11 Weirdest Dog Laws around the World

Dogs have been among the best companions of humans for centuries. They have been used as a guard as well as herding, and hunting, and most popularly kept as a pet. There are millions of pet dogs in the US only and millions within European countries while if we check for the statistics worldwide, the figure may be doubled.

Every country has different laws about pets and dogs specifically. In fact, in the US, many states have introduced different laws about dogs and other pets. Given below are some weird dog laws within the US and other countries. Let’s find some of the most amazing dog laws in this post.

Amazing and Weird Dog Laws

Bark Ban in Little Rock, Arkansas


Well, what if the authorities pass a law and stop you from talking for a specific time, looks rude, right? But, in Little Rock, Arkansas, the pet dogs are not allowed to bark after 6 p.m. Can anyone from Arkansas provide us with more information regarding this law? We’d love to hear and share it with other readers too.

Excessive Bark Ban in Northbrook, Illinois

If you are in Northbrook, Illinois, your dog is not allowed to bark for more than 15 minutes. Well, I am still unable to understand whether this law was introduced to relieve the neighbors or dogs themselves.

You are not allowed to educate your dog in Hartford, Connecticut

Truly, I was out of my mind while reading about this weirdest dog law. It looks like in other cities and states of the US, the dogs can attend school, college, and university, while in Hartford, Connecticut, they can’t do that. It’s totally a useless law.

Smelly Dogs are not allowed in Illinois

Illinois is now on top of our list for imposing weird and unreal dog laws. In Illinois, it’s illegal for you to have a smelly dog.

So, are you looking to start a new Business in Illinois? Start selling Dog Shampoo and you’ll be rocking soon.

Ugly Faces at Dogs in Oklahoma

Well, now there is something relieving for dogs. In Oklahoma, you cannot make ugly faces at dogs. If you do so, you may have a fine imposed or even may lead to jail. Come on dogs, show us the culprit!

Police Officer Can Bite Dogs in Palding, Ohio

In Palding, Ohio, police officers are allowed to bite dogs in order to quiet them. Although they can only do it in the line of duty, still, it doesn’t make sense.

French Poodles are not allowed to attend Opera in Chicago, Illinois

Well, all the other dog breeds are allowed to enjoy opera along with you in Chicago but not the Poodles.

Now some amazing Dog laws from other countries.

Weird Dog Laws Outside the US

Walk your Dog or pay a fine in Turin, Italy

Finally, there is some good news for dogs from the city of Turin, Italy. You must walk your pet dog thrice a day, yes, no less than three times a day. If you fail to do so, get ready to pay a $650 fine. Come on dogs, let’s move to Italy.

Owner Training Classes in Switzerland

Switzerland is home to some of the most popular dog breeds including the Bernese Mountain dog and St. Bernard. Switzerland has many dog-friendly laws, one of which is to take a training class and pass the test before getting a dog. If you do not take the class and pass the test, you’ll not be able to get a dog.

Your Dog cannot mate with the dog from the Royal House in the UK

In the UK, it’s punishable to let your dog mate with a dog from the Royal House. Did you know there was a death penalty till 1965 for this so-called crime? Still, you can get punished if caught doing that, unfortunately.

One-Dog Policy in China

In China, you can’t have more than one dog as per the government laws which say that a family can have only one dog. Along with that, the dog should not be more than 14 inches. What do you think of this law BTW?

Wrapping it up:

So, guys, these were the 11 amazing and weirdest dog laws in the US and around the world. Which fact did you find more jaw-dropping? Let us know in the comments below.

Image credits:  Aine Dchuwie