Human Foods Your Dog Can or Can’t Eat [Updated]

Dog parents are usually worried about their dogs’ food. Are you one of them? Do you also think twice before tossing a treat on your dog whether it should be given to them or not? Well, this post contains all such food items and whether you should give them to your dogs or not.

Remember, humans and dogs have different digestive and metabolic systems, therefore, both of them digest and metabolize their foods in different ways.

That is why the foods that are safe and healthy for humans may have a deadly impact on our dogs. While many human food items are a good source of energy and health for dogs.

Let’s first check out this video below.

In this article, we will try to cover as many food items as we can and tell you whether your dog should eat them or not.

We’ll keep updating this article until we have all the human foods on board with us.

Can Dogs Eat Human Food?

Given below are some of the common home foods and eatables that you may think to give to your dogs as treats or your dog may access them when you are away. So, make sure the prohibited items are not accessible easily.

Can Dogs Eat Graham Crackers? Yes but in a small amount.

can dogs eat graham crackers

Graham Crackers are popular snacks made of Graham flour. They are not toxic for dogs if consumed in a very small amount. However, if consumed in a larger amount frequently, it may result in different health conditions such as obesity and diabetes because it has sugar as one of the main ingredients. Sugar-free Graham Crackers are also available but they are even more harmful to dogs because of xylitol which is a major ingredient of sugar-free items. Read more about Can Dogs EatGraham Crackers?

Can Dogs Eat Eggs? Yes


Eggs are full of proteins, minerals, and vitamins. It’s better to feed your dogs with cooked eggs. Raw eggs do not affect your dogs in any way but they can spread Salmonella, a bacteria that can lead to a sort of infection in humans. So, it’s a Yes to cooked Eggs.

Can Dogs Eat Rice? Yes

can dogs eat rice

“Can dogs eat rice?” It is one of the most asked questions and the answer is a big YES. Rice can easily be digested by dogs so you can feed them with cooked or boiled white or brown rice. To bring some variety to their food, you may add chicken, turkey, yogurt, or any other allowed food item.

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Can Dogs Eat Jalapenos? No X

Jalapeno is one of the most popular and spicy peppers around the world and almost every home has some amount of jalapenos all the time. Although there is no immediate and direct effect of jalapenos on your dog, the long-term effects may be deadly. After eating jalapeno, the dog may have an upset stomach, dehydration, diarrhea, and bloat.

So, it is recommended to not give your dog jalapeno in any quantity and form such as baked, cooked, or raw. Read more about Can dogs eat jalapeno?

Can Dogs Eat Bell Peppers? Yes

Jalapeno and bell peppers both are a type of pepper but there is a big YES for bell peppers (all colors) as compared to a No for the jalapeno. Bell peppers contain antioxidants like beta carotene, as well as, vitamins A, E, B6, and lutein. So, experts suggest that they are beneficial for your fur babies but not in excessive portions. Feeding large portions of bell peppers to your dogs may result in an upset stomach, diarrhea, and vomiting. Read more about Can dogs eat bell peppers?

Can Dogs Drink Milk: Yes, but limited


Although many experts say that you should not feed your dog with milk, still you can give them a few tablespoons daily. Drinking too much milk can lead to Vomiting, Diarrhea, and Stomach Pain.

Can Dogs Eat Pasta: Yes


Pasta is usually made of flour and that is safe for the dogs. But avoid Pasta sauces because they are acidic and have lots of sugar and salt that can disturb your dog’s digestive system. Moreover, if your dog is allergic to wheat, try to skip the pasta and try some other food.

Can Dogs Eat Onion: No X


Keep your dogs away from onions because the onions contain N-propyl disulfide. The n-propyl disulfide is safe for us humans but for dogs, it’s toxic and can lead to red blood cell damage as well as anemia.

This rule applies to all types and forms of onions including leaves and powder.

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Can Dogs Take Tea and Coffee (Caffeine): No X


All the items that contain caffeine including tea and coffee should never be fed to your dogs. Why? Because caffeine affects their nervous system as well as heart rhythm and lungs. It can lead to some serious issues including lung failure and even death.

Can Dogs Eat Coconut? Yes


Coconut is not only safe but also it’s beneficial for dogs and has a good impact on their fur and skin. You can also feed them with Coconut oil occasionally but remember the coconut oil is rich in fat and calories, and your dog can gain weight if given in higher amounts.

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Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter? Yes


Peanut butter is one of the most favorite treats for dogs and luckily, it is totally safe and healthy for them. It is good to feed them with unsalted and plain peanut butter because extra ingredients may have harmful elements for dogs. Moreover, it is good to feed them with moderate amounts of peanut butter or they may gain weight because of high fat and calories. Find the Best Peanut Butter for your Dogs

Can Dogs Consume Alcohol? No X


Alcohol should never be given to your dogs in any amount. If consumed a small amount of alcohol, can lead to diarrhea, tiredness, vomiting, and lack of coordination while a higher amount of alcohol can cause a heart attack and lung failure. Moreover, they may fall into a coma which can also result in death.

Remember, everything that contains alcohol has the same impact on your dogs including mouthwash, cleaning products, and a plethora of other products.

Can Dogs Eat Mango? Yes


This delicious fruit is healthy and safe for your dogs but make sure you give them smaller treats of mangoes. Mangoes are full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Make sure you remove the mango seed before feeding them as your dog may choke on them.

Can Dogs Eat Honey? Yes


Honey is safe for your pooch and they really enjoy eating it. Not only this, but honey also works as an anti-allergy for them. Make sure you don’t feed them with more than one teaspoon of honey to your doggy or it may result in tooth decay.

12: Can Dogs Eat Chocolate? No X

Theobromine, one of the components that are present in chocolate, is toxic to dogs. It can cause some serious trouble to your dog including seizures, diarrhea, abnormal heart rhythms, vomit, and can even lead to death. So, there is a big NO, when it comes to chocolates.

13: Can Dogs Eat Corn? Yes

can dogs eat corn

Yes, your dog can eat corn kernels but not the cob. Also, make sure they don’t eat it directly from the cob because if they accidentally eat even a small part of the cob, it may result in some digestive issues. And yes, small-sized dogs should be monitored while they eat corn to avoid risks of choking.

14: Can Dogs Eat Grapes? No X

can dog eat grapes

Grapes on the vine

Grapes are not safe for dogs in any amount. The grapes and raisins (dried grapes) have a very toxic effect on the dogs and it may result in weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, and/or several other conditions. After your dog consumes grapes, you MUST visit a vet asap otherwise it may result in kidney failure.

Can Dogs Eat Peanuts? Yes

can dogs eat peanuts

Peanuts are safe for your furbabies but you need to add them in treats instead of feeding them with raw peanuts. Peanuts have high amounts of fats that can cause an upset stomach in dogs. Also, try to avoid salted peanuts and try giving them peanut butter or other mixed treats.

Final verdict:

So, these were among the most popular human foods that can or can’t be given to your dogs. We have a plan to add at least 100 human food items in this article so we’ll be updating this article over time. If you have any questions regarding any food for dogs, feel free to ask in the comments.

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