16 Questions You Should Ask a Breeder

Looking to get a puppy from a breeder for the first time?

Wondering what question to ask from a breeder before getting the puppy?

Well, you have just come to the right place because we are going to list all the questions one should ask a breeder.

But, we’d suggest you find a puppy in a shelter because there are millions of pet animals including dogs and cats in the shelters.

If you have specifications such as you are looking for a service or therapy dog and can’t find one in a shelter, getting one from a reputable breeder is recommended.

Also, when you visit the breeder, check their premises and all the facilities they are providing to their puppies. You must have an idea what is the difference between a good breeder and a puppy mill.

How to find a reputable breeder?

Do some basic research on the internet. Ask your friends for recommendations. Check the review websites and look for the old customers’ feedback. Once you find the best dog breeder (not the puppy mill), schedule an appointment and visit the breeder with your questionnaire.

If you are looking for a breeder, we have gathered some breeds that you can check below.

Questions You Should Ask a Breeder:

1: How long have you breeding this breed (The breed you are planning to get)? They must have good experience of it.

2: Do you belong to a breed club? Ask for the references and/or proof.

3: Do you breed any other dogs other than this very breed? It’s just a random question but it’s good to ask.

4: How often do you breed your dogs? No more than once a year is recommended but a breeder who takes care of nutrition and other important things can have a litter twice.

5: Are the puppies socialized? The puppies must have spent some time around other dogs, kids, and other pets such as cats.

6: Can you provide me with a couple of references from previous puppy owners? Call the previous customers and ask for their feedback about the puppies and the breeder.

7: Do you supply a health guarantee? It must state that the puppy is healthy and free of any health-related issues.

8: What vaccines and how many shots have the puppy received and when is the next puppy shot due? It’s important.

9: Have the puppies been examined by a vet and declared healthy? If yes, ask for a medical certificate from the vet.

10: Have the puppies been dewormed? Ask for proof.

11: Can we see the puppy’s parents? Check if they are healthy.

12: What is the puppy’s family history? Check their bloodline.

13: Do you require a breeder’s contract? If yes, ask for the contract and read it.

14: Do you require us to neuter or spay the dog by a certain age? Some breeders require this so it is better to confirm prior to getting the puppy.

15: Have any of the puppies in this litter been sick or have any other health condition? If yes, make sure the puppy you are getting is healthy.

16: What are you feeding these puppies? Make sure the food quality is up to the mark.

So, these were the 16 most important questions you should ask the breeder before you get a puppy from the breeder. The best practice is to write them down on a paper and ask the breeder one by one. You can also add some other questions as per your needs or if they are specific to the breed you are getting.

Final Words:

So, whatever breed you are going to get, make sure you raise it like a real human puppy. Because the dogs are there to be loved and treated with love and affection. And yes, if you find any puppy mill while looking for a breeder, reach out to the city or town authorities and get the puppy mill closed.

Checked and approved by Karla Schwarz from Rendez Doodles. Rendez Doodles are the best Australian Labradoodle Breeders in the US.

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