How a Street Dog Saved My Life

This story was told to us by one of our friends and it is a true story. We’ll write this story in his words. This story belongs to a man from Pakistan where this incident occurred in the 1980s and before making any conclusion, you must know a little bit about the culture in Pakistan.

In most Asian countries including Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, most of the dogs present in the country are street dogs or stray dogs living a very bad life. Fortunately, many non-profit organizations have come up to protect and rescue street dogs and spread awareness about them. Let’s start with the story now.

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We used to live in a village in inner Punjab where there were lots of street dogs and like most people in Asian countries, I used to keep a distance from these dogs as there is a misconception about them that they’ll bite you without any reason. One of those street dogs used to live near our house and I often used to give him treats from my meal.

Over time, an invisible bond developed between me and the dog. So, whenever it was time to reach home back from work, I observed that the dog waits for me and as soon as it sees me, it starts wagging its tail. Although the dog was still living in the street, I constructed a living space for him so he can feel safe. Also, I named him Rocky.

The Night When the Miracle Happened

It was a cold night in December and due to my workload, I closed my shop after 11 pm which was too late in the village of inner Punjab. There was no one on the roads and streets and the environment was very fearsome. The moment I entered my street, a pack of stray dogs welcomed me with loud barking. This pack of dogs was famous for biting and killing various people in those days. I was also preparing myself for such consequences but Rocky sensed the danger.

Now, the scene was; Rocky started barking and running towards me. When it arrived near me, it barked at the pack of those street dogs and then barked at me to give me a signal to follow him. He kept barking at those dogs to keep them aside and then towards me to come along with him. Fortunately, we made it and I reached my home safe and sound. My eyes were filled with tears and I gave a long hug to Rocky, the first-ever hug to any dog.

After this incident and Rocky’s miraculous help, I shifted Rocky from the street to our home for the rest of his life. He was a lovely dog and always welcomed me with a wagging tail. Also, he used to give me a handshake with his paw. I never knew what breed he was and what was his age, but all I learned from this incident was that dogs are the best friends a man can have. My perception towards dogs totally changed and I became a dog lover.

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Final Words:

All dogs deserve a loving family and they must be treated with love and care. If anyone of you still believes that dogs are dangerous or any specific breed is dangerous, you are wrong. It is humans who are dangerous and raise their puppies so carelessly that they later become problematic dogs. Also, if you are planning to get a dog, better get one from a shelter or adopt a street dog.

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