9 Miniature Dog Breeds You Can Take to College With You

Embarking on the college adventure brings a mix of thrilling new experiences and unique challenges. For many students, having a furry companion during their college years can provide comfort, companionship, and a bit of home away from home. However, not all dog breeds are suited for the college lifestyle, which often involves smaller living spaces and busy schedules. Therefore, miniature dog breeds are often the perfect solution, offering the joy of pet ownership without the need for extensive space or exercise requirements.

If possible, adopt a dog from a shelter or a rescue group because hundreds and thousands of dogs are abandoned every year and you can easily find a trained miniature dog for a very minimal amount.

Now, let’s explore the 9 ideal small-sized dog breeds that are suitable for college students.

Ideal Miniature Dog Breeds for College Students


chihuahua miniature dog

Image credit: Amy Widdowson via Flickr

Characteristics: Chihuahuas, known for being among the tiniest dog breeds, are fiercely loyal, spirited, and energetic. Chihuahuas pack a large personality into a compact body and are often known for being very protective of their owners.

College Compatibility: Perfect for dorms or small apartments due to their petite size. They are low maintenance in terms of grooming and require moderate exercise, which can fit well into a student’s busy schedule. Their alert nature also makes them good little watchdogs for single students.


pomeranian in snow

Image credit: ShutterRunner via Flickr

Characteristics: Pomeranians, with their fluffy coats and small stature, are friendly and playful. They are bright, alert, and can be trained easily, making them well-suited for first-time dog owners.

College Compatibility: These dogs are ideal for indoor living and are happy with brief walks and play sessions indoors. Their diminutive stature and ability to adapt to apartment settings make them an excellent pet choice for those residing in campus accommodations.

French Bulldog

french bulldog headshot

Image credit: freestocks.org via Flickr

Characteristics: French Bulldogs are recognizable by their distinctive bat ears and stocky build. Known for their laid-back attitude, they are not big barkers, which is perfect for shared living spaces. French Bulldogs are particularly affectionate and seek constant human interaction.

College Compatibility: With their calm and relaxed demeanor, they make excellent companions for students. Their low need for extensive physical activity suits the busy lifestyles of college students. Their sociability also makes them great icebreakers when meeting new people on campus.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terrier outdoor

Image credit: drpavloff via Flickr

Characteristics: Despite their small size, Yorkshire Terriers are bursting with character. They are affectionate and spirited, offering both love and entertainment as pets.

College Compatibility: Yorkies are well-suited for small living spaces like apartments. While they require frequent grooming due to their silky coats, their vivaciousness makes for engaging and active playtime, ideal for energetic students.

Shih Tzu

shih tzu indoors

Image credit: benmacaskill via Flickr

Characteristics: Shih Tzus, with their gorgeous coats and amiable nature, are sociable dogs that form deep connections with their owners.

College Compatibility: Ideal for students living in apartments, Shih Tzus are happy with moderate exercise. They require regular grooming, which can be a soothing activity for students taking a break from their studies.


dachshund on stairs

Image credit: kinshuksunil via Flickr

Characteristics: Dachshunds, or ‘Wiener dogs,’ are playful, curious, and known for their unique long-bodied and short-legged appearance. Dachshunds display courage and can exhibit a stubborn streak.

College Compatibility: Their compact build and modest need for exercise align well with the lifestyle of college students. They enjoy being active and can be quite entertaining with their playful antics, providing a great stress reliever for busy students.

Toy Poodle

toy poodle playing

Image credit: Malkav via Flickr

Characteristics: Toy Poodles stand out for their intelligence, trainability, and hypoallergenic fur. They are active dogs and enjoy mental stimulation, making them quick learners.

College Compatibility: Their small size makes them well-suited for student life. They adapt well to different living environments and enjoy both physical and mental exercises, which can be easily incorporated into a student’s lifestyle. While they do need regular grooming, their smartness and desire to please make them wonderful companions for both studying and living.


Maltese dog

Image credit: Artur Rydzewski via Flickr

Characteristics: The Maltese breed is renowned for its flowing white coat and gentle, affectionate nature. These breeds are playful and tend to develop strong attachments to their owners.

College Compatibility: Maltese dogs are great for college students as they thrive in smaller living spaces and have moderate energy levels. They’re well-suited for apartment living and can be a comforting presence for students dealing with the stresses of college life. Regular grooming is required for their long coats, but they are otherwise low-maintenance companions.

Boston Terrier

Boston terrier with owner

Image credit: sendaiblog via Flickr

Characteristics: Boston Terriers are small, compact dogs known for their tuxedo-like coat markings and friendly temperament. Boston Terriers are smart, lively, and gentle by nature.

College Compatibility: Boston Terriers are an excellent choice for college students due to their adaptability to apartment living and their relatively low exercise requirements. They are content with brief walks and indoor activities, fitting well into the schedules of busy students. Their friendly demeanor also makes them excellent at socializing with other students and pets.


For college students considering a canine companion, miniature dog breeds are a fantastic choice. They fit well into the college lifestyle, requiring less space and accommodating the busy schedules of student life. The right pet can provide immense emotional support and stress relief throughout a student’s educational journey.

Choosing the right miniature dog breed can enhance your college experience, bringing joy and a sense of home to your campus life.