Most Recommended Bernedoodle Puppy Starter Kit (Updated List)

If you have a Bernedoodle or considering getting one, this post is definitely for you. Bernedoodle is a fluffy, lovely, adorable, and friendly dog breed. Because of its hypoallergenic coat, most people prefer to get a Bernedoodle nowadays.

This post features some must-have products if you have a Bernedoodle or planning to get one. You shouldn’t forget that every dog needs to be cared for and loved. Groom your dogs regularly, as well as, a regular visit to the vet, and the best food for your dog is necessary.

Also, make sure you have a first aid kit dedicated for your new puppy. Puppies and dogs are innocent and they never know what is good and what is bad, and as a result, they may meet an accident. So, for emergency purposes, having a full-fledged first aid kit for dogs is highly recommended.

So, without further ado, let’s find the must-have products below that are necessary for your Bernedoodle.

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Bernedoodle Puppy Shopping Checklist

Puppy Dog Food

It’s important. You can’t feed a puppy with regular or adult dog food because they need more nutrients which are not enough in adult dog food. Plus, the food developed for adult dogs can cause damage to the puppies’ teeth, jaws, and overall health because of their size and less amount of nutrients. Therefore, you must feed your Bernedoodle puppies with the right food.

Given below is one of the best brands that you can consider for your puppies. We’d also recommend you talk to your vet regarding the regular puppy food and diet.

Wet puppy food

puppy food for bernedoodle

Hidden Dog Fence

You would not want your dog to escape from your property and meet an accident or get lost. So, if you are spending on a puppy, you should also secure your property with a hidden fence.

A hidden fence is an underground fencing system that keeps your dog within the property with the help of radio signals. There are various hidden fencing systems in the market but this Wireless Fence by¬†PetSafe¬†is one of the best basic fences that could cover around 1/2 acres of property. For bigger areas of land to cover, you’ll need more advanced systems. You can also try a hidden fence to cover larger areas.

PetSafe Wireless Pet Fence for our Dog

dog hidden fence

Dog Training Rewards

During the training sessions, it is very important to reward your pup for good and quick results. All your puppy need is your attention, love, and praise, and offering a treat after every good response will encourage them to do it accurately again.

Many people ask why should they offer a dedicated treat instead of regular dog food. The answer is crystal clear; these training treats are usually low-calorie and your puppies won’t get too much fat even if they eat more than enough.

Given below is one of the best brands that you should offer to your Bernedoodle puppies during the training sessions.

Dog Training Rewards

treats for bernedoodles

Grooming Comb

Bernedoodle is a hypoallergenic dog breed; therefore, it sheds fur and dander very little. So, you need to groom a this dog regularly to remove dead hair and avoid tangling.

This tool is one of the most efficient and reliable grooming tools among amateur groomers that help you maintain your Bernedoodle’s coat length efficiently and quickly by tackling tough tangles and unmanageable mats.

Check the professional grooming comb for your Bernedoodle below.

Professional grooming comb

Bernedoodle grooming tool

Puppy Starter Kit

This all-in-one puppy starter kit includes various important items such as a kong, a grooming brush, a toy, training pads, dog bowls, and a collar & leash set. This starter kit is available in different sizes from small to large dogs.

Getting a complete puppy starter kit like this one is highly recommended if you are getting a dog for the first time or you do not have time to order different items separately. Once you are good to go with your puppy and have an idea about your puppy’s likes and dislikes, you could be able to order different items separately. Most of these items are listed below.

Note: This puppy starter kit is suitable for all Bernedoodle sizes; Standard, Mini, and Tiny.

Puppy Starter Kit

bernedoodle puppy starter kit amazon

Toothpaste and Brush Kit

Oral hygiene is very important for dogs and it is highly recommended to familiarize them with this from an early age. So, you’d need a finger brush as initially it will be easier for you to brush your puppy’s teeth with it. For an adult dog, you’d need a slightly bigger brush. So, this pack contains a finger brush, a regular toothbrush, and banana-flavored toothpaste that your puppy would love.

Remember, ignoring your dog’s oral health may lead to some serious oral health issues, as well as, general health issues. So, get this kit to keep your Bernedoodle pup healthy and happy.

Toothpaste and brush

toothpaste for bernedoodles


Puppy Beds

Your puppy deserves as much comfort as you therefore, choosing a soft, warm, and comfortable bed is highly recommended.

What are the qualities of a good puppy bed? It should be comfortable so your pet feels homely. Its size should also be big enough for your pup to stretch out whenever they want. You may like getting an orthopedic bed for your puppies which is the best choice for any breed and size of puppies.

So, it is an ideal puppy bed and highly recommended for your puppy. This dog bed is machine-washable and self-warming.

Washable Puppy Bed

bed for bernedoodles

Playpen for Puppies

Well, everyone likes to spend most of their time with their puppies but it is nearly impossible to give all of your time to your fur baby. Most people do a full-time or a part-time job, or even if you are home, you have much more to do. So, it is the best practice to provide them with a safe and secure environment so they can play or relax without any mishaps while you are not available or busy with other activities.

You can either choose a regular