Bernese Mountain Dog Breed Info

Tall and muscular, with tiny arched toes, the black and white Brenese once ran the lush green farmlands of Switzerland and Germany. Now you can see one in every other household. So what is this unbelievably gorgeous dog breed, and why is it so beloved. Let’s have some quick facts about the Bernese Mountain Dog that is one of the most popular dog breeds.

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Introduction and History of Bernese Mountain Dog

Initially bred as watchdogs to look after cattle and herd, the Bernese Mountain Dog is a large working breed from the farmlands of Switzerland. It is one of the 4 breeds of Sennenhund, the other 3 are the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Appenzeller Mountain Dog, and Entlebucher Mountain Dog.

Today this furry pup is kept as a loyal house dog around the world due to its attractive features and gentle temperament. Also, it is being crossed with other purebred dogs to develop new breeds and Bernedoodle (Cross with Poodle) is the most popular of them.


The Bernese is a large and heavy dog; it can easily weigh up to 115 pounds and stands tall at 27 inches. What makes recognizing these dogs very easy is their distinctive tri-colored coat. That is black with white around the chest area, accompanied by exotic rust markings above the eyes and around the chest. These fur babies have striking beautiful blue eyes and medium-sized, cute triangular ears. They also have scissor bite teeth that you first-time owners should be especially careful about and a very bushy tail that wobbles when the Bernese is excited.


You must be wondering what it is about these pup’s personalities that make them such popular pets? The Bernese are highly intelligent creatures that are easy to train by nature and are very friendly to not just humans but also towards other animals. Even though they enjoy playing rough and robust, they are gentle creatures at heart, which makes them very loveable. Even around strangers, you can expect your Bernese to be nothing but sweet and playful.

Living With

Like with most dogs with thick coats, the Bernese shed a lot, which is why it can be difficult and expensive to groom them at times. Owing to their large size and active nature, they do not like cooped up in a small apartment or condo space and are naturally well suited to outdoors and houses with large fenced backyards, where these glorious creatures can freely practice their mobility and energetic nature.

While they do not harm small animals, the Bernese do enjoy chasing them around and barking a lot. Which makes it difficult for first-time dog owners to keep up with them and their needs actively.

Health Concerns

Bernese have an expected life expectancy of 8 to 10 years, but even during this short time, they are prone to various illnesses that dog owners must be well aware of so that they may be able to look out for them.

Bernese has the highest rate of developing cancer among all other dog breeds; in fact, it is estimated that at least 50% of all Bernese die on cancer in the UK alone. For this reason, it is important to schedule periodic trips to the vet and look out for any red flags if you decide to adopt a Bernese.

Final Words

While the Bernese make excellent pets, they are less than ideal for dog owners that live in small apartments and cannot give them proper attention and care.

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