All About Golden Mountain Doodle (2023 Complete Guide)

Do you know what would happen if we mix some of the best dog breeds in the world? You are more likely to get an ideal mixture, which is the case with Golden Mountain Doodle.

The Golden Mountain Doodle is a mixture of the three loveliest dogs on the planet earth; Golden Retriever, Bernese Mountain Dog, and Poodle.

While this pup may not be golden in color it’s certainly as precious as gold. Like its name, the Golden Mountain Doodle Dog is unconventional, cute, and cheeky.

Since Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever/Poodle mix) and Bernedoodle (Bernese Mountain Dog/Poodle mix) are expensive breeds, the Golden Mountain Doodle can become an ideal alternative to these breeds at a reasonable cost.

Curious to know more about the Golden Mountain Doodle? Just read below to find out everything you need to know about this designer dog breed including health, temperament, features, and pros and cons.

History of the Golden Mountain Doodle

Golden Mountain Doodles are hybrid dogs and were created by blending the Golden Retriever, the Bernese Mountain Dog, and the mischievous Poodle. Their perfect genes are the reason the Golden Mountain Doodles are such graceful, intelligent, and amiable pups (responsible breeding is the key though).

To make sure these Golden Mountain Doodles are healthy and playful, breeders specifically use the most friendly, healthiest, and well-nurtured dogs for breeding.

While the Golden Mountain Doodles have been around since the early 90s, they have only recently become very popular and have gotten several nicknames, including Golden Mountdoodle.

Since these dogs are not purebreds, they are not recognized by the American Kennel Club and other major kennel clubs. However, that has not stopped pet enthusiasts from breeding and popularizing them. 

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Common breed features

Golden Mountain Doodles aren’t just intelligent playmates but they are also very cute dogs. They can have several different appearances based on what genes they inherit most dominantly. But chances are, your furry fellows will at least have some of the following features.

  • Straight, wavy, or curly hair with beautiful, natural ringlets.
  • Most Golden Mountain Doodles are tri-colored, with brown, black, and white shades making up their fluffy coats.
  • In size, they may be similar to Golden Retrievers, weighing between 60 to 80 pounds and being approximately 2 feet tall to the shoulder.
  • Their ears are like the Bernedoodle dogs; small, floppy, concealed beneath their fur.
  • Their bodies are sturdy and compact making them surprisingly athletic.
  • They have bright almond-shaped- eyes and triangular noses, often hidden by the fur on their faces. 

What’s good & what’s bad about Golden Mountain Doodles?

Given below are the positive traits or pros of having a Golden Mountdoodle dog.


Ideal family dog

It inherits enough love and intelligence from its parent breeds to become an ideal dog for any family. It is loving, cuddly, loyal, and whatnot. In fact, it is a complete package for every family member including kids that can spend hours watching TV with you sitting on the couch.

Low-shedding coat

It is unexpected though, but they may have a low-shedding coat that they inherit from their Poodle parent. Especially, if F2 multi-generation Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle are crossed, the puppies are more likely to have a low to non-shedding coat.

Easy to train

They are quick learners. Due to their utter intelligence like Poodles, they pick commands quickly and it is easy to train them as compared to other breeds. Training and socialization from an early age really help while consistency and patience during the training are the keys to a well-behaved dog.


We believe there is nothing bad about any dog breed neither they have any negative traits but their habits, size, and some features may not be compatible with someone, and that counts in their cons. Golden Mountain Doodles are amazing dogs having almost no cons but one.

High grooming needs

This perfect Goldendoodle/Bernedoodle mix has a low shedding coat which means it would need a lot of grooming because its fur would stuck in its coat. Daily brushing and professional grooming every 6-8 weeks are a must to keep its coat from tangling and matting. It means you have to spend more time and money on their grooming.

Temperament and behavior

A dog with a low temperament would be very painful for its owners and the dog itself, which is why vets and experts ask dog owners to concentrate on this trait before getting a puppy. Dogs with bad temperaments are among those that are mostly abandoned or given up to shelters.

When it comes to Golden Mountain Doodles, they get their intelligence and warmth from the Bernese dog. While they get their playful antics and love for outdoor pursuits from their Golden Retriever genes. The blend of Poodle adds extra intelligence, agility, temperament, and a low-shedding coat to it, making it the ideal breed for dog owners.

Overall, they are fun-loving dogs known to be obedient, charismatic, and cheerful. Believe us, there isn’t a dull day with these pups around. Surprisingly, they also make very good therapy dogs because of their sensitive and emphatic nature.

At the same time, their calm demeanor and friendliness make them less than ideal candidates for guard dogs but if they sense their humans to be in trouble they surely rise to action.

Another fascinating characteristic is that they are very fast learners, teach them a trick and just see them master it on their own. Their sharp wit enables them to pick up new behavior both quickly and easily.

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Living with a Golden Mountain Doodle

If you like playing fetch and frisbee or enjoy long walks on the beach then you can’t find a better friend than this dog. This pup adores playing in the water and running around in parks. But you better keep a close eye on them or they might get lost in all their fun.

