Can Dogs Eat Graham Crackers or Not? [Answered]

Graham Crackers are one of the most popular snacks around the world. While eating Graham Crackers, you may have thought to toss a small treat of them towards your dog, but then stopped because you don’t know whether they are safe for your fur baby or not.

So you may have several questions in your mind, such as:

Can my dog eat Graham Crackers?

If yes, what is the safe quantity for my dog?

My dog ate Graham Crackers, what should I do?

Is there any side effect of Graham Crackers on dogs?

This post contains the answers to all such questions and all your confusions will be cleared after reading this post.

Safe or not? Well, Yes, Graham Crackers are safe for dogs in a very small amount. But you still need to check their ingredients as they may have an ingredient to which your dog is allergic.

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Let’s dive in and find all the information about Graham Crackers and dogs.

What are Graham Crackers?

Graham Crackers are among the most popular wheat snacks in the United States. They are made from Graham Flour (it’s a flour similar to conventional wheat flour, but Graham Flour is ground more coarsely). The name Graham is named after Presbyterian minister Graham.

Nutritional Value of Graham Crackers

Graham Crackers come in a variety of flavors and the most popular flavor is honey. Looking at Honey flavor Graham Cracker, it has comparatively a low amount of fat than other but a relatively high amount of sugar.

31 grams of serving pack contains:

  • Protein: 2 g
  • Total carbohydrates: 24 g
  • Total Sugar: 8 g
  • Sodium: 160 mg
  • Cholesterol: 0 mg
  • Trans fat: 0 g
  • Saturated fat: 0 g
  • Calories: 130
  • Total fat: 3 g

A high amount of sugar is not good for dogs so it is highly recommended to give a small amount of them to your dogs.

Are Graham Crackers safe for my dog?

Graham crackers are safe for dogs but only in a small amount. This food doesn’t contain any harmful or toxic ingredients. So there is no worry if your pup has been eaten a small piece of these crackers.

However, if you allow your pooch to eat Graham Cracker in larger amounts, it is more likely to cause health-related issues.

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Harms of excessive eating:

Remember, it is meant to be eaten by humans and not dogs. Apart from the fact that it does not contain any toxic ingredients, excessive consumption of it may result in obesity (weight gain), as well as, digestive issues, dental issues, diabetes, and allergic reactions.

Note: These crackers also come in chocolate flavor and chocolate is toxic to dogs. So, chocolate-flavored crackers are not recommended at all for your dogs.

Make sure you keep Graham Crackers out of the reach of your dog because they may consume them in high amounts and become sick.

Can Graham Crackers be used as a treat?

It will depend on the health of your dog, as long as your dog is healthy then there is no harm in using occasional treats in small amounts. Overall, we’d suggest using actual dog treats such as kibble or small dog biscuits instead of crackers.

Graham Crackers alternatives for dogs:

If your dog is not choosy about treats, you can use different veggies and fruits such as pineapples, carrots, sweet potatoes, boiled chicken, boiled beef, and dog biscuits.

Can dogs eat Sugar-Free crackers?

That is not a good idea because sugar-free snacks usually contain xylitol which is an artificial sweetener. Xylitol may be healthier for humans but is extremely dangerous for dogs and your dog is no exception. Consumption of Xylitol may result in a drop in sugar level in dogs which may lead to some serious health issues including anxiety, vomiting, irregular heartbeats, and liver failure.

So, try not to melt on the cuteness when your dog beg for a treat while you are eating regular or sugar-free Graham Crackers because this will lead your dog to serious health problems.


My dog has eaten Graham Crackers, what should I do?

If your dog has eaten a pinch of crackers without being offered, don’t panic. It is toxic-free and it won’t harm your dog. If you believe that the consumed amount was more than enough, talk to your vet or animal poison control ASAP.

Can Graham Crackers kill Dogs?

No, it may not kill a dog but if the dog is allergic to one or more of the ingredients, it may suffer from an extreme allergic reaction.


Graham Crackers are not toxic but a higher amount of these crackers may affect your dog’s health. So, for the safe side, it is recommended to avoid giving them to your dogs in any form. While chocolate-flavored or sugar-free Graham Crackers are very dangerous for dogs and can cause instant damage.

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