Cockapoo Breeders in the UK [Top 2024 Picks]

Planning to get a Cockapoo puppy in looking for top Cockapoo breeders in the UK? Keep reading this article to find the best breeders.

Cockapoo or Cockerpoodle is a mixed breed that has become very popular around the world, especially in the UK. It is a cross between the Cocker Spaniel and Poodle. It is an entertaining dog- having Teddy Bear looks, floppy ears and adorable eyes.

The Cockapoo is an easily-trainable dog that loves to cuddle its humans. They mostly have low to non-shedding coats that make them an ideal breed for those with allergies.

If you have already decided to get a Cockapoo puppy and are unable to locate a breeder, find one below.

How to choose a breeder?

It is important to get a puppy from an ethical and responsible breeder and not a puppy farm. To check the eligibility of the breeder, you should ask for their license. Also, check out their website, social media accounts, Google Business Profile and local review websites.

Once you choose a breeder, visit them and check their breeding facility. Also, make a questionnaire and ask the necessary questions. What should you ask a breeder?

Top Cockapoo Breeders in the UK

Cocker Doodle Poo (Surrey, England)

Email:       [email protected]
Phone:      07818 295987

Cocker Doodle Poo is an experienced family cottage breeders in England that specialise in breeding F1 Cockapoos, Labradoodles and Cocker Spaniels. Their dogs live in specially designed kennels where they spend quality time and enjoy a very large fenced area.

At Cocker Doodle Poo, they have been breeding dogs since 2008 and are dedicated to breeding healthy and well-socialized puppies for families around not only England but the UK.

Their dogs are checked by the vets every six months, vaccinated and groomed regularly and fed quality food. Many of their puppies are now serving as therapy and education dogs in homes around England.

So, if you are looking for Cockapoo puppies in Surrey, London, Oxford or the neighbouring counties, Cocker Doodle Poo is the first-class choice for you.

Jandaz Cockapoos (Llandysul, Wales)

Email:       [email protected]
Phone:      01545 560641

Jandaz Cockapoos are among the oldest and the most experienced breeders in the UK- breeding this breed for over 20 years. Since then, they have produced several outstanding litters by using top-quality bloodlines.

Dogs in their breeding program are DNA tested and are PRA/PFK clear while their Cockapoo puppies are fully vaccinated before they are handed over to their new families. Moreover, their puppies are microchipped and wormed and come with health records and a unique puppy pack.

So, if you are looking for well-reputed Cockapoo breeders in Wales around Swansea or Llandysul, Jandaz is one of the ideal choices for you.

Rathrush Kennels (County Carlow, Ireland)

Email:       [email protected]
Phone:      087 8317958

Rathrush Kennels is an experienced Cockapoo breeder in County Carlow- about 100 km from Dublin. They are experts in breeding various breeds such as Cockapoo, Cavapoo, Cavachon and Schichon.

Their healthy and well-mannered puppies are sent throughout Ireland and the UK and they use a registered pet taxi service to deliver their puppies if needed.

All of their puppies are wormed, vaccinated and microchipped and they guarantee quality and health with every puppy. So, if you are looking for Cockapoo puppies in Ireland, Rathrush Kennels is the best choice for you.

Puppies R Us (Newmilns, Scotland)

Email:      [email protected]
Phone:      07375 247715

Looking for Cockapoo puppies in Scotland? Puppies R Us is there for you. Located about 50 minutes from Glasgow, they have been breeding puppies for a quite long time and have excellent knowledge and experience in breeding.

Their Cockapoo puppies are microchipped, vaccinated and wormed, and additionally, they are treated for fleas and ticks. Their puppies come with a puppy pack which includes 5 weeks of insurance, some scented toys and food.

They not only breed Cockapoos but also Labradors, Labradoodles, Cocker Spaniels, Goldendoodles and Poodles. So, if you are looking for a Doodle puppy from a fully licensed breeder in Scotland, Puppies R Us is the first-class choice for you.

Cloonmore Kennels (Tuam, Ireland)

Email:      [email protected]
Phone:     087 227 0374

Cloonmore Kennels is a family-run breeding business that specialises in breeding Cockapoos and Cocke Spaniels. They aim to produce healthy, happy and well-tempered puppies that are well-socialised before they are handed over to their forever families.

They have invested a lot design the best possible kennels for their dogs and puppies. The puppies are exposed to different scenarios, sounds and adult dogs so they do not give a tough time to their new families during the training sessions.

Thackery’s Kennels (Shenfield, England)

Email:      [email protected]
Phone:    01268769185

Thackery’s Kennels is yet another England-based Cockapoo or Cockadoodle breeder that has been dealing with animal breeding since the 1970s. They aim to produce healthy and well-tempered puppies that could become excellent house pets.

Their facility is an ideal place for dogs and especially puppies who can start their lives in an animal-rich environment because they also have a pony, sheep and geese.

Their breeding dogs are DNA-tested while the puppies are sold with PRA and FN clear certificates from the laboratory.

Benbela Cockapoos (Maldon, England)

Phone:      01621 891403

With 35+ years of breeding experience, they are among the most experienced and well-reputed Cockapoo breeders in England. They have been breeding Cockapoos for over 5 years and their puppy parents are from American bloodlines.

They specialise in breeding F1 Cockapoos and their puppies usually have low-shedding coats. Their breeding dogs are screened for inherited diseases and the puppies would also be free from such diseases.

So, if you are planning to get a Cockapoo puppy around Maldon, Benbela Cockapoos is an ideal choice for you.

Sawbo Pups (Hertfordshire, England)

Email:       [email protected]
Phone:     07480 470749

Located close to Essex, Sawbo Pups is a family-run business that deals in pure dog breeds, as well as, designer dogs. Their Cockapoo, Cavapoo and Cocker Spaniel puppies are healthy and well-tempered.

Their puppies live a quality life and visit the vet several times until they are handed over to their forever families. If you get a Cockapoo puppy from Sawbo Pups, it will come with a special puppy pack that includes mom and dad’s health papers, a food bag, a toy, a contract and several other items. The best part is that they also have a return policy.

So, if you are looking for a reputable Cockapoo breeder in the UK, Sawbo Pups is an ideal choice for you.

Gwynmardene Kennels (Carmarthen, Wales)

Email:       [email protected]
Phone:     01994 448333

Gwynmardene Kennels- with an experience of over 48 years of breeding, they have been one of the most reputable dog breeders in the UK. Their breeding facilities are checked regularly by governmental departments and are appreciated for their best practices.

Being an ethical dog breeder, they don’t overbreed their dogs and each female dog produces a litter just once a year. They specialise in many dog breeds such as Bichon Frise, Cocker Spaniels, Poodles and Cockapoos.

Their puppies are health-checked, well-socialised, well-handled and are bred from DNA-tested parents. At Gwynmardene Kennels, they have a specially-built facility for dogs and puppies which is fully insulated, heated and air-conditioned.

So, if you are looking for Cockapoo puppies in Wales near Cardiff and Swansea, they are one of the best choices for you.

Final words:

So, these were among the top 9 Cockapoo breeders in England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. Whatever breeder you choose and whatever breed you get, make sure you raise your puppy with full love and dedication.