Cavoodle Breeders in Australia [Top Picks for 2022]

Cavoodle or Cavapoo is the most popular hybrid dog breed in Australia. According to a report, Cavoodle was the most sold designer dog in Australia in 2020 and 2021.

Cavoodle is the mixture of two popular breeds- Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle. Both breeds are intelligent, loving and friendly, therefore, their product is also among the intelligent and loving breeds. Moreover, Cavoodles are most likely to have a low-shedding coat that makes them an ideal dog for those with allergies.

So, if you have planned to get a Cavoodle puppy and looking for the best breeder in your state in Australia, keep reading this article.

This post contains the best Cavoodle breeders from Australia for you to consider getting a puppy from them. Check out Groodle Puppies in NSW.

How to choose a dog breeder?

A responsible dog breeder would let you ask as many questions as you can and would answer them all until you are satisfied. To find the right breeder of any breed, do a quick research on Google, as well as, local websites. Ask your friends and family if they have got a puppy from a breeder and how the puppy is doing. Once you have a list of breeders, contact them and ask a few questions, such as their history, recognitions with the government authorities, health certificates of parent dogs and puppies, etc.

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Cavoodle Breeders in Australia

Rockley Valley Park Cavoodles (Fosters Valley, NSW)

Mobile: 0263000733

Located about 24km from Bathurst, Rockley Valley Park Cavoodles specializes in breeding top-class Cavoodles and other Poodle/Spaniel crosses. Their state-of-the-art breeding facility has some wonderful features such as on-site grooming, exercise yards, insulated kennels and a vet inspection area.

At Rockley Valley Park, they aim to provide the healthiest puppies to families around NSW. They also source and rehome puppies and dogs from different shelters which none of the other breeders does.

They love to help other possible future breeders and they plan to train other breeders on the best breeding practices. So, if you are looking for Cavoodle puppies in Sydney, Canberra, Orange and throughout NSW, they are the best choice for you.

Pretty Fluffy Cavoodle Puppies: (Brisbane, QLD)

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 044 825 8521

Pretty Fluffy Cavoodle Puppies are small home-based breeders breeding healthy Cavoodle puppies for families in Queensland. Their puppies are health-tested by an expert vet and well-socialized before they are handed over to their forever families.

Their puppies, as well as, parent dogs are regularly checked for health-related issues. While the breeding dogs have been DNA tested for 220+ diseases and are free of any disease.

Their Cavoodle puppies come with a 1-year guarantee and they offer a full refund if the puppy is found to have any life-threatening defect. So, if you are looking for the best Cavoodle breeder in Queensland, Pretty Fluffy Cavoodles are the right choice for you.

Homestead Puppies: (Melton South, VIC)

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0413812603

Homestead Puppies are registered Oodle breeders in Victoria breeding the healthiest Oodle puppies since 2014. They specialize in breeding F1 Oodle breeds including Cavoodles, Moodles and Poochons.

They are an RPBA certified breeder which is Australia’s largest ethical breeding community. Their puppies are genetically-tested and generally very healthy. Moreover, the puppies have an excellent temperament that is essential for any family dog.

So, if you are looking for a responsible Cavoodle breeder near Melbourne, VIC, Homestead Puppies may provide you with the healthiest puppies.

Adelaide Hills Cavoodles: (Mylor, SA)

Website: Click for their website

Located around 30 minutes from Adelaide, they are a responsible breeder in South Australia. At Adelaide Hills Cavoodles, they breed different Oodle breeds such as Groodles, Bordoodles, Cavoodles and Spoodles.

Their first-generation Oodle puppies are well-socialized as they are raised in their beautiful garden property in the Adelaide Hills. Moreover, their puppies are tested and free of any genetic issues.

Their lovely puppies are living healthy and happy lives with their forever families throughout South Australia. So, if you are looking for Groodle, Spoodle or Cavoodle puppies near Adelaide, ping them as they are a responsible breeder of Oodles.

Final words:

So, these were the top 4 Cavoodle breeders in Australia. We believe many breeders are not included on this list but our screening process is a bit tough and we add breeders after looking closely. More breeders will be added with time. Are you a breeder who wants to be added to this list? Contact breeders @

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