Top 11 Reputable Groodle Breeders in Australia for 2023

Planning to get a Groodle puppy (Golden Retriever + Poodle mix) and looking for the best breeders in Australia? You are in the right place because you’ll find the most reliable Groodle breeders throughout Australia in this post.

Since the 2020 lockdown, Groodles have become among the most popular breed along with other designer dogs such as Cavoodle, Moodle, and Labradoodle.

When getting a new puppy, vets and experts suggest adopting one from an animal shelter or a rescue group. If you are unable to find one from a shelter, get one from a reputable breeder instead of a puppy factory.

Note: We have gathered some most reputable Groodle breeders in different states of Australia. This list was created after deep research and by taking reviews and feedback from different sites.

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How should you choose a breeder?

While finalizing a breeder, make sure you do your research and ask some important questions from the breeder (any breed). Some of the most critical questions are:

  • History of the breeder – for how long they have been breeding this breed?
  • Are they licensed/registered/certified by the concerned authority?
  • References from the old customers
  • Ask to see dams and sires. (Parents of the puppy)
  • Health certificates of the puppies and parents

There are even more questions, read questions you should ask a dog breeder.

Now, let’s find out about the best Groodle breeders in Australia.

Top-rated Groodle Breeders in Australia

Rivergum Puppies (Barham, NSW)

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 0428 531 497

Rivergum Puppies are yet another reputable Groodle breeder in NSW. They have been breeding dogs for 35 years now and with their vast experience, they can breed and produce the healthiest puppies.

Their top-notch Groodles puppies have been sent not only around Australia but also to other countries. At Rivergum Puppies, they help future dog owners in choosing the right puppy in terms of nature and compatibility with them. Their puppies are born in well-equipped air-conditioned nurseries where they spend quality time until they depart for their forever homes.

Moreover, their puppies are vaccinated, dewormed, and thoroughly checked to prevent any health-related issues. So, if you are looking for the right and most experienced Oodle breeder in Australia, Rivergum puppies are the ideal choice for you.

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K9 Groodles: (Goulburn, NSW)

Website: Click here for their website
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 0412075796

K9 Groodles is a small family-run breeding business that breeds F1 and F1b Groodles. All of their dog parents are genetically tested before breeding to avoid the inheritance of bad traits. They aim to produce the healthiest puppies of medium and standard sizes that have low to non-shedding coats.

Their puppies are vaccinated, flea-treated, desexed, micro-chipped, and thoroughly checked by a vet before they are handed over to their new owners.

Their puppies are sent to the cities of NSW and throughout the country. So, if you are looking for red and golden coloured puppies, K9 Groodles is an excellent choice.

Puppy Family: (Mudgeeraba, QLD & Toukley, NSW)

Website: Click here for their website

Email: [email protected]

Puppy Family operates from two different locations and you can get a puppy from the one that is feasible for you. They are registered and are experts in breeding Groodles and Labradoodles. All of their puppies are DNA-tested for genetic diseases, as well as, vaccinated and microchipped.

The best part of Puppies Gold Coast is that they provide a health guarantee and if any malformation is found within 48 hours of the puppy being handed over to their families, they refund the full amount.

Puppies Downunder: (Maryvale, VIC)

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 0499912709

Puppies Downunder is a small family-owned breeding facility that specializes in breeding different breeds of Oodles. Overall, they have 45+ years of experience in breeding dogs and they have been producing intelligent, well-tempered and healthy dogs.

Charlie, the man behind Puppies Downunder has been working with animals since 1975 and has bred some wonderful and award-winning show dogs during his successful career. At Puppies Downunder, they breed different breeds including Mini Poodle, Spoodle and Labradoodle.

So, if you are looking for Groodle puppies in Victoria, especially around Maryvale and Melbourne, they are an excellent choice for you as they are among the best Groodle breeders in VIC.

Off The Edge Groodles: (Manjimup, WA)

Email: [email protected]

Off The Edge Groodles are a quality breeder in Western Australia and they have implemented the best breeding practices to ensure their puppies are genetically error-free. They keep researching different features of the breed and consistently try to develop the perfect Groodle line.

Their puppy parents are DNA tested and checked by a vet regularly. They give a lifetime guarantee for tested DNA diseases. Their puppies are healthy, socialised, basic house-trained, and well-tempered. Their 25-acre property is quite enough to socialize and train their puppies.

They provide lifetime support to their customers which very few breeders provide. So, if you are looking for Groodle puppies in Western Australia, OTEG is the best choice for you.

