11 Tips to Calm Down your Dog During Fireworks [4th July Special]

The 4th of July is just a couple of weeks away. For us, such events and memorable days could be fun because of fireworks and parades but for dogs, these fireworks or other loud noises can be a nightmare.

As a dog parent, you may have seen your furbaby’s reaction during the fireworks and flashing lights. Also, if you live near the airport runway, the loud noises of the aircraft may scare and trigger them. How do you calm them down? We’ll discuss it below.

I have seen many gentle dog owners who drive their furbabies as far from the fireworks as possible, mostly to the hilly areas or villages, to keep them calm and peaceful. But unfortunately, not everyone can do so; therefore, we have brought you 11 tips to calm down your dogs during fireworks, especially on the 4th of July and New Year night.

To write this article, we have checked several forums and coordinated with people on social media to collect some handy ways to take care of your dogs during the fireworks. And we are grateful to everyone who shared their experience with us.

So, without further ado, let’s find the best ways to comfort your dogs during the fireworks. And not only the fireworks, but you can also use these tips to calm them during the lightning, gunfires, and other loud noises.

How to Calm Down Your Dog During the Fireworks

Exercise them in the day:

Well, it may look weird, but it’s true. Exercise them as much as you can in the day. A tired dog is more likely to sleep like a log and will not give you a tough time during the fireworks. Playing with them in your backyard is also a good idea. If possible, take them for swimming which is the most tiring exercise for them and don’t forget to thank us later.

Give them enough food and water before the fireworks:

Your dog may not be able to eat his regular meal during the fireworks so let him eat his meal and drink as much water as they can before the fireworks start.

Also, during the fireworks, the anxious dog may drool and pant heavily, which results in dehydration, so, a fresh bowl of water should be available for them to take when needed.

Distract your pup with a game:

Try to engage your dog in some activity such as tug of war or any puzzle treat that will let him ignore the fireworks. Also, you can fill a KONG toy with peanut butter or any of his favorite food items which is a good idea to spend a couple of hours during the fireworks. If possible, freeze the treats to increase the time of their distraction.

Let them hide in the safest place:


Image: isla’s dog n’bone

Sometimes, they hide in their crate, under the bed, in the bathtub, or the most silent place of the house. In either case, don’t chase them or stop them from doing so. Just keep a check on them. Keep the doors of these places open so your dog can make it to that place without any hurdle. Also, keep some of your worn clothes inside the crate so your dog will feel safe and secure.

Keep the windows and curtains closed:

The flashing lights of fireworks can easily trigger your dogs so keep the windows closed and curtains down to avoid his exposure to them.

Stay with your furbaby:

Yes, your dog will feel more secure and calm in your presence. So, stay in his sight and be playful and cheerful as usual. Cuddle him, pet him, and do what makes him happy and calm.

Act normal around your puppy:

Don’t act like there is something unusual happening and pretend there are no fireworks. If your dog is around you, try to comfort him by cuddling or petting him.

Set up some extra hiding places:

Apart from their crate and other places in the home, set up some small and dark places for them to hide when they are scared of the fireworks.

Play white noise or calming music:

Sounds weird? It isn’t weird at all. You can turn on the TV, play the calming music, or white noise which works exceptionally well. You can find dozens of audios and videos on streaming sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Use a ThunderShirt:

A ThunderShirt is a dog anxiety wrap which is a wearable solution for dogs. It comforts them during not only the fireworks but you may also use them to reduce the travel stress, lightning, fireworks, separation anxiety, and other loud noises. The ThunderShirts can easily be found in your local pet stores or online stores.

Don’t go outside:

The best practice during the fireworks is; don’t go outside with your dogs, not even in your lawn or the backyard because they may try to escape. Still, if it’s necessary such as nature’s call, try to go back inside as soon as possible after they have done with it. And yes, don’t forget to use the leash when you go outside for even just a second.

Final words:

So, these were the 11 best ways to comfort your dogs during the fireworks, lightning, and other loud noises. Whatever tip you use to comfort your pups, make sure you are with them during this tough time. Your presence will make things much easy.

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