Hanging Tree Dog AKA Hangin’ Tree Cowdog [Facts & Guide]

When looking for a tough working dog, the Hanging Tree Dog could become the first-class choice for many.

Wait, what? You must be wondering if there is any dog breed with this name. But yes, this hybrid dog breed named the Hanging Tree Dog which is also known as the Hangin’ Tree Cowdog and Hanging Tree Cattle Dog. It is considered one of the finest breeds that can work cattle.

Curious to know more about the breed or looking for a comprehensive guide to the Hanging Tree Dog? We got you covered as this post contains everything about this intelligent dog.

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So, let’s explore more about it.

Who is the Hanging Tree Dog for?

  • A ranch owner who is looking for a loyal companion, helper, and a working dog
  • A family living in a house with a large yard
  • Definite Leader
  • A person who can spend 1 to 2 hours of daily exercise and different activities with their dog
  • Perfect for the Livestock

Who is not this dog for?

  • Apartment or condo residents
  • One who can’t manage to exercise and walk his dog regularly
  • Family with the kids and infants
  • Elderly people
  • The first-time and novice owners

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Introduction and Origin of the Hanging Tree Dog

What is Hanging/Hang ‘in Tree Dog?

It is a tough, aggressive, courageous, intelligent, and persistent dog that is used for retrieving, gathering, and herding cows. This fearless dog was specifically developed to handle cattle and has all the capabilities to take care of all types of livestock.

What was the purpose of breeding the hanging tree dog?

The purpose behind its breeding was to develop a dominant dog that differs from other stock dogs not only in appearance but also in working aspects.

They are capable of working in harsh weather conditions and also have adaptability for various types of operations.

Who Developed the Hanging Tree Dog?

In the 1980s, Gray Ericsson and his son Choc came up with an idea to produce a dog that is used for working cattle in cold weather. After a lot of research, they finalized 4 of the most intelligent, energetic, and herding breeds so they could mix them and get the most efficient working dog.

The Recipe of a Hanging Tree Dog

This dog is the product of four intelligent and tough dogs that are already very popular for their fantastic temperaments and overall performance. Let’s have a quick and short review of each of them:

Border Collie: (Breed Ratio 3/8)

The Border Collie is famous for its quick response, loyalty, and energetic behavior. Their smart minds help them to adapt instructions very quickly and that is why they are easy to train. Border Collies are ranked as the most intelligent breed in the world and you can witness its intelligence in its product too.

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Catahoula Leopard: (Breed Ratio 1/8)

Catahoula Leopard is an intelligent dog, and interestingly, it is known as the King of Stock dogs.

They will always follow instructions or commands given by the owner, and similarly, they are also tremendous working dogs. Due to its perfect working abilities, it is considered the perfect dog for ranch owners.

Australian Kelpie (Breed Ratio 1/4)

Australian Kelpie is a sheepdog used for keeping an eye on herding animals and keeping them moving. This Australian dog breed has short hair and unique skin that has natural oils that protect it from resistant weather.

However, due to its short hair and harsh weather tolerance, it inspired Gray Ericsson to include it in this mixture.

Australian Shepherd (Breed Ratio 1/4)

Well, last but not least Australian Shepherd is yet another parent of the hanging tree dog. It is known for its courage and has tremendous capability to handle any kind of cattle.

So, you can expect these traits from the Hanging Tree Dog because it is gonna inherit most of the traits from its parents.

Hanging Tree Dog Personality and Temperament

Courageous, tremendous-minded, responsive, loyal, tough, muscular, and fearless. These are all the qualities of a Hanging tree dog. It is an amazing breed that inherits most of the fantastic traits from its parent breeds. Its smart mind helps to learn quickly and it can work in any circumstances, weather, and environment.

It has been produced exactly for herding cattle of any kind, as well as, cows that are four times larger than a dog. They have very high stamina that helps them to run very fast so they can run for hours tirelessly.

Hangin’ Tree Cowdogs will always listen to the owner and always stay aside with him. Along with that, it has a very dominating nature and has got a lot of energy. Interestingly, this dog is ready to play at any time.

Also, you can expect destructive behavior from them because of their vast amount of energy. So, to avoid the behavior issues, keep them engaged and working, and exercise them daily for up to 2 hours.

Can a hanging tree dog become a Family pet?

“Spoiler Alert”

Along with all the other qualities, hanging tree dogs require proper training and socialization at an early stage otherwise it may be quite difficult for you to handle this dog when it is grown fully.

On the other side, hanging tree dogs are very gentle and loveable as family pets. They are aggressive and harsh to livestock but they are great with humans and they can also be good with other dogs.

If your wish is to have one as a family dog, you can get one because they can be your loyal mate but remember, they come with lots of requirements.

