Top French Bulldog Breeders in South Africa

Planning to get a Frenchie puppy and looking for the best French Bulldog breeder in South Africa? You are in the right place.

The French Bulldog or Frenchie is one of the most popular yet expensive dog breeds in South Africa that may cost you over R70,000 if getting from a reputable breeder. It is a small-sized dog famous for its adaptability and friendly personality. Apart from the fact that this breed is prone to breathing problems due to its skull shape, dog lovers spend thousands of Rands importing this dog from European countries.

And if you are lucky enough to get a fluffy Frenchie, that would be a bonus for you as this fluffy version of the French Bulldog is very rare.

How to choose a Reputable Breeder?

It is always recommended to get a puppy (any breed) from a reputable and responsible breeder or you may end up getting a puppy from a puppy mill (puppy factory). In puppy mills, they breed dogs again and again just for the sake of money and without any health precautions.

To choose the right breeder, search for breeders on Google. If you are willing to buy from a specific breeder, check for their website, social media business pages, and Google Business profile. If possible, visit the breeder and ask necessary questions.

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French Bulldog Breeders in South Africa

Kiloda French Bulldogs (Boksburg Gauteng and neighborhoods)

Website:  Check Kiloda website here
Email:      [email protected]
Phone:     072 933 8863

Kiloda French Bulldogs are among the registered breeders and are the members of KUSA since 2014. Their breeding dogs live indoors with them as a part of their family where they spend quality time with other family members.

Their Frenchie puppies come with a health guarantee, micro-chipped, fully vaccinated and dewormed. A bag of toys and dog food is also a part of what you get. The best part is that their puppies are registered with KUSA.

Moreover, their puppies are healthy and have a unique color that can rarely be seen in this breed. They send their puppies to loving families throughout South Africa. So, if you are looking for a reputable French Bulldog breeder in Gauteng, Johannesburg, or the nearest cities, Kiloda is the right choice for you.

Maluko Kennels (Durban)

Website:  Click for Maluko Kennels website
Email:      [email protected]
Phone:     0824789745 (Jean-Mari)

Maluko Kennels are home-based breeders that have been breeding French Bulldogs for a quite long time now. They are registered with the Kennel Union of South Africa. They are also a proud member of The Northern Area French Bulldog Club. Their breeding dogs are an integral part of their family and are raised in the best possible way.

At Maluko Kennels, the dogs and puppies take part in almost all the activities along with the humans so you get a socialized puppy from them. So, if you are looking for responsible Frenchie breeders in Durban and the nearest cities, Maluko Kennels is the right choice for you.

Otter Creek Kennels (Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng)

Website:  Click for Otter Creek Kennels website
Phone:      +27 082 329 3147 (WhatsApp)

Otter Creek Kennels are yet another reputable dog breeders in the province of Gauteng that are registered with the KUSA. Located 50 km from the city of Pretoria, Otter Creek Kennels are breeding French Bulldogs for a long time now.

Their breeding dogs and puppies spend quality time on their farm. Their farm is ideal for any puppy to start a life where they could be socialized and exposed to other animals.

Moreover, their Frenchies are vaccinated and microchipped before they are handed over to their forever families. So, if you are looking for a reputable breeder in Brronkhorstspruit or Pretoria, Otter Creek is the best choice for you.

Safita Kennels (Riebeek-West Valley, Western Cape)

Website:  Click for Safita Kennels website
Phone:      +27 (0) 84 – 5040 302 (WhatsApp)

Safita Kennels is a breeder of English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, and Pugs. Their puppies are microchipped, vaccinated, and dewormed before they are handed over or shipped to their forever families.

Safita Kennels register all of their puppies with KUSA. No matter where you are in South Africa, you can get a Frenchie puppy from them and they’ll ship your puppy as they cover all the major South African airports.

They are located 100 km north of Cape Town in Riebeek-West Valley. So, if you are looking for French or English Bulldog puppies in Cape Town or anywhere in South Africa, Safita Kennels is the ideal choice for you.

Kromaticity French Bulldogs (Hartbeespoort)

Website: Click for Kromaticity French BBulldogs’website
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +27 71 602 6769

Kromaticity French Bulldogs is a small family-owned Frenchie breeder that focuses on the health of its dogs and puppies and that is why all of their dogs and puppies are health tested.

Kromaticity is registered with KUSA and they breed their dogs with full care and dedication. Their puppies come with a Hills Puppy pack. Their French Bulldogs are imported from Germany and the UK having top-notch bloodlines.

So, if you are looking for French Bulldog breeders in Johannesburg, Pretoria, or the nearest cities, Komaticity is the best match for you.

Final words:

So, these were the top 5 French Bulldog breeders in South Africa. If you are a breeder and wanted to be listed on this page, contact us through our contact page.

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Image credit: Valbuhdee