Kruizen Kennels: (Orange, NSW)

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 0492989660

Located 3 hours from Sydney on the west, Kruizen Kennels is an expert Oodle breeder in NSW. Their dogs and puppies are health-checked regularly to avoid any possible genetic issues. They breed the healthiest pure and designer breeds and some of the breeds are Cavoodles, Labradoodles, Moodles and Poodles.

Kruizen Kennels are in the breeding business for the last 10 years with a lot of experience. Their puppies are well-socialized and are exposed to children, as well as, other family dogs. They aim to provide dog owners with the healthiest puppies having low-shedding coats and exceptional temperaments.

So, if you are looking for Groodle puppies in NSW, especially around Orange and Sydney, Kruizen Kennels is the best.

Adelaide Hills Groodles: (Riverton, SA)

Email: [email protected]

Note: They are not related to Adelaide Hills Cavoodles. Located 90 minutes from the capital city of South Australia, Adelaide Hills Groodles are among the responsible breeders known for their ethical breeding practices. They have established a fabulous space for their dogs and puppies where they could run, play, and explore the newest things.

Their dogs and puppies are healthy and are checked thoroughly by the vets. Moreover, their puppies are well-socialized before they are handed over to their forever families.

So, if you are looking for an ethical Groodle breeder around Adelaide, they are an excellent choice for you.

Great Southern Groodles: (WA)

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0428 029 009 

Located in the beautiful hills of WA’s Wheatbelt region, Great Southern Groodles are among the well-reputed Groodle breeders in Western Australia. Their breeding dogs are DNA-tested and hip and elbow-scored, so their puppies won’t be inheriting these genetic diseases.

Their premises are ideal for dogs and puppies where they treat all of their dogs as family members. They specialize in first-generation Groodles that are healthy, well-tempered, and perfect for any family. They aim to exceed their customer’s expectations and that is visible through the testimonials they receive.

Moreover, they not only provide lifetime support but also guarantee the dog’s health so you can return the dog at any time with no questions asked. So, if you are looking for Groodle puppies in WA, they are an ideal choice for you.

Adelaide Hills Cavoodles: (Mylor, SA)

Website: Click here for their website

Note: They are not related to Adelaide Hills Groodles. Adelaide Hills Cavoodles is one of the few breeders of 1st-generation Groodles in South Australia. They are located less than 30 minutes from Adelaide and are accessible easily.

Their Oodle puppies are born, bred and socialized on their beautiful garden property in the Adelaide Hills. All breeding parents are family pets, DNA-tested, and available for families to meet when they visit to be chosen by a puppy.

Adelaide Hills Cavoodles enjoy the best reputation, with a huge following, many referrals and wonderful reviews, due to the quality of their puppies, the communication and information they provide, and their best practice, ethical and responsible breeding standards.

Oaklands Oodles: (Gold Coast, QLD)

Website:   Click here to visit their website
Email:        [email protected]

Led by a qualified veterinary nurse and dog trainer, Oaklands Oodles pride itself on upholding a strong ethical code of conduct when it comes to breeding Oodles. Registered with RPBA & Rightpaw, all of their puppies are raised and surrounded with love.

They specialise in breeding Groodles and all of their breeding dogs are DNA tested and hold excellent peer-reviewed Pennhip scores. With extensive dog behavioural knowledge, they can ensure the puppy you are matched with will suit your lifestyle.

Moreover, their online puppy school program ensures that any assistance future dog owners need with their pup is promptly provided. While all of their puppies are socialised including toilet-trained & crate trained before leaving for their forever homes.

So, if you are looking for ethical Groodle breeders in Gold Coast, Oaklands Oodles is one of the best choices.

Gemstone Groodles: (Beaudesert, QLD)

Website:   Click here to visit their website
Email:        [email protected]
Phone:       +61 439 719 550

Established in 2017, Gemstone Groodles are passionate about providing quality puppies. All of their breeding dogs are thoroughly health checked, including Hip & Elbow x-rays and scores, as well as, DNA testing for any genetic disorders. They are located in the picturesque Scenic Rim area on lush acreage.

Their purpose-built puppy rooms are air-conditioned and there are huge outdoor play areas on soft green grass for puppies. Their play equipment consists of tunnels, hanging toy frames, water play, ball pools and lots of chew toys which means the puppies are pre-spoiled and well-socialized.

They are fed premium raw puppy mince as well as puppy biscuits and join their forever families with a large puppy pack valued at around $200 which includes their very own soft crate to travel home safely in, as well as a week’s worth of food and 8 weeks free pet insurance.

Wrapping it up:

So, these were among the most reputable Groodle breeders in Australia and we’ll add more to the list. If you are interested in getting a puppy from one of these breeders, make sure to talk to them and clear up your confusion if you have any.

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