Moodle Dog Pros and Cons – Must read before you get

Moodle (Maltipoo in the US) is a cross between Maltese and Poodle. This small-sized dog is one of the best designer dog breeds nowadays.

It is a funny, affectionate, and very energetic dog that would not let you sit relaxed because this dog has a James Bond in it. In 2021, the popularity of Moodle dogs has been almost doubled along with other Doodle breeds- Cavoodle and Groodle.

If you are planning to get a Moodle puppy and looking for its positive and negative features or we can say the pros and cons, you are in the right place.

In this article, we are going to cover the Moodle pros and cons in detail. So, let’s explore this top-class dog breed that is one of the top 3 dogs in Australia in 2020.

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Moodle Pros:

Low-shedding coat

Only the person with allergies can tell you the importance of the dog with a low-shedding coat. And if you are the one who is looking for a breed with a low to non-shedding coat, Moodle is the ideal choice for you.

Easy to train

The Moodle is a lovely non-dominant dog that loves to be handled with love. It won’t give you a tough time during the training sessions. All you need to do is make sure you don’t enforce the pooch, instead, try to make the training sessions rewarding.

Excellent Temperament

While getting a dog, its temperament is one of the most important things that you should consider seriously. And when it comes to Moodle, he is a superstar in terms of temperament. It is a gentle, playful, and highly tolerant dog breed.

Moderate exercise needs

Apart from the fact that Moodle is an energetic dog, its exercise needs are moderate. You need to take them on walks for around 30 minutes a day. Along with that exercise them and do enrichment activities to improve their mental stimulation.

Friendly dog

Moodle loves everyone. From an infant to an elderly person, this friendly dog makes friends with everyone. If you receive frequent guests at your home, they’ll be surprised to see Moodle welcoming them.

Best for apartments

You won’t be needing a big home with a garden because Moodle is a small-sized dog that can adapt well in small apartments or condos.

Sensitive and loving

It is a sensitive and loving dog that immediately understands his owner’s mood and try to calm them with love and affection. The Moodle becomes the soulmate of its owners and an integral part of the family.

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Moodle Cons:

High grooming needs

The low-shedding dog breeds come with a disadvantage; i.e. high grooming needs. Actually, when a dog doesn’t shed much, you need to brush and groom them frequently to get rid of extra hair, as well as, to avoid tangles and mats.


Moodle loves barking and unlike their small size, the pitch of their voice is too loud. You need to train them from an early age otherwise they may make too much noise. But because of the high-pitched barking, they can become an excellent guard dogs.

Separation anxiety

They are loving and affectionate and loves to be with their humans all the time. And a drawback of this positive trait is that they can’t be left alone for a long time because they develop separation anxiety which further leads to many behavioural issues.

Wrapping it up:

Well, every dog comes with some good and some bad traits. All you need to do is train them with full dedication regardless of what breed you get. Secondly, try to adopt instead of getting one from a puppy mill. And if you have decided to get a specific breed that you are unable to find in a shelter, get one from a reputable breeder.

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