Best Moodle Breeders in Australia – [Top 3 Picks]

If you are looking for Moodle puppies for sale anywhere in Australia, you are just in the right place because we are going to list the top 3 Moodle breeders that you should consider while getting a Moodle puppy.

Also known as Maltipoo, Moodle is a cross between Maltese and Poodle. It is one of the most popular designer dog breeds in Australia, in fact, stats show that Moodle was among the top 3 breeds in Australia in the year 2020.

Moodle is a small-sized elegant, energetic, and cuddly dog that doesn’t miss a chance to please you. It comes in several catchy colours. Due to their silliness and goofiness, they are often referred to as clowns of dogs. Read Moodle pros and cons.

If you have planned to get a Moodle puppy, you have just made a wise decision because this dog has the ability to become a soulmate of its humans. While getting a dog from a breed, it is necessary to get your puppy from a well-reputed breeder. If you get a dog from a puppy factory that usually breeds dogs for the sake of money, you may end up getting a dog with some serious genetic issues.

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How to choose a breeder?

Several factors should be considered while choosing a breeder. The best practice is to get recommendations from your friends. Along with that check different review sites and try to get reviews from the old customers. We have also designed a questionnaire to help you. This questionnaire contains all the important questions you should ask the breeder before making any decision.

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Let’s now find the best Moodle breeders below.

Best Moodle Breeders in Australia

Oodles of Moodles: (Advancetown, Queensland)

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0452 130 648

Oodles of Moodles are a small breeder in the Gold Coast and have been breeding Moodle dogs for the last seven years. Their puppies are born and raised at their 7-acre property where their puppies run and play freely. All of their puppies are healthy and well-socialized.

Oodles of Moodles are a full member of the Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders. They send puppies throughout Australia from Perth to Hobart. So, if you are looking for a well-reputed and experienced Moodle breeder in QLD, Oodles of Moodles are the right choice for you.

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Valley View Dogs: (Gippsland, Victoria)

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 03 5192 4372

Valley View Dogs is an expert breeder that breeds Moodle dogs, as well as, some other designer dogs including Labradoodle, Spoodle, and Schnoodle. They are licensed and have experience of over 25 years in breeding dogs.

Their Moodle puppies come with a 21-day warranty and they offer a 100% refund if a reputable vet says that the puppy has health issues. Along with that, they ensure that the puppies are free from any internal and external parasites. Your Moodle puppy purchased from Valley View Dogs will also come with a microchip, necessary vaccinations, and a detailed veterinarian checkup.

So, if you are looking for Moodle puppies in Victoria, NSW, or South Australia, Valley View Dogs should be an ideal choice for you.

Banksia Park Puppies: (Stradbroke, Victoria)

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +61 1300 255 277

The best thing about Banksia Park Puppies is that they have been visited and audited every year by their local shire to extend their breeding licence and they do well in it. Moreover, they have approved members of the Pet Industry Association Australia and AAPDB.

They allow visitors and customers to visit and confirm their high standards. When it comes to the health and living standards of puppies and their parents, Banksia Park Puppies do not compromise on that. They have specially built nurseries for their puppies and mommies where they are provided with special care.

Their family-based breeding business is being managed by Matthew Hams since 1990 while their experience in breeding dogs goes back to the 1950s. They are not only expert in breeding Moodles but also if you need Groodle, Cavador, Spoodle, you can ping them.

Bottom line:

So, these were the top 3 Moodle breeders in Australia that you should consider while getting a puppy for yourself. We’ll add more breeders to this list once we have enough information about them and their breeding practices.

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