Top Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Raw Meat

Like any other family member, taking care of your dog’s health is of utmost importance. Undoubtedly, food is one of the vital aspects of achieving this goal. Of course, dogs are domesticated animals. But when it comes to food, their anatomy is still the same as that of yesteryears. This is why even if so many options are available, raw food diets continue to lead the market trends.

In fact, dog owners choose this option over commercial diets because of its natural and less processed nature. But that’s not the only reason. In this article, you’ll find different reasons why the raw meat diet is growing in popularity.

Let’s get started!

Better Coat Condition

This is the first and foremost physical change you’ll see in your dog. Scientifically, when skin cells are in good condition and functioning optimally, the hair growing in the follicles surrounded by these skin cells will grow thick, shiny, and soft.

So, when you give your dog raw meat, it will get easily digestible meat protein and zinc, and vitamin E free from any carbohydrate fillers. Thus, your dog will get all the nutrients necessary to have healthy skin. Hence, a healthy coat will follow. In other words, the quality of your dog’s coat will improve. Moreover, the shedding will reduce tremendously.

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Better Joint and Bone Health

If you want to support your dog’s bones, there is nothing better than raw dog food. It is a rich source of calcium, phosphorus, and collagen. These micro and macronutrients play a vital part in maintaining your dog’s joint and bone health. Let’s not forget, your dog’s weight has a significant impact on his joint/ bone health as well.

Therefore, you must know how much raw meat to feed a dog to avoid their chances of getting obese. Ideally, the portion size depends a lot on your dog’s energy and activity levels. So, always consider your dog’s lifestyle when deciding their meal portion size and frequency.

Strong Immune System

Keeping your dog’s immune system healthy is of utmost importance. Doing so will allow you to prevent it from chronic illnesses. Undoubtedly, to maintain your pet’s immune system, you need to feed it with proper nutritional components.

Studies confirm that raw meat provides your dog with easily digestive protein, which is the building block of good health and immunity. Also, raw foods are rich in fatty acids and immune-boosting nutrients that further enhance your dog’s immunity.

No More Allergies

Commercially processed foods or dry dog foods contain preservatives and additives. These ingredients sometimes cause allergies and allergic reactions upon consumption. After consuming these foods for years, your dog might also develop a reaction to carbohydrates or protein.

Since raw food resembles closely to what dogs eat. Plus, this option usually contains meat, bones without any preservatives or chemicals. Thus, you can quickly eliminate the occurrence of allergic reactions in your dogs.

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Superior Dental Health

If you give your dog heavily processed food, it will often result in poor dental health since this option is rich in carbohydrates. Contrary to that, raw diets are natural dental abrasive. In other words, raw meat diets act as a natural toothbrush for your dog. Also, they are a rich source of minerals, calcium, phosphorus, and proteins, along with good bacteria. Thus, it helps to prevent plaque or tartar buildup.

To put it simply, they get into tricky places and support the removal of plaque. Thus, reducing the issues of foul odor and any other health conditions related to bad dental hygiene.

Better For Kidneys

Do you know that an average dog requires around 1g of salt per day for normal functioning? But the amount of salt present in dry pet foods begins at 1%. So, if you are feeding your dog around 500 g of dry food, it’s bound to consume five times the recommended amount. Consequently, the intake of water increases in the same manner. Thus, eventually affecting kidney functioning.

Since raw meats contain no such things, your dog can easily digest and process them. Even experts recommend feeding your dog with high-quality protein that’s easily digestible to avoid any kidney-related complications.

Wrapping up

More dog owners are adopting healthy diets featuring raw foods for their pets. Many anecdotal and scientific studies confirm that feeding raw meat to your dog results in:

  • Healthier skin,
  • Shinier coat,
  • Improved dental hygiene,
  • Better Immune strength,
  • Fewer allergies, and
  • Higher energy levels.

Also, let’s not forget dogs love a bowl of raw meat to achieve ultimate palatability.

All in all, these options will help you to keep your dog healthy and happy for a longer period. However, you must learn about the portion size and frequency to avoid any issues related to obesity or overeating.

So, are you feeding your dog the right food at the right time? If not, you are risking your dog’s health!

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