70+ Dogs Names inspired by Sitcom Friends

Hey! How you Doin’?

As a die-hard F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan, what’s better than having a dog named Heckles, Phalangee, Bing, or

If you are on this page, you are looking for some witty names for your fur baby from the serial “Friends” which was telecasted from 1994 to 2004 in the US and is still one of the most popular comedy series around the world.

Fun fact: Even after 17 years of the show has ended, each of the major characters of the Friends series makes around $20 million of royalty each year.

As a “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” lover, you’ll agree that this series had a very positive impact on your life. Every single character has its fanbase but none of the fans of the series dislikes any of the characters and this is the power of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

So, for the love of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, we gathered some best names inspired by its characters along with a short description, so you can enjoy the names and name your dogs accordingly.

Let’s find out some witty names below.

30+ Female Dog Names Inspired by Friends

PhoebePhoebe's original version
ReginaPhoebe's other version 😉
UrsulaPhoebe's twin sister
MonicaThe "Mother Hen" of the group
RachelThe fashion icon of Friends
EmmaRoss and Rachel's daughter
JaniceYou must be hearing her laughing right now
SandraRoss & Monica's mother
EmilyRoss's second wife
CarolRoss's first wife
SusanCarol's wife
JulieOne of Ross's girlfriends
JillRachel's younger sister
JudyRoss and Monica's mother
KikiRachel's friend
NoraChandler's mother
EstelleJoey's agent
JoannaRachel's boss at Bloomingdale
BonniePhoebe's friend and Ross's girlfriend
KateJoey's co-star in a play
ChloeThe attractive Xerox girl
JinaJoey's sister
CookieJoey's other sister
JanineJoey's Australian Roommate
BitsyMike's mother
PreciousMike's other girlfriend
KimRachel's boss at Ralph Lauren
FrannyA chef alongside Monica
MissyChandler and Ross's old crush from college
NinaAn employee at Chandler's office
RhondaThe loud museum worker

35+ Male Dog Names Inspired by Friends

RossDr. Ross Geller, one of the 6 main characters
ChandlerThe king of Sarcasm
BingChandler's last name
JoeyThe one who doesn't share food
DrakeJoey's character in "Days of our Lives"
HansDr. Drake Ramoray's imaginary evil twin
GuntherCentral Perk's Manager who had a crush on Rachel
MikePhoebe's Boyfriend and husband
BenRoss's son
PeteMonica's millionaire boyfriend
RichardDr. Richard who dated Monica for several seasons
PaulElizabeth's father (Just a love machine)
Heckles or Mr. HecklesThe weird man who used to complain about the noise made by Monica and Rachel
RoyThe Guy who saw Star Wars 317 times
JackRoss and Monica's dad
FrankPhoebe's brother
GaryThe police officer (Phoebe's Boyfriend)
RyanThe submarine guy (Phoebe's boyfriend)
DannyThe guy who was mistaken as a Yetti
Fun BobbyRidiculously Dull Bobby (Monica's Boyfriend)
PaoloRachel's Italian BF
BarryRachel's fiancée who was an Orthodontist
TerryThe retired manager of Central Perk
DouglasChandler's boss
EddieChandler roommate, the Psychopath
SteveThe drug-addict owner of the restaurant
TreegerMr. Treeger, the building superintendent
KaplanRachel's boss, the coffee lover
Ugly Naked GuyDoes he need any introduction?
StuThe waiter who used to dislike Monica
RandallJoey's identical hand twin
GoodacreLast name of Jill (I am stuck in an ATM vestibule, remember?)
SchiffThe doctor who expressed interest in Rachel
EmilioThe unseen ex-head chef of the restaurant where Monica worked
KipChandler's roommate before Joey
Ta-Taka-Ki-KekA student from Thailand who formed the I Hate Rachel Green Club

6 Bonus Names for Your Dogs

PhalangeA fictional name of the thing that doesn't exist
ChappyMike's Bolognese dog
Chi-ChiMonica and Ross's dog
HuggsyJoey's stuffed Penguin
SchnoodleA Jack Russell Terrier owned by Mrs. Buffay
MarcelRoss's pet Capuchin

Wrapping it up:

So, these were the 70+ dog names from the most popular television sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. If your dog already has a name, you can nickname it from one of these names.

Also, let us know if we have missed any names that should be on this list.