused on improving the breed, they exclusively work with health-tested dogs and actively participate in dog shows.

Their breeding influence extends to various locations, including Sarasota, Tampa, Naples, Miami, and many other areas across Florida. Boasting 40 years of experience in breeding and showing, Canyon Hills Havanese stands out as one of the best breeders, with all dogs residing in their home and treated with the care and affection typically reserved for pets.

So, if you are looking for Havanese puppies in Florida, they are one of the best choices for you.

Havanese Angels (Richmond West)

Quick details about the breeder:

Puppy Price: Ask the breeder.

Phone:  305-218-7960
Email:  [email protected]
Social Media:  Facebook | Instagram

With over 13 years of dedicated experience, they take great pride in their commitment to breeding happy and healthy Havanese dogs. Setting themselves apart from puppy mills, pet shops, and kennels, they emphasize the importance of home-raising their puppies with lots of love and care, considering each dog and puppy an integral part of their family.

For those searching for Havanese puppies in Miami, Havanese Angels is considered the ideal destination. Offering convenience, they provide shipping services with a dedicated pet nanny for destinations within the USA.

So, if you are looking for ethical and experienced Havanese breeders in Florida, they are the first-class choice for you.

Key Kats Havanese (Umatilla)

Quick details about the breeder:

Puppy Price: Ask the breeder.

Phone:  407-402-0537
Email:  [email protected]
Social Media:  Facebook

Key Kats Havanese aimed at enhancing the breed and producing dogs of the highest quality. To validate the adherence to breed standards outlined by the AKC, they actively participate in dog shows with many of their dogs.

They value the importance of health, so all of their dogs undergo genetic testing before being considered for breeding. This thorough process ensures the production of the healthiest puppies that benefit both, the next generation of their dogs and the families welcoming these pups into their homes.

To maintain the quality and take proper care of each puppy, they only raise a limited number of litters each year, each litter is raised within the home environment. At Key Kats, prospective owners can be confident in acquiring a healthy and high-quality puppy raised in a clean and welcoming atmosphere. The puppies undergo thorough veterinary checks, are current on vaccinations, and come with a health guarantee.

Hola Havanese (Lecanto)

Quick details about the breeder:

Puppy Price: $3000 and up.

Phone:  352-817-0270
Email:  [email protected]
Social Media:  Facebook

Hola Havanese is yet another reputable breeder in Florida that does OFA health testing on their dogs to ensure the health of the dogs and puppies. Thorough examinations of dogs cover various aspects, including knees, heart, hearing, eyes, and hips.

To improve their breeding practices, the breeder actively participates in seminars and classes focused on the ongoing learning of care, breeding, and training practices for their dogs. Their breeding dogs reside within their home in an ideal environment. Regular interaction with the dogs acclimates them to the home environment, exposing them to various situations, sounds, and people, preparing them for a seamless transition into their new homes.

Just like any responsible breeder, they also breed limited litters each year. Their puppies are well-socialized before joining their forever families.

Final Words:

Overall, the state of Florida has some of the finest breeders dedicated to the Havanese breed. If you have decided to get a Havanese puppy from one of these breeders or from those who are not listed, just make sure you are not trapped by a puppy mill.