They are very affectionate and have acceptance of other pets. But you need to be sure that you are providing them with enough exercise and stimulation, since they are not led as livestock dogs, you must give them proper exercise daily because it is the only way to scale down their energy.

Hanging Tree Dog Appearance

SizeMedium-sized with a muscular and heavy bone structure
Height56 to 58 cm
Weight50 to 60 pounds
CoatShort and smooth
Coat colorComes in many colors and patterns
Eye colorCan have any color but blue is common
EarsUsually pointed
Life ExpectancyUp to 20 years

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Care and Maintenance

Usually, this part is crucial for some breeds, but luckily for the Hanging Tree Dogs, it is easy. Credit goes to their short hair and smooth skin which makes it painless for the owner.

There are a few things you need to note about these dogs. They are energetic dogs which means they need a high-end and well-balanced diet.

In the next few sections, you’ll find all the mandatory things related to caring for a Hanging Tree Dog.

Diet and Food:

You need to provide a well-balanced diet to your dog and for that, you have to remember that the quantity of food is directly proportional to the age of the dog. This means you have to feed them according to their age. So, a puppy will require 10oz to 16oz of puppy food a day. However, when it reaches adulthood its body needs 20oz to 25oz of food a day.

In the same way, your puppy will need 3 to 5 short meals per day and an adult Hanging Tree Cattle Dog can be given 2 meals a day.



Grooming is an essential part of the dog’s health. Better grooming means better health. But when it comes to Hanging Tree Dog, its grooming maybe like a piece of cake. Thanks to its smooth skin and short hair, it only needed to be brushed once every week to remove dandruff and dead hair. The brush you require is a slicker brush or glove brush whichever is handy to you both work the same.

But avoid using steel brushes because they are more likely to cause skin infections and other allergies.

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Your Hanging Tree Dog will require bathing often as compared to brushing. They require more baths than many other dog breeds.

The recommended bath for them is 2-4 times a month, but whenever they get into some mess, bathe them since they love outdoor activities and will enjoy rolling around the dirt with no hesitation.

Also, you should keep an eye on its skin and fur to keep them moisturized. For that, you can use “friendly itchy relief dog shampoos” to keep your dog’s skin healthy.

Teeth Care

It is good practice to brush your dog’s teeth once a day, three or four times a week also work. It is recommended to use pet-friendly toothpaste to clean your pup’s teeth, while you can also go for water additives if your dog is not comfortable with the toothbrush.


Yet you are now already aware of the hanging tree dog’s energy level, you’ll need to provide your dog with high-intensity exercise and mental stimulation activities every day. It needs at least one and a half hours of exercise daily.

If you keep them as working dogs then you don’t need to give them much exercise because working dogs get more than enough exercise.

If you get a Hanging Tree Dog as a pet then you must complete their exercise requirement.


You must be a definite leader and an active owner to have a Hanging Tree Dog. These dogs love hiking and running and you need to take them outside for these activities to meet their exercise requirements.

When it comes to training, they are easy to train due to their intelligence. They are quick learners and adapt to anything and situation you put them into. You should make sure to take plenty of time to play with your fur baby.

Common Health Issues

Luckily, these dogs are healthier than many other breeds. Thanks to their incredible parent breeds which are also healthy dogs. That is why they are more likely to develop fewer health-related issues. Moreover, they have a longer life span than other dogs, i.e., around 15 to 20 years.

But you should worry about their accidental and potential injuries which can be caused during work or playing rough.

FAQs about Hanging Tree Dogs

Does the Hanging Tree Dog bite?

Hanging tree dogs are cattle herders, which is why you can expect biting habits from them. To get rid of this habit you need to train them early. Most Hanging Tree Cowdog breeders sell trained puppies, so it may not be a problem for you to take care of them.

Is it easy or difficult to train a Hanging Tree Cowdog?

It is difficult to train them because they are usually aggressive and tough. Most breeders sell trained dogs so they are ready to work your livestock right away when you get them.

Do hanging tree dogs whine?

Hanging tree dogs are known for their whining because they want attention. They produce loud voices which can be irritating for you as well as for your neighbors. The best solution for this habit is to ignore them whenever they produce noise so that they will understand that you are not in favor of their voice and they would not be encouraged to do so again.

Do Hanging Tree Dogs chew on things?

Hanging tree dogs love chewing things, especially socks, cables, and pillows. You need to make sure to keep your valuable things away from them.

Bottom line

Well, it was all about the Hanging Tree dog, one of the most interesting and versatile breeds.

The most impressive factor about the Hanging Tree dogs is their exceptional health, how healthy they are, and their long lifespan which may last up to 20 years.

If you want a high-energy loyal dog that can take charge of your farm, the Hanging Tree dog is an ideal choice for you.

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