Owing to their size and personalities, Golden Mountain Doodles adjust fairly well to apartment lives. They like playing outdoors but won’t bother you even if they have to stay at home all day. They’ll probably just prance around, cuddle and find something fun to do on their own.

Like all dogs, they need a lot of love and affection but don’t worry because these pups always give more than they take. In fact, you won’t ever feel lonely or bored again if you get these dogs.

Grooming Needs

The curlier your Golden Mountain poo, the less it’ll shed but the more it will cost you to maintain its fur. As a rule, these dogs require a great deal of attention in terms of grooming. Expect to brush your pup’s hair every day or at least every second day to maintain its matt-free look. You might also need to give them frequent haircuts.

They do not need to be bathed more often, bathing them once every two months would be fair enough unless they get a dirty coat.

Additionally, you will need to clip your dog’s nails and clean his ears every few weeks to avoid accidents and infections. Along with that, make it a habit to brush your pup’s teeth from an early age. Brushing their teeth twice a week would be best to keep their oral health up to the mark.

Dietary Needs

All pups need a healthy and balanced diet to lead a long, wholesome life and that is why we recommend feeding your dog a mixture of dry and wet food. Additionally, vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, and other healthy snacks would be the best addition.

However, make sure you do not overfeed your dogs to prevent obesity in them. We suggest feeding your pups, controlled portions of food at only fixed times. Although an occasional treat for being a good boy is more than recommended. 

The best practice is to ask the breeder you are getting the puppy from or your vet about the food brand, quantity, and other important aspects. Overfeeding or underfeeding them may result in various health conditions.

Exercise Needs

The Golden Mountain Doodle’s needs for exercise are moderate. They need to be exercised for around 30 minutes a day. A couple of short walks, some interesting canine enrichment activities, and moderate-level tiring games would be enough for them.

If they are not exercised daily, they may develop health-related problems, as well as, behavioral issues such as aggressiveness, digging, and destructive chewing.


These dogs are a mixture of three intelligent, friendly, and well-tempered dog breeds which inherit their trainability from their parents. They are known for their responsiveness and flexibility during training sessions, hence, they are ideal dogs for first-time owners.

An experienced and responsible breeder would start early socialization and training of the puppies before they are handed over to their forever families. And as a responsible owner, it is your responsibility to train your puppy from the day one it arrives at your home.

Make sure to make the training sessions less stressful and rewarding that would surely be ended in something fruitful.

Common Health Issues and Lifespan

While Golden Mountain Doodle dogs are a healthy breed with a lifespan of up to 13 years, still, they can develop several health complications as they age.

One of the things dog owners need to look out for is hip dysplasia; a dislocation of the hip bone which is a painful disease and currently has no cure. Elbow Dysplasia, skin conditions and allergies, and different eye problems are also a concern. But when you get a puppy from a reputable breeder, the probability of these genetic conditions reduces. One good practice is to schedule frequent visits to the vet to ensure your puppy is doing well.

No pet lives forever, but the important thing is to take care of your dogs as well as you can without worrying about possible doom and gloom. 

Puppy Price and Maintenence Cost

The prices of Golden Mountain Doodle puppies may vary on the basis of different factors such as color, generation, and the reputation of the breeder. So, you may expect to pay between $1500 to $3500. Remember, getting a puppy at a higher price from a reputable breeder cuts a lot of vet bills in the future.

When it comes to maintenance, most puppies cost you more for the first year as you need to arrange their food, supplies, vaccinations, grooming kits, and other important things. So, you should expect around $1000 for the first year of maintenance and up to $750 per year onwards.

Golden Mountain Doodle FAQs

These are some of the most common and frequently asked questions about this dog breed.

Do Golden Mountain Doodles shed?

They usually have curly or wavy coats that are known for low shedding. So, they are the right choice for those with dog hair allergies.

Are they an alternative to Bernedoodles and Goldendoodles?

Yes, we can say that they are an alternative to Doodle breeds. If you are specifically looking for Doodle breeds (Poodle crosses), you can get a Golden Mountain Doodle.

Are Golden Mountain Doodles cuddly?

Yes, they are extremely cuddly. You can expect lots of love and affection from them.

How often should we groom a Golden Mountain Doodle?

Due to their curly or wavy coats, they do not shed much which means they are a high-grooming breed. So, you should brush a Golden Mountain Doodle regularly and get them clipped by a professional groomer every 2-3 months.

How big is a fully-grown Golden Mountain Doodle?

They may grow around 24 inches tall to their shoulder and weigh between 50 to 90 pounds. As it is a blend of three different breeds you can expect the unexpected here.

Bottom Line

Golden Mountain Doodle dogs are incredibly friendly and they’ll get along with everyone from cats to babies. What’s more, is that they are perfect for people with allergies as they are hypoallergenic. There really isn’t a downside to owning these fur babies. Don’t believe us? Adopt a Golden Mountain Doodle today, and check for yourselves! And yes, don’t get a puppy from a puppy mill or a backyard breeder but a reputable Golden Mountain Doodle breeder.

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Image credit: Carrier Family Doodles