Livestock Guardian Dog Breeders [2024 List]

In farming and ranching, Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs) are like superheroes, keeping herds and flocks safe from trouble. If you’re looking for a great partner for your farm, it all starts with finding the best Livestock Guardian Dog breeders.

In this article, you’ll find out the awesome breeders who are experts at making loyal and smart LGDs. Remember, Livestock Guardian Dogs are not like an average pet dog and you should not get one if you don’t run Farm.

Tips to Choose the Right Breeder

To get a healthy, well-adjusted, and effective guardian for your livestock, it is recommended to consider the following so you can easily make an informed decision.

Research Breeds: Understand the different LGD breeds and choose one that aligns with the specific needs of your livestock and the environment in which they live. There are over a dozen breeds of dogs that could become ideal LGDs, so first do extensive research on the breed, its pros and cons, and its requirements.

Reputation of the Breeder: Look for breeders with a good reputation. Seek recommendations from other farmers, check online reviews, and ask for references from the breeder. Most livestock farms also breed LGDs and getting a puppy from them could be the right decision.

Experience and Expertise: Choose a breeder with experience and expertise in breeding and raising Livestock Guardian Dogs. Experienced breeders are likely to have a deep understanding of the breed’s characteristics and potential challenges.

Health Screening: Inquire about the breeder’s health screening practices. Responsible breeders conduct health checks on their breeding dogs to ensure the health and well-being of the puppies.

Temperament and Training: Ask about the temperament and training methods used by the breeder. LGDs should have a calm yet protective temperament. Ensure that the breeder exposes the puppies to livestock and provides basic training.

Ask Questions: Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the breeding practices, socialization efforts, and any health guarantees provided by the breeder.

Contracts and Guarantees: Review any contracts or guarantees provided by the breeder. Understand the terms and conditions, especially regarding health guarantees and return policies.

Livestock Guardian Dog Breeders in the US

Medicine Creek Farm (Finlayson, Minnesota)

Quick details about the breeder:

Breed: A mix of Central Asian Shepherd, Polish Tatra, Maremma Sheepdog, and Spanish Mastiff.
Puppy cost:

Phone:  612-483-5121
Email: [email protected]

Social media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

At Medicine Creek Famr, they have been dedicated to raising livestock guardian dog puppies sourced from proven working dogs for several years. Situated in Northeastern Minnesota, their dogs play a crucial role in safeguarding a flock of 50 sheep from various predators like coyotes, wolves, black bears, bobcats, and cougars.

Their dogs and puppies are a mix of Maremma, Spanish Mastiff, Polish Tatra, and Central Asian Shepherd. They check how puppies behave at 6 weeks to understand their personality and try their best to find the right family for their puppy.

All their livestock guardian puppies are dewormed and come with a health and performance guarantee. So, if you are looking for the best livestock guardian dog breeder in Minnesota, Medicine Creek Farm is one of your best choices.

Sandollar Farms (Kennewick, Washington)

Quick details about the breeder:

Breed: Great Pyrenees
Puppy cost:
 Ask the breeder directly.

Phone:  509-378-6909

Established in 2013, Sandollar Farms stands as a dedicated breeder of Great Pyrenees situated in southeast Washington. Their passion for this noble breed traces back to the quest for a reliable livestock guardian dog for their prized herd of exceptionally rare suri alpacas.

They offer some of the best genetics that result in the finest and the healthiest Great Pyrenees puppies that become excellent livestock guardians. Their breeding dogs are AKC-registered and OFA-certified.

If you are looking for the perfect livestock guardian dog around Southeast Washington, Sandollar Farms offers you the best puppies.

Emsoff Livestock Company (Chilcoot, California)

Quick details about the breeder:

Breed: Maremma mix
Puppy cost:
 Ask the breeder directly.

Phone:  530-249-6191

At Emsoff Livestock Company, their selection process focused on carefully selecting dogs with strong guarding abilities and complementary working styles. Each dog displays effective guardian instincts, showing attentiveness to the stock and displaying measured responses to potential threats.

Their puppies are 1/2 to 3/4 Maremma and the rest are a mix of larger Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD) breeds, inheriting a slightly heightened edge, toughness, and size compared to purebred Maremmas. They are well-suited for both farm flock and range flock situations.

Their Livestock Guardian puppies are born and taken care of in the barn, where they’re around sheep, goats, cattle, horses, free-range chickens, cats, and young children. When they reach 8 weeks old, they are not only dewormed and get their first vaccinations but also are ready to leave for their new homes where they’ll be working. So, if you are looking for Livestock Guardian Dog breeders in California, Emsoff Livestock Company is the right choice for you.

Willow City Farm (Pleasant Plains, Illinois)

Quick details about the breeder:

Breed: Great Pyrenees and Italian Maremma
Puppy cost:
 Ask the breeder directly.

Phone:  217-899-4562
Email:  [email protected]

Willow City Farm is a full-fledged animal farm that offers various livestock animals and Livestock Guardian Dogs. They breed and train Livestock Guardian Dogs and sell them to approved farms around Illinois.

Their livestock guardian dogs are introduced to various animals, including goats, sheep, horses, cows, alpacas, and poultry of all kinds. Additionally, they have exposure to other dogs, including family pets, as well as interactions with people and children. The family, comprising children, operates an open-to-the-public working farm, ensuring that the puppies are well-socialized from an early age.

So, if you are considering getting a Livestock Guardian dog and looking for a well-reputed breeder in Central Illinois, Willow City Farm is one of the best choices for you.

Rosasharn Farm (Rehoboth, Massachusetts)

Quick details about the breeder:

Breed: Great Pyrenees-Maremma Cross and Anatolian Shepherds.
Puppy cost:
 Ask the breeder directly.

