Teacup Pomsky Dog Breed Info (2023 Guide)

Categorized as Micro dogs, the demand for Teacup dogs increased when celebrities showed interest in them by bringing them on to TV shows and sharing various pictures of them over the internet, mostly on Instagram. The Teacup dogs are so small that they can fit in a bag and the Teacup Pomsky is no exception.

A Teacup Pomsky is the smallest version of a Pomsky which is one of the popular hybrid dog breeds in the US and Canada. So, if you are planning to get a Teacup Pomsky puppy and looking for a comprehensive breed guide, keep reading this article.

Introduction and History:

Also known as a Teacup Mini Pomsky, Teacup Micro Pomsky, Micro Pomeranian Husky, or Mini Teacup Pomsky, it is one of the latest micro breeds in the town. Although there is a long list of celebrity Pomeranian Teacups, in 2009, for the first time Siberian Husky was cross-bred artificially with a Pomeranian while the Teacup version originated in 2012 in the USA.

The people behind the development of Teacup Pomsky were Tressa Peterson and Joline Phillips of Arizona. Usually, micro dogs or miniature dogs do not weigh more than 5 pounds. Therefore they are also easy to carry around and taking care of them is easy which is one of the several reasons why they are popular.

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Physical Appearance of Teacup Pomsky

The Teacup Pomsky just looks like a miniature version of a Siberian Husky. You can expect them to be in one of the various colors such as red, orange, merle, lavender, black, cream, or white.  This breed rarely grows over 10 inches and its body may weigh about 3 to 8 pounds. The eye color may vary from hazel to blue or green.

Teacup Pomsky tends to have the trait of heterochromia also known as bi-eyes or parti-eyes. This means that one eye can be blue and the other eye can be brown in color. This trait is loved by many dog owners and enthusiasts. The overall looks of this breed are dependent upon the parents. They also have a thick double coat that keeps them safe from cold environments.

The International Pomsky Association Allows three types of coats:

  1. Standard which is similar to Siberian Husky.
  2. Plush, which has a longer coat on the body while the tail has a plume and ruff.
  3. The third type is Wooly which is similar to Plush but slightly longer.

Keeping in view these standards, the Teacup Pomsky coat should be pretty close to this to make sure that our pet does not suffer any coat-related problems. Usually, the skin of this dog is quite sensitive and extra care is needed to keep it healthy.

Temperament, Social Behavior, and Training

This dog has a very high affection level and will try to do anything to make you glad. It will also ease your depression, especially in a hectic environment where there are many ways to get depression. Teacup Pomsky has moderate to high energy depending upon the traits taken from its parent breeds. The social behavior is excellent and it can be friendly with kids, toddlers, strangers, and other dogs.

The barking pitch of a Teacup Pomsky can be very loud just like a Pomeranian. Because this dog is so small, you would however need to take special care that it does not get injured while others are around. Similarly, an aggressive dog can cause life-threatening injuries to it.

Teacup Pomskies have a high level of intelligence and will gladly follow most of your commands. They can be easily trained but they are stubborn at times. Like any other dog, the best age to train them is when they are young. It is however recommended that the Teacup Pomsky pups should be potty-trained as soon as possible but they do have a small bladder and at times they can’t store urine inside for a long time.

Because of the extrovert trait they get from the Pomeranian parent, the Teacup Husky does not have a watchdog quality. Their antics are funny and look even better because of the shape of their body and fluffiness. This is one of the many reasons why they get many likes on social media.

Grooming Requirements

You would need to take special care while grooming a Teacup Pomsky. They can get dirty quite quickly, especially when going to the park. Although it is recommended to use a wet rag or towel to clean them up, special care is needed because their skin is sensitive. They may get cold in a cold environment so make sure that the appropriate temperatures are maintained especially when they are given a bath.

