Crucial mistakes every Frenchie parent should avoid

Are you a proud French Bulldog owner? If yes, then you’ll definitely agree with the fact that these happy-go-lucky pups offer the best companionship ever. Everyone loves to be around a Frenchie, the reason being its overloaded cuteness, and similarly, your Frenchie loves to be around you.

But wait! You might be making some critical mistakes while taking care of your French Bulldog.

Yes, you may avoid some loopholes in the training pattern and the daily routine to keep your Frenchie happy and healthy. If you already have one of these tail-wagging big-eyed goofs, these insights would definitely help you to avoid some of these deadly mistakes.

Let’s get started!

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Mistakes to avoid as a French Bulldog Parent

Don’t keep your Frenchie idle:

French bulldogs are said to be the clingiest of all dog breeds. They would want you around and follow you everywhere, even while you are in the bathroom.

That is why French Bulldogs are often diagnosed with separation anxiety. This takes place when you leave your dog alone and don’t return for a very long time. Once you go out, these Bulldogs would whine for hours and might end up tearing your entire home altogether.

Obviously, it is not possible to stay with your dog all the time. It is better to provide a chew toy or a distraction so that it is distracted. You can also consider asking a friend or neighbor to check on your dog after a few hours. For a more safe side, you can use a Pet Monitoring Camera so you can keep an eye on your dogs whenever you want to.

They might be cute, but they don’t want to be left alone for multiple hours.

Don’t fall for that, “Sorry Face!”:

No matter how much you train your Frenchie, it could be mischievous sometimes as it’s in their nature. It is also noted that French Bulldogs tend to make a cute and adorable “puppy face” to awe their parents after doing something naughty.

But this could be a problem. Your dog might start thinking that this type of behavior is acceptable and will also use different techniques to distract you every time it does something wrong which is not good.

However, it is your responsibility to analyze your pup’s behavior. For instance, your dog might be chewing or scratching your things out of hunger or its high need for attention.

Discipline without punishment

Disciplining is important, but you don’t have to punish your fur baby. Dogs tend to mirror their parent’s behavior. If you shout at them with aggression, they are more likely to retaliate with excessive barking and/or destructive behavior. And a dog that isn’t treated well at home might develop bad behavior like biting and barking at everyone.

This breed is notoriously stubborn and could even end up holding some grudges for your bad behavior towards it. You should keep a firm hand while training, but at the same time, you should also pamper your little one with some love and attention.

You can train a French Bulldog brain with rewards each time they complete their training. You can look for various tips and techniques for French Bulldog training to train your dog in a way that allows you to manage its behavior in every situation.

Wrapping it up:

Having a French bulldog at home is just like dealing with a cute but mischievous kid. Many Frenchie parents indeed struggle with their dogs, but with consistency, patience, and a correct training routine, you can soon iron out any kind of unwanted behavior.

These French bulldogs are fabulous pets for the ones who want an adorable pup to shower their love on.

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