Phone:  508-252-5247
Email:  [email protected]

Breeding LGDs since 2002, they have been dealing with LGDs for over 30 years and they have a wonderful stock of dogs at their farm. On their farm, the puppies are well-socialized and trained. They closely supervise each dog and make sure it is the right match for any family that is looking for a Livestock Guarding Dog.

At Rosasharn Farm, they focus on producing dogs with specific qualities, including a gentle disposition, strong bonds to their charges, a balanced level of physical activity, intelligence, moderate size, healthy and sound conformation, and longevity. While their primary role is to care for the herd and flocks, the breeder values the companionship these dogs offer.

So, if you are looking for well-socialized Livestock Guardian Dogs produced from AKC-registered dogs, Rosasharn Farm is the first-class choice for you.

Roving Ram Ranch (Bigfork, Montana)

Quick details about the breeder:

Breed: Pyr-Anatolian Mix and Maremma-Kangal-Boz Shepherd Mix.
Puppy cost:

Phone:  406-291-4837
Email:  [email protected]

At Roving Ram Ranch, they are currently raising the third generation of their livestock guardian dogs. They are a full-fledged livestock farm and their guardian dogs are a crucial part of their farm.

With almost a decade of experience, they have been actively involved in raising Livestock Guardian Dogs. Their expertise extends to training numerous young dogs in ideal environments, including interactions with goats, sheep, and chickens.

Their Livestock Guardian puppies grow up near the livestock or poultry they are destined to guard. Early on, they engage in lessons to instill respect for fences and electric netting. This approach aims to make the dogs comfortable in diverse social situations, allowing them to interact confidently with everyone.

So, if you are looking for a Livestock Guardian Dog breeder in Montana, they could be an ideal choice for you.

Berecz Hollow Farm (Woodbury, Connecticut)

Quick details about the breeder:

Breed: Kangal
Puppy cost:
Ask the breeder.

Phone:  860-620-3835
Email:  [email protected]

Berecz Hollow Farm is a small family farm that breeds and raises livestock and Kangal dogs as their specialist livestock guardians. Being an expert in breeding and raising Kangals, they aim to maintain the breed’s genetics and heritage by breeding top-notch working dogs.

They are the member of the Kangal Dog Club of America and they strictly follow the club rules and standards. Their puppies are well-socialized, healthy, and well-tempered. So, if you are looking for Livestock Guardian dogs or specifically Kangal puppies in Connecticut, Berecz Hollow Farm is one of the best choices for you.

Jersey Cow Farms (Trenton, Florida)

Quick details about the breeder:

Breed: Karakachan (Bulgarian Shepherd)
Puppy cost:

Phone:  352-448-1013
Email:  [email protected]

Located in North Central Florida, they breed and raise high-quality Karakachan puppies that can become ideal LGDs with consistent training. They have carefully selected the parent Karakachans from reputable breeders, emphasizing the meticulous process despite its time-consuming and costly nature.

At Jersey, they value their remarkable loyalty and protective instincts, particularly in safeguarding a herd of Miniature Jersey cows, their calves, family members, poultry, and children. They are passionate about breeding large, healthy, well-balanced, and experienced livestock guardian dogs.

Their top priority is ensuring the well-being and protection of livestock, family, and pets, reflecting a genuine dedication to the breed and its role as guardians on the farm. So, if you are looking for ethical livestock dog breeders in Florida, they are one of the best choices for you.

Devil’s Gulch Ranch (Nicasio, California)

Quick details about the breeder:

Breed: Maremma and the Akbash.
Puppy cost:
Ask the breeder.

Phone:  415 662-1099
Email:  [email protected]

At Devil’s Gulch Ranch, they started breeding dogs due to the various challenges faced by many ranchers in acquiring efficient LGDs with robust health. They wanted to help ranchers and make sure the working dogs were even better at their jobs.

To produce better and easy-maintenance working dogs, they picked breeds with shorter hair that don’t wander much and form strong bonds with their herd. All of their puppies are vet-checked and they do necessary genetic health tests to ensure the best Livestock Guardian Dogs. Their parent dogs are tested and cleared of hip dysplasia.

Being an ethical breeder, they offer dog rehoming services if one of their existing customers can’t keep their puppy. So, if you are considering getting an LGD, Devil’s Gulch Ranch is a top-notch choice for you around San Francisco.

Southern Star Akbash Dogs & Farm (Harrah, Oklahoma)

Quick details about the breeder:

Breed: Akbash.
Puppy cost:
Ask the breeder.

Phone:  405-309-2342
Email:  [email protected]
Social media:  Facebook

Southern Star Farms specializes in the breeding of purebred working livestock protection dogs, with a particular focus on Akbash Dogs. Their Akbash dogs are registered with the United Kennel Club (UKC).

With a rich history dating back to the early 1980s, Southern Star Farms has been dedicated to the cultivation and promotion of Akbash Dogs. Since the early 1990s, the Akbash Dogs at Southern Star Farms have been actively engaged in safeguarding and protecting livestock, showcasing their innate working abilities.

This Oklahoma-based farm and breeder makes sure that the puppies are healthy, well-tempered, and able to guard your livestock. So, if you are looking for LGDs in Oklahoma, they are one of the best choices for you.

Wrapping it up:

Choosing the right breeder to get a Livestock Guardian Dog is a big decision because these dogs will protect your animals. This list of the best 10 Livestock Guardian Dog breeders focused on finding a breeder who cares about these dogs.

Whether you have a farm or a ranch, the breeders on this list are dedicated to breeding dogs that are loyal and protective. As you look for the perfect guardian, we hope the information about these great breeders helps you find a dog that will be a strong and trustworthy protector for your animals and your farm.