200+ Bernese Mountain Dog Names With Meanings

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large-sized dog breed from Switzerland and is used for several purposes such as a watchdog, herding cattle, and pulling carts. Apart from that, the Bernese are loyal and friendly and can become one of the best pet dogs.

The Bernese Mountain Dog belongs to the canton of Bern and is also known as Berner, Bernese Cattle Dog, and Berner Sennenhund. It is one of the four breeds of Sennenhund, the other three are Appenzeller Sennenhund, Entlebucher Sennenhund, and Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund. Check more dog facts.

They have a tri-colored long coat while their average weight is between 35 to 55 kg and the average height is 58 to 70 cm.

Because of their intelligence and trainability, the Berners have been crossed with several other dog breeds to form a new breed, and the Bernedoodle is one of them which is a Bernese Poodle cross.

If you have got a Bernese Mountain dog puppy or planning to get or adopt one, and looking for the right name for your pup, this post is just for you.

We have added 200+ unique and best Bernese Mountain Dog names with meanings for you. Our experts have dug deep on the internet and different forums to find the best Berner names and their meanings for our readers.

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We have categorized these names in several categories so you can choose the right name easily for your Bernese Mountain Dog puppy.

So, without further ado, let’s check the best names for your fur baby.

50+ Female Bernese Mountain Dog Names with Meanings

First of all, check unique names for female Berner puppies.

AbelBreath, vapor, or son
AbigailMy father's joy
AnnaFull of grace, Favor
Baileyberry clearing; bailiff; city fortification
BellaBeautiful in French
BerthaBright one
CandyBright, Sweet
CocoChocolate Bean
DagmarGlorious, day's glory
DenaliThe high one
EbonyDeep black wood
ElenaBright, shining light
EmberSpark, Burning Low
FlorenceA city in Italy
GiselleBright Pledge or Beautiful like the stars
JennyFair one
JulesYouthful; soft, downy
Kikihouse owner
LaraBright'and 'famous
LicoriceSweet root
LucyBorn at dawn
MaluSea of bitterness
MarikaStar of the sea
Mayaillusion or magic
RosetteLittle Rose
SassyBold And Spirited
SugarSweet crystaline
SwissieFrom Switzerland
TrudyUniversal strength
VelvetSoft Fabric
YasminJasmine flower
ZeldaBlessed, happy
ZinniaFlower from the aster family

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50+ Male Bernese Mountain Dog Names with Meanings

Let’s find the 50+ best names for male Bernese Mountain dogs in 2021.

AbbyJoy Of The Father
AjaxOf The Earth
ArnoldEagle power
AbracadabraA word said during the magic tricks
BabaA rich sponge cake
BaileyBerry clearing
BaretBear strength
BearStrong and brave
BobBright fame
CharlieFree man
CooperBarrel maker
DukeThe leader
DumbleA wooded valley
FerrariBlacksmith (Italian surname)
GladiatorA person engaging in a public fight or controversy
GunterBattler or warrior
HankHome ruler
JettExcellence; abundance; riches
JumboLarge in size
LincolnLake, pool colony
LucaMan from Lucania
LucasBright or shining
LucyBorn at dawn or daylight
MaxGreat estrival
MooseLargest Species In Deer Family
OscarSpear of God
PicassoA famous Spanish artist
PrinceThe son of a monarch
RockyFull of rocks or consisting rocks
RogueUnprincipled person
RomanA citizen of the Roman Empire
RomeoPilgrim to Rome
RomyDew of the sea
SparrowSmall Bird In The Finch Family
TeddyWealthy protector
WishWant to do something
WolfA wild mammal
ZoA tibetan breed of cattle

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20+ Unusual Bernese Mountain Dog Names with Meanings

Looking for something unique and different? Well, here are 20 unusual names for your pooch.

ArthurCourageous and noble
Aspirina tablet of any mild painkilling drug
BiscuitA small baked cookie
BoogieA style of blues
CupcakeLittle sweet cake
DotA small round mark
GingerA spicy vegetable
Ginger Noodle
JingleTo sound with a fine
JupiterThe largest planet in the solar system
MarshmallowA soft chewy item
MingA dynasty that ruled China
NutellaSweetened hazelnut cocoa spread
OreoA chocolate biscuit with a white cream filling
RoomieThe room mate
ShadowShade From Sun
VenusThe second planet from the sun

20+ Modern Bernese Mountain Dog Names with Meanings

And here comes the modern names for your lovely pup.

AdriannaA person From Hadria (an ancient Italian city)
CoraHeart, Maiden
DeenaFrom the valley
JoGod is gracious
Brees Popularity
ElevenA number
WillowWillow tree
PrincessRoyal Daughter
BladeKnife, Sword
JavaIsland In Indonesia
RavenDark haired or wise
CodexTrunk of a tree
BaltoBaal protect the king
AkiraGraceful strength
AjaxOf The Earth
ZephyrA soft gentle breeze
ArloFortified hill

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33+ Cute Bernese Mountain Dog Names with Meanings

Although, the Bernese Mountain Dogs are large-sized working dogs, still if you are looking for a cute name, we have got your back.

AnnieGracious and merciful
ApricotA type of fruit
BarkleyBirch valley; birch tree meadow
BeanAn edible seed
BeeShe who brings happiness
BootsDwelling place
BrainIntellectual capacity
CandyBright, Sweet
CherryDear one
ChewieLikes To Chew
ChicoSmall, boy or child in the Spanish language
CookieA person of a specific kind
GroomA man who has recently been married
HarleyHare's meadow
HeartbeatThe pulsation of the heart
IsabellaA form of Elizabeth
JasmineAn old world shrub
MayaIllusion or magic
MontyMountain belonging to the ruler
MooseLargest Species In Deer Family
NeonA chemical element
NewtonNames after Sir Isaac Newton
PearlSmooth, Round Bead Formed By A Mollusk
PercyPierce Valley
PoppyRed flower
PumpkinA large-sized fruit
RocketJet-propelled Tube
SugarplumA small candy in the shape of a ball or disk
TeddyWealthy protector
YellShout in a loud and sharp way

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Final Words:

So, dog parents, these were 200+ popular and unique names for your Bernese Mountain dog in 2021. Want to add your dog’s name to this list? Just comment below and we’ll add them for sure.

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