Best Pomsky Breeders Around the World

Pomsky is one of the most popular designer breeds, in fact, Pomsky is the one who got fame before its existence. It is a product of the intelligent breed; Siberian Husky and the Pom Pom dog; Pomeranian.

It has killer looks, an exceptional temperament, and a charismatic personality. The Pomsky is said to be a complete package for any dog-owner. Since the Pomskies were first bred by Tressa Peterson and Joline Phillips in 2012, they have become a hot cake among the dog lovers. Check Pomsky Pros and Cons.

Before getting a new dog breed, it is always recommended to do research and learn about its pros, cons, health issues, temperament, and grooming needs. Also, to reduce the chances of any genetic diseases, get a puppy from a well-reputed breeder. So, if you have already studied this breed and now looking for well-reputed Pomsky breeders, you have just come to the right place.

In this article, we are gonna add some of the best Pomsky breeders so you can easily choose one. Let’s find some of the best Pomsky breeders below.

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Best Pomsky Breeders Around the World

Portland Pomskies: (Oregon, USA)

As the name indicates, Portland Pomskies is a Portland-based Pomsky breeder that has been in the business since 2015. They claim that they are the home to the world’s finest Pomeranians, Siberian Huskies, and Pomskies as they prefer to buy the highest quality pups.

Portland Pomskies is registered with the International Pomsky Association. They also have plans to produce Pocket Pomskies and they may announce it sometime soon. If you are somewhere around Portland and looking for the best Pomsky breeder, Portland Pomskies is an ideal choice for you.

Pearl of the Orient Seas Puppies: (Florida, USA)

Ran by a young Filipino family, Pearl of the Orient Seas Puppies is a home-based Pomsky breeding business. Not just breeders, but they also have the biggest pet sitting company in Northeast Florida. The best thing about their puppies is that they socialize and potty-train your puppies before they are handed over to you.

Their puppies are healthy and up to date on shots. Currently, Pearl of the Orient Seas Puppies is among the best Pomsky breeders on the East Coast.

Middle Tennessee Pomskies: (Tennessee, USA)

Middle Tennessee Pomskies is yet another reputable Pomsky breeder. They are approved by the Pomsky Owners Association. They started breeding Pomskies in 2013 and guess what, their Pomskies have been sent to over 100 families till now.

Their gorgeous Siberian Huskies and adorable purebred Pomeranians results in some top-class Pomskies. Along with that, they also have locally bred male Pomskies.

KP Pomskies: (Indiana, USA)

KP Pomskies is a small but well-reputed Pomsky breeder in Corydon, Indiana and they are just 25 minutes north of Lousiville, Kentucky. Their dogs and puppies are tested for 170+ diseases and they make sure they handover the healthiest puppies to their forever families.

The best part of KP Pomskies is that their Pomsky puppies receive their shots and undergo a neuro-stimulation program that helps them become well-balanced in their lives. Chloe, Korra, and Oliver are some of their well-tempered and sweet dogs.

Brookside Pomskies: (Utah, USA)

Brookside Pomskies is a small home-based breeding business that considers all of their dogs and puppies a part of their family. Located on the borderline of Utah and Idaho, their farm is surrounded by other farms and ranches providing a wonderful environment for their puppies. They also have a 4-week training program for your puppies where they potty-train, leash-train, and kennel-train your puppies.

Chinook Pomskies: (Alberta, Canada)

Chinook Pomskies is among some of the best Pomsky breeders in Canada. They are small home-based Pomsky breeders who did a lot of research before breeding the Pomskies. With 4 cute kids, 6 dogs, a cat, and a bearded dragon, they provide an ideal environment to their puppies who are well-socialized before handed ever to their forever families.

So, if you are looking for a well-reputed Pomsky breeder in Canada that is a member of the Pomsky Owners Association too, Chinook Pomskies is the best choice for you.

Keurwood Pomskies: (Ontario, Canada)

Keurwood Pomskies are the members of the Pomsky Owner’s Association, as well as, the International Pomsky Association. Interestingly, they not only breed Pomskies but also breed sport horses.

At Keurwood Pomskies, they guarantee the purebred Pomeranian and Siberian Husky lineages, hence, they produce the best possible Pomsky puppies. Christina, who owns Keurwood Pomskies, is a horse rider and trainer and has competed in several events. At the moment, she breeds Pomskies and Frenchtons (French Bulldog + Boston Terrier).

Moonlit Pomskies: (Cheshire, England)

At the moment, Moonlit Pomskies is among some of the best Pomsky breeders in the UK. Moonlit Pomskies is being led by Joanne who is in love with the dogs for a long time. She has had lots of different breeds over time such as a Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and many others.

Currently, they have some top class dogs that are imported from the US. They socialize and stimulate their puppies to make sure they live a healthy and wonderful life ahead along with their forever families. With over 30 years of canine experience, Joanne produces the best possible puppies. If you are in the United Kingdom and looking for a reputable Pomsky breeder, Moonlit Pomskies is the best choice for you.

Final Words:

Whichever breeder you choose, make sure you raise your puppy with full dedication. Also, try not to get a puppy from a Puppy mill that breeds puppies for the sake of money with no health precautions.

Also, if you want to be on this list or want to recommend a breeder, please let us know through the comment form below.

Note: We’ll keep updating this list as we receive requests from other breeders.

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