How This Pet Psychic Found This Lost Dog

Did you know that around 10 million pets are lost every year in the US alone? Yes, it is true, and about 50% of them end up in animal shelters. Unfortunately, only 20% of these pets are reunited with their owners.

Today, we have a jaw-dropping story of Oliver, the innocent and adorable dog, who was lost and there was no clue, no hint. But the owners of this four-legged beauty were fortunate enough to find him back with the help of a Pet Psychic. Oliver’s owners were from Long Island but they somehow managed to contact this Pet Psychic from California.

When we first got to know about this story, we were just shockingly surprised and we could not stop ourselves from featuring this story on our website.

This story has been written from Oliver’s owner’s perspective. So, let’s start with it below.

When and where the story started?

It was a rainy day in February 2020, we realized that Oliver, the apple of our eye was missing for a couple of hours. At first, we thought that he’ll come back by himself shortly because he often used to do so but this time he didn’t.

We contacted our family friends and relatives to check if by any chance they have seen Oliver. Also, we searched for him in our neighborhood and the attached blocks but we could not find him. Unfortunately, Oliver was not microchipped due to some reason, so there was no chance of finding him sooner.

The Entry of a Friend in the Scene:

We kept looking for him everywhere and were about to lose hope. Fortunately, on the third day, a friend called me and said that she knows a lady who is a Pet Psychic and she could communicate with animals using her supernatural powers.

Without wasting a moment, I asked her to connect me to that Pet Psychic, Nancy Mello. Actually, I was feeling like I was the sole responsible for all this and I didn’t take care of my furbaby. Fortunately, Nancy agreed to help us to find Oliver.

What did Nancy do to Find Oliver?

When my friend connected to Nancy, she asked for some basic details about Oliver. After that, she asked us to wait for 15 minutes as she had to connect to Oliver.

Right after 15 minutes, Nancy replied with some info about Oliver. According to her, Oliver was alive but sick and weak. He was hiding under a shed or building. She further said that Oliver is terrified and his front right paw is hurt. She had also given her an idea of where our furbaby could be such as a shed or an old building.

I couldn’t believe in my ears, how someone can tell such details without any clue. At first, we thought she is playing with us, but still, we wanted to give it a try. As there were many old and abandoned buildings in our area, it gave us a lot of hope.

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And the Miracle Happened:

I shared these details with my husband and some friends on our block, and we started searching for Oliver in some abandoned buildings in our neighborhood. Guess what? He was there in an old building that was abandoned and I was like OMG OMG OMG. We just found him within half an hour.

Will you believe that Oliver’s leg joints were dislocated as Nancy said that his paw could be hurt? He was whimpering and shivering but as soon as I lifted and hugged him, he became normal.

We were truly thankful to Nancy, the major character behind Oliver’s search, and a bunch of other people who helped us in finding our lovely pup.

How did Nancy find this Information?

Nancy is an animal communicator and pet psychic who can communicate or connect to pets whether they are alive or passed away. While doing an animal reading, she uses different techniques.

In Oliver’s case, after getting some basic information from us, she connected to Oliver using her powers and talked to him. All the information she provided us was 99% accurate.

What other services can a Pet Psychic or Animal Communicator provide?

The most popular service a Pet Psychic such as Nancy Mello or any other can provide you is pet reading.

What is Pet Reading? Pet Reading means talking to your pet using special powers and collecting important information such as questions about the animal’s health, quirks, diet, likes and dislikes, and whatever you want to know. Also, what your pets think about you and how much they love you.

The best part of this service is that the pet psychic can even talk to the deceased animal. So, if you are worried about your pup or kitty or any other pet who has crossed the rainbow bridge, it is possible to know how happy they are.

To find a lost puppy, a Pet Psychic can be your first-class choice because they can directly connect with them which saves a lot of time.

Who is the Best Pet Psychic?

I really don’t have an idea about that but for me, Nancy Mello is the best one because she helped us find Oliver. While visiting her site, I found out that she had found many lost pets. She helped many people out there by connecting to their pets and collecting worthy information.

How’s Oliver now?

Oliver is just fantastic as usual. He goes for regular walks with us, watches TV with us, sits on our couch, and gives us warm cuddles.

After this terrible incident, we take extra care of our furbaby and we have installed large-sized wooden fences to tighten his security.

Wrapping it Up:

So, it was Oliver’s story that was lost but luckily reunited with his owners. To make sure you don’t lose your pets, increase security, and supervise them while they are playing.

“Prevention is Better than Cure”. So, the best practice is to get them microchipped and add a tag to their collar with their name and your contact information.

Oliver the dog was lost but this pet psychic communicated with him using her supernatural powers and the owners were able to find him within 12 hours.

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