Most Recommended Bernedoodle Puppy Starter Kit (Updated List)

If you have got a Bernedoodle or planning to get one, this post is definitely for you. Bernedoodle is a fluffy, lovely, adorable, and friendly dog breed that has become a hot cake. Because of its hypoallergenic trait, most of the people out there prefer to get a Bernedoodle.

We have written much about Bernedoodles and you can check some important posts below.

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This post is specifically written to feature some must-have products if you have a Bernedoodle. You shouldn’t forget that like us humans, every dog needs to be cared for and loved. You must groom your dogs regularly, as well as, a regular visit to the vet, and the best food for your dog is necessary.

Also, make sure you have a first aid kit dedicated to your new puppy. Puppies and dogs are innocent and they never know what is good and what is bad, and as a result, they may meet an accident. So, for emergency purposes, having a full-fledged first aid kit for dogs is highly recommended. Check First Aid Kit for Dogs.

So, without further ado, let’s find the must-have products below that are necessary for your Bernedoodle.

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Bernedoodle Puppy Shopping Checklist

Puppy Carrier

It is really very important to socialize your Bernedoodle puppies to avoid any behavior issues in the future. Adult dogs are easy to carry using a harness or leash but for small-sized puppies or toy breeds, a puppy carrier is recommended to avoid an accident or a mishap.

While digging deep on the internet, we have found several puppy carriers but after checking the reviews and feedback, we have selected one of them which is an ideal puppy carrier for anyone.

Dog Training Rewards

During the training sessions, it is really very important to reward your pup for good and quick results. All your puppies need is your attention, love, and praise, and offering a treat after every good response will encourage them to do it accurately again.

Many people ask why should they offer a dedicated treat instead of regular dog food. The answer is crystal clear; these training treats are usually low-calorie and your puppies won’t get too much fat even if they eat more than enough.

Given below is one of the best brands as per our research, which you should offer to your Bernedoodle puppies during the training sessions.

Puppy Beds

Your puppy deserves as much comfort as you would like to give your human baby; therefore, choosing a soft, warm, and comfortable bed is highly recommended.

What are the qualities of a good puppy bed? It should be water-proof and washable, as well as, its size should be big enough for your pups to stretch out whenever they want. You may like getting an orthopedic bed for your puppies which is the best choice for any breed and size of puppies.

So, we have found an ideal for your Bernese Mountain Poo and we highly recommend you get one for them.

Play Pen for Puppies

Well, everyone likes to spend most of their time with their puppies but it is nearly impossible to give all of your time to your fur baby because everyone has many non-puppy activities to do. Most of the people do a full-time or a part-time job, and even if you are home, you have much more to do. So, it is the best practice to provide them with a safe and secure environment so they can play or relax without any mishap while you are not available or busy in other activities.

You can either choose a regular playpen or a portable playpen. Getting a portable playpen has a plus point because you’ll be able to take your puppies outside easily.

Check a portable playpen below.

Puppy play pen for bernedoodle

Dog Treat Ball-Toy

How about giving your puppy a treat toy that not only let him play with but also dispenses treats during the playtime, as well as, works as a teeth cleaner. We have just found a multipurpose all-in-one treat ball for your Bernedoodle puppy that will do all the said tasks and your puppy will spend hours playing with it. It is a pack of 2, so you’ll have one spare. Check it below.

Ball toy for puppies

Puppy Pads

While potty training your puppies, a puppy pad is the best solution, not only to train them but also to avoid their pee/poop lying around in the house. The puppy pads are comfortable for dogs and make it easy for you to clean the mess.

There are several brands of puppy pads available on Amazon and we have chosen the best brand based on reviews.

Puppy pads for training


Grooming Comb

Bernedoodle is a hypoallergenic dog breed; therefore, it sheds fur and dander very little. So, you need to groom a Bernedoodle pup regularly to remove dead hair and avoid matted hair.

The tool we have selected is one of the most popular tools among the amateur groomers that help you maintain your Bernedoodle’s coat length efficiently and quickly by tackling tough tangles and unmanageable mats.

Check the professional grooming comb for your Bernedoodle below.

Bernedoodle grooming tool


Puppy Dog Food

It’s important. You can’t feed a puppy with regular or adult dog food because they need more nutrients which are not enough in the adult dog food. Plus, the food developed for adult dogs can cause damage to the puppies’ teeth, jaws, and overall health because of their size and less amount of nutrients. Therefore, you must feed your Bernedoodle puppies with the right food.

Given below is one of the best brands which you can consider for your puppies. We’d also recommend you talk to your vet regarding the regular puppy food and diet.

Bernedoodle puppy food

Bonus product – Puppy Starter Kit

Well, I could not resist adding this starter kit which is a must-have kit if you are getting a puppy or a dog (any breed, any size). It is a good addition to your puppy’s inventory because most of the tools in this kit are very handy and works well.

It is a collection of 12 different tools that can be used for different purposes including walk, travel, grooming, eat & sleep, and entertainment. Check this bonus product for your Bernedoodle puppy below.

Final words:

So, these were the 9 recommended products that you must have before you get a Bernedoodle puppy. Make sure you get the right size or type which suits your puppy.

We’ll keep adding more products in this post or other posts for your convenience. If you have any product to suggest, please feel free to comment.

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