A bristle brush and undercoat rake can be used to groom their coat and pluck off dead hair. It is advised to comb them daily so that it maintains a healthy and fresh look as well as it is beneficial for the health of the dog. Regular clipping of the fur from a grooming professional would help maintain a good-looking coat.

Regular clipping Natural wearing of the nails of the Teacup Pomsky does not happen very often so a nail clipper or dog nail grinder can be used to maintain their nails.

It also needs a good teeth brushing routine. The primary reason for this is to stop gum disease which this breed is very much prone to.

Nutritional requirements

The dietary requirement of a Teacup Pomsky: 2 to 6-month-old puppies should be fed about 3 times a day. Puppies that are older than 6 months should be fed at least 2 times a day. It is also recommended to give them treats between meals. Wet puppy food or kibble from a good brand is the recommended food for your puppy. They can suffer hypoglycemia, as well as, have small tummies and high metabolism therefore they should not miss a meal and dry food should be available for them every time.

The amount for a one-time meal for puppies is about 1-2 heaped cups which can be set according to the age timetable. Because they are different from other dogs, therefore, it is recommended to consult a vet so that a proper chart can be maintained.

Putting a dime-size Nutrical, Karo Syrup, or Dyne on a finger can act as a treat for them. Other than this, canine-friendly veggies can also become part of their diet. As a general rule of thumb, their food should have 10% -25% fat and 22%-32% protein.

Health problems

The health problems are the only negatives about the Teacup Pomsky. They may suffer hypoglycemia which means that even if they lose one meal in a day, their sugar levels can go down considerably. So if you spend most of the time outdoors or in the office, make sure your fur baby gets enough food available for the day.

Numerous health problems include collapsing trachea, heart defects, respiratory problems, seizures including epilepsy, patellar luxation or sliding kneecap which affects the ability to walk, digestive problems, and “Liver shunts” are the common problems this dog may suffer during its lifetime.

As the Teacup Pomsky is a relatively new breed, the breeders will eventually find a breed that has answers for all these health-related issues over time.

Moreover, these dogs are small in size and a fall from even a very low height or accident can be not only fatal but the treatment of their broken bones can be a headache as well because the size of the bones is so small that they are hard to put a surgical rod in there.

What’s Good & What’s Bad about Teacup Pomsky?

Pros of having a Teacup Pomsky

Suitable for small spaces: The first and foremost advantage of this adorable dog is that it requires a relatively small living space. It is ideal for urban areas with dense populations and where living space is relatively scarce.

Cuddly: Being the fluffiest dog ever, it can easily attract the love of everyone big or small because of its cute looks and fluffy body. The Teacup Pomsky usually gets cuddles from kids therefore it is said to be a family dog.

Low maintenance cost: Because of the small size of Teacup Pomsky, its cost of maintenance is low. It requires less amount of food, it can be groomed quickly.

Easy to travel with: Because of their small size, they can easily be carried around. Especially if you like to travel a lot and constantly miss your little pooch then it’s a good idea to take your fur baby with you.

Cons of having a Teacup Pomsky

Health-related issues: The main disadvantage of the Teacup Pomsky is its health-related issues which are seen significantly in this breed. Inbreeding may also create mutations of genes that are not very good.

Expensive: It may cost you more than an average dog since it is a designer dog, as well as, very small in size which increases its popularity and demand.

Non-Hypoallergenic Coat: They have a non-hypoallergenic coat that sheds a lot therefore this dog is not for you if you are suffering from severe allergies.


The Teacup Pomsky has its advantages and disadvantages but if the health-related issues are addressed properly then it can be an ideal family dog.

This breed is relatively new and will take some more time to improve its overall standard. But it is recommended to purchase a Teacup Pomsky puppy from a well-reputed breeder. It is also recommended that you get to see all the health documentation of the puppy and its parents, and have done a proper vet check on your Teacup Pomsky arrival.

Being a small dog, Teacup Pomsky needs care and you need to keep an eye on your dog almost all the time. If you can’t give enough time to your dog, it is not a good fit for you.

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