The Afghan Bay Retriever Breed Profile

The Afghan Bay Retriever is a medium to a large-sized adorable dog that always loves to be engaged in different activities. It is not a purebred dog but a mixture of two wonderful pure breeds- the Afghan Hound and Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

Being a product of two breeds with high prey drive, it loves to chase small animals hence it is not suitable for homes with small pets and kids. Still, if they are trained at an early age, they can live with small animals and kids indoors.

It is an energetic dog that needs regular exercise and walks to burn its excessive energy or you should expect a destructive dog.

Given below are the breed’s profile and quick fun facts about the Afghan Bay Retriever.

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Afghan Bay Retriever Breed Profile

NameAfghan Bay Retriever
Female Weight55 to 70 lbs
Female Height21 to 24 inches
Male Weight65 to 80 lbs
Male Height23 to 26 inches
Purpose of breedingCompanion Dog
Breed SizeLarge
- Dignified
- Aloof
- Independent
- Dominant
- Protective
- Affectionate
- Intelligent
Energy levelHigh
Barking TendencyLow
Breed GroupDesigner/Mixed dog
Exercise requirementsAt least 60 minutes a day
Colors- Tan
- Blue
- Cream
- Red
- White
- Silver
- Black
- Brown
- Deadgrass
- Sedge
Coat typeMostly dense and waterproof
Club RecognitionNot Recognized by any Club
Average Life Span12 to 14 years
Social Attention NeedsAverage
Expected Health Issues- Progressive Retinal Atrophy
- Allergies
- Hip Dysplasia
- Von Willebrand's Disease
- Hypothyroidism
- Bloat
PriceExpect to pay around $1000

Quick Facts & Figures about Afghan Bay Retriever

Common Features & Traits

It is a high-energy dog and you need to be an experienced owner if you are interested in this breed. Moreover, it may have a dense coat that needs a lot of care and brushing to avoid skin-related issues. It is an ideal breed for hunting purposes having an athletic body. You should expect your Afghan Bay Retriever to be an aggressive and stubborn but protective dog.

Pros & Cons


  • Intelligent, protective, and affectionate
  • Excellent swimmer
  • Low drooling tendency
  • Best dog for athletic owners


  • High grooming needs
  • Not suitable as a watchdog
  • Not suitable for people with allergies

Parents from two different worlds

Interestingly, the parent breeds of the Afghan Bay Retriever are from two different regions of the world. The Afghan Hound was originated in Afghanistan while the Chesapeake Bay Retriever belongs to the Chesapeake Bay which is located in the US.

Unexpected Coat type

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever has a high-shedding coat while the Afghan Hound is known to be a hypoallergenic dog. Therefore, it may inherit its coat from either of them. So, the Afghan Bay Retriever may have a medium to low-shedding coat that needs to be brushed and groomed regularly. It is not recommended for those with allergies.

Not suitable for busy owners

As their activity levels are high, they need no less than an hour of activity per day. You can divide it into a couple of short walks, games like tug-of-war and fetch, and other enrichment activities. So, if you can’t manage to spend at least an hour with your furry friend, the Afghan Bay Retriever is not your dog. You should go for a low-activity dog instead.

Bottom Line:

The Afghan Bay Retriever is an excellent family dog but it may not be compatible with small kids due to its high energy. First-time and inexperienced owners may face difficulty in training this dog so it’s good to avoid having this dog if you are getting a dog for the first time.

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