All About Lycan Shepherd [Complete Breed Guide 2022]

2Intelligent! Loyal! Obedient! If you are looking for a working dog with all such traits, the Lycan Shepherd got all of them.

A Lycan Shepherd is not a purebred but a mixture of the most popular working dogs- the German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, and Blue Bay Shepherd while a Blue Bay Shepherd itself is the mixture of the Blue German Shepherd Dog and Blue Wolfdog.

If you have planned to get a Lycan Shepherd puppy and looking for a comprehensive guide on the breed, keep reading this article. This comprehensive guide about Lycan Shepherd contains all the necessary information, facts, do’s and don’ts, and grooming needs, etc.

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So, let’s explore more about the Lycan Shepherd.

Quick Introduction to the Lycan Shepherd

Lycan shepherd is an impressive and relatively new dog breed, developed by combining three of the most intelligent and ideal working breeds.

The purpose behind the production of Lycan Shepherd was to develop a dog having intelligence overloaded, a wolf-like appearance, and a dependable disposition. The breed is still in the development process and maturing gradually with time.

This breed was developed by a Florida-based breeder Vicky Spencer who spent 20+ years developing this fantastic breed. She wanted to develop a fearless dog with no aggressiveness. So, she mixed two rare blue GSDs and mixed them with her wolfdogs.

Quick facts about Lycan Shepherd

  • Lycan Shepherd is an emerging breed as it is in the early stages of development.
  • The exact traits of the breed are unpredictable and it may take some more time to produce predictable Lycan Shepherd puppies, maybe 5-6 generations or more.
  • The main purpose of the founder was to eliminate the aggression and shyness in her wolf-dog before introducing them to the founding German Shepherds.
  • It has the ability to protect the house as well as be a loyal family companion, but as it has wolf-dog genetics you can also see unpleasant behavior problems if not well trained.

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Features of a Lycan Shepherd Dog

Following are the characteristics of this breed:

  • Highly Intellect: This dog is bred to have a large body, as well as, a smart mind, which helps it do its works smartly.
  • Wolfish Look: Lycan Shepherd has a wolfish look with a dark coat, light brown eyes, large head, and small ears.
  • Obedience and Devotion: Obedience and devotion to people like their parent “Belgian Malinois” or “German Shepherd”

What does Lycan Shepherd inherit from their Parent breeds?

Blue Bay Shepherd

blue bay shepherd dog

Image from Wikimedia Commons

Blue Bay Shepherd is a beautiful and extraordinary wolfdog that is developed by mixing of old blue German Shepherd dog and a Blue Wolf dog. 

This dog is neither timid nor aggressive and it is still in development progress. Blue Bay Shepherd exists for a couple of decades now but still, it is not recognized by the AKC. It is an intelligent and fearless dog and creates a strong bond with its humans. Because it is also a newer breed, its lifespan is not constant.

Physical Feature and Life Expectancy of Blue Bay Shepherd

Height: Still unspecified but around 30 inches

Weight: Females usually 70-85 pounds but weigh up to 100 pounds and males usually weigh between 85-105 pounds, but may weigh up to 130 pounds.

Coat-Color: State Grey or Blue

Nose: Black or Blue

Eyes: Amber through yellow, may have green tints

Working German Shepherd

working german shepherd - lycan shepherd parent breed

Image credit: dbryon via Flickr

German Shepherd is the finest all-purpose working dog that has been one of the most popular breeds for decades. It is an agile, large, muscular, and superior intelligent dog which is why it is widely used as a police and military dog, personal guard dog, drug detector, search and rescue, and herding dog. It is always eager to please and q quick learner.

They can make a perfect family dog if owners can dedicate time to socialize and train them. Along with that, at least one hour of daily exercise is highly recommended because they are not lazy dogs and require regular activity with routine exercise.

Physical Feature, Temperament, and Life Expectancy of Working German Shepherd

Height: 22-26 inches

Weight: 50-90 pounds

Lifespan: 7 – 10 years

Temperament: Gentle, friendly, playful, anxious, aloof

Good with: Dogs, children, cats, and families

Coat-Color: Black, gray, white, brown/chocolate, blue

Nose: Black

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Belgian Malinois

belgian malinois

Image credit: Mark Vitullo via Flickr

The Belgian Malinois is a hardcore working dog, similar to a German Shepherd but with a few differences. It has a less angular back than a German Shepherd. It is an intensely athletic dog, smaller in size but has more energy.

Like most of the Shepherd breeds, these dogs also have high energy which is why intense exercise is needed. They are not suitable for apartments or small living houses. Moreover, they are also not recommended for first-time owners. But with consistent training and plenty of physical and mental activity, these breeds will be loyal companions for life.

Physical Feature, Temperament, Origin, and Life Expectancy of Belgian Malinois:

Type: Herding

Weight: 60-65 pounds

Height: 22-26

Family: livestock, Herding

Area of Origin: Belgium

Date of Origin: 1800

Famous name: Chien de Berger Belge

Temperament: Highly energetic, alert, gentle, and Smart

Life span: 10-12 years

Exercise Requirements: High

Colors: brown / chocolate / liver

Coat length: short

Who is the suitable owner for a Lycan?

If you are planning for the Lycan Shepherd, be informed that these are rare and hard to come by, as they are still in the developing stage that why it is not suited or safe for everyone.

Still, for potential owners, it is recommended to first get to know the characteristics before getting Lycan Shepherd.

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Requirements if you are considering Lycan shepherd

Unpredictable tolerance

Hybrid dogs are usually unpredictable for many generations until an ideal blend is developed. In Lycan Shepherd’s case, the scenario is the same, it has an unpredictable tolerance level and you may not know about its temperament until it becomes adult.

Although it may get most of its perks from German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois, still the exact outcome cannot be predicted.

The reason behind not mentioning Blue Bay Shepherd is that it is also considered a new breed and its characteristics are also unpredictable.

A lot of time for training

As a Lycan shepherd owner, you need to take out plenty of time to train and exercise your dog. If they are well-trained, they’ll become the best working dogs, as well as, home dogs.

Physical Feature and Life expectancy of Lycan Shepherd

Weight: Not specified yet

Height: 32 inches at height but can vary

Coat Color: Black and fawn

Life span: too early to say, but the prediction is 11-13 years

Exercise Requirement: High

Coat Type:  Thick, dense, plush

Eye-Color: Light brown

The purpose behind the development of Lycan Shepherd

Lycan Shepherd is a mixture of three different dog breeds and all of them are extraordinary dogs, with numerous qualities. And the purpose of developing a Lycan Shepherd was to have a dog breed that could do the following.

  • The perfect Guard Dog.
  • An ideal Police and Military Dog.
  • An ideal dog for herding the cattle.
  • Additionally, it could be the best athletic dog.

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Lycan Shepherd Grooming Needs

There are not many resources available for this breed on the Lycan Shepherd’s grooming, but we can trust the resources available about the parent breeds. The Lycan Shepherd is most likely to have a double coat just like the German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois. It sheds a lot and you need to take care of this.

Furthermore, you should also keep an eye on the following.

Coat brushing:

Brushing is as important as other things for the dog and it should not be neglected. The Lycan shepherd has a double-layered coat that sheds a lot. So, to improve its skin and coat, it should be brushed 3-4 times a week.


These dogs are specifically developed as outdoor pooches so they do not need to be bathed more often. A bathe every 3-4 months would be enough for them.

Nails, Ears, and Oral Hygiene:

You should clean your Lycan Shepherd teeth at least once a week to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

Also, check their nails if they grow too long, clip them or they may hurt your fur baby.

Furthermore, make a routine of inspecting your dog’s ears to make sure they are free of infections and have no wax or foreign objects stuck inside.

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Exercising your Lycan Shepherd

Lycan Shepherds have a lot of energy and you need to provide them with frequent exercises and outdoor activities. If not then you may face very rough and destructive behavior from them. Up to 2 hours of high-intensity exercises and outdoor activities would be best for them. Along with that different enrichment activities for their mental stimulation are highly recommended.


As this dog is a combination of intelligent and smart breeds, it will not give you a tough time in the training session. For an expert owner, it will be an easily-trainable dog while a novice owner may not be able to train it easily.

Moreover, its high intelligence may also sometimes yield stubbornness. To be safe, you should always train and socialize your dog at an early stage.

Diet and Nutrition

A Lycan shepherd is a highly energetic dog, which means a well-balanced diet is mandatory. Make sure you are providing food that includes minerals, vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates.

We can judge feeding patterns from its parent breed, so you should feed your Lycan Shepherd with 2-3 cups of high-quality food.

Along with that, make sure you are giving your dog easy access to clean and fresh water to keep them from dehydration.

Lycan Shepherd may be prone to joint problems as their parent suffers from the same issue, hence you should feed your dog with multivitamins it will be beneficial for it. The best practice is to consult your vet regarding your pup’s diet.

The temperament of Lycan Shepherd

You can expect a Lycan Shepherd to be a fearless, loyal, intelligent, and alert dog. It may be an ideal assistant, rescue, companion, or herding dog.

The Lycan Shepherd dog requires constant attention and quality time. This dog has a vast amount of energy and it is bred to follow the commands of the owner.

Overall, it is a loyal and obedient dog but all this depends on how you raise and train them. After all, training and socialization are the keys to a well-tempered Lycan Shepherd.

Living Requirements

Lycan Shepherd is tall and heavy so it is not suitable for apartment residents or small houses. Along with that, Lycan Shepherd is an energetic dog and it may become messy and destructive if angry or stressed. Hence, this dog is not recommended if you have children or other pets. 

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Common Health Issue:

Like other dogs, you should expect various health issues which are common or found in the parent breeds of Lycan Shepherd.

So, the following are some of the common health issues a Lycan Shepherd may develop.

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia:

Both the parent breeds (German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois) are prone to Dysplasia, and these problems may be inherited by the Lycan Shepherd puppies. Hip and Elbow dysplasia can be developed due to the abnormal growth of the bone in the joints that are present in the hip and elbow.

So, it is recommended to get a Lycan Shepherd puppy from a reputable breeder who checks its breeding dogs for these genetic issues.

Von Willebrand’s Disease:

This disease is very common in many dog breeds, as well as, the German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois. So, they may be witnessed in their puppies too. This condition is caused by the lack of proteins that are essential for a dog’s body.


Bloat may be caused by abnormal eating or excessive exercise, there may be other reasons though. It is a stomach-related disease, in which rapid fluid or gas build-up in the dog’s stomach.

This disease can be symptomized by the swelling of the stomach and difficulty in breathing. Although Lycan Shepherd has a long double coat which may be difficult to realize the swelling, that is why you should pay close attention to the physical status of your Lycan Shepherd.

More Health Issues:

Some minor health issues that can be found in Lycan Shepherd:

  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Allergies
  • Cataracts

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What is the price of a Lycan Shepherd puppy?

Lycan Shepherd is the unique mixture of three high profile and expensive dog breeds and is rare and difficult to breed. So, you should expect to pay between $3000 to $5000 for a Lycan Shepherd puppy. The price may vary depending on different factors.

Is Lycan Shepherd aggressive?

These dogs may have a wolfish look but they are very soft inside. Still, they need lots of socialization and training at an early age and intensive exercises to burn their excessive energy in adulthood.

Are Lycan Shepherds family dogs?

They are bred as working dogs so not recommended to keep them indoors. Plus, their behavior may be sometimes unexpected because they are hybrids and are still under development.


The Lycan Shepherd may be an ideal working dog that could literally take the charge of your ranch. With consistent training from an early age, it can become an excellent home dog too. It is not suitable for first-time and inexperienced owners. Also, they are not suitable for apartment residents either.

Lycan Shepherd is a mixture of three working dog breeds. It was developed as a multi-purpose working dog, as well as, a loyal companion.

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