Going on a Vacation With Your Dog- Things To Take Care Of

Planning a family trip along with your fur baby and wondering what you should take and what not? Don’t worry we have got your back. In this detailed post, we are gonna tell you how to prepare for a vacation with your dog.

Like everyone, dogs also love adventures and like to explore new places. With so much time locked indoors, they get bored too and that can have a drastic impact on their mental health. Although, exercise and other activities are helpful in keeping them healthy, still, a vacation to some other city would be a bonus for them. Hence, to not let that happen, it is important that you take him or her on a trip.

If you are going on a vacation for the first time with your dog, you must have several fears and apprehensions about handling and managing everything quite rightly. We know where you are coming from and that is exactly what this article is all about. If you have been contemplating a trip to take, we have compiled a list of our recommendations and things to do so that you and your doggie can have a comfortable travel and trip experience. Keep reading on to know more.

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How to travel with a dog like a pro

The Mandatory Health Check-Up

Yes, before you embark on your little journey, you must take your dog out for a health check-up at his or her vet. In many cases, the authorities demand to see a travel certificate for your dog. Plus, if your dog has any medical conditions, make sure to get their medicine available during the travel.

So, a check-in with the doctor will not only get you the required document but will also help you to stay abreast of your furry friend’s health status. Also, it is a very good time to ask away any questions that you may have about your furry friend’s health out of the way which will help you to stay more relaxed in order to enjoy your holiday in the best way possible.

Also remember that ignoring a vet checkup may lead to some serious problems during your travel such as a denial of entry to another city, state, or country.

Knowing the Rules

Even though it is a no-brainer, it would be best to have it included in your list. Before you finalize and book your tickets and accommodation, you need to enquire if they allow pets on board or not, and in case they have then what are the arrangements for them?

You need to prepare your furry friend according to the weather and conditions, especially if you are not going to be physically present for any amount of time. There are several websites available that can give you a clearer idea about the weather for the next couple of weeks. Along with the right temperature, the dog carrier needs to have more than enough food and water to prevent any famishes or dehydration.

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Meal Prep

During your journey, you need to make sure that your dog has everything that he may need to eat. Therefore, get all the food packed beforehand and ready to go. Take special care of the meal times and keep giving his or her food accordingly. As an alternate, you can also keep Pre Packed Dog Treats handy to give as a snack. Also, since the time can be long at certain times, ensure that you are not overfeeding and the food is eaten in small quantities at infrequent intervals to avoid feeling travel sickness.


Chances are if you are doing this for the very first time, your doggie will be just as nervous as you. And to avoid any last-minute fits and tantrums, the key for both of you is to get used to it beforehand. For example, for an animal who has never been caged in an enclosed environment, sitting and not being able to see for long can be pretty stressful and hard. Therefore, get the practice going on the way before the trip.

For this, get your fur baby used to the carrier by placing him or her inside it for a couple of hours every day. Gradually, increase the period so that he or she gets used to being confined for a longer duration of time. You can even replicate the motion of travelling by keeping the carrier inside the car and travelling around in the city.

If you are planning to travel by air, then, in that case, it would be helpful if you play some recordings of the airport right when at home. This will further help your dog to get acclimatized and desensitized to new noises. Play them a couple of times a day in the weeks before you have to fly. Also, it will help your little puppy’s panic check.

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Safety and Security

You need to pay special attention to your doggie’s safety and security, a tidbit more especially if the two of you are not going to travel together. Since you would be apart, a little miscommunication may also lead to you losing your dog for some time. This is something that happens in some cases and that is why you should be prepared to handle a situation like it.

No, we do not mean to scare you but still, it is a good idea to get a microchip fitted (It is recommended to get your dog microchipped even if you don’t have travel plans) just in case. If your dog escapes and runs off in a busy airport, it would be of great help to retrieve him or her reliably and quickly. Also, if someone finds him or her, your number registered with the microchip will help the person to contact you with ease.

The Last Minute Prep

As a final step, you should take your little friend out for a walk. Be it either a plane or a car, it is possible that your dog is going to be inside his or her carrier for a long time. Since it is very constricted, it may not give him or her enough area to ease himself or herself. Therefore, it is a good idea to take him or her out for a walk before tucking him or her inside.

A quick run, a long jog or a play session can also suffice. This will give your dog to stretch and burn off some of the energy. The exploration will help him or her to be calm and not be upset and throw tantrums. Also, it is an excellent way to avoid bowel accidents on the road.

Another great way is to provide entertainment by putting in any good movie or video to watch. And do not underestimate the power of naps as there is a great possibility that your darling will be asleep more than usual if he or she is super comfy in a confined zone.

The Conclusion

Travelling with your pet is a memory that you will cherish for an entire lifetime. Thus we hope that this blog post helps you to prep your dog for a much-awaited enjoyable trip ahead. Have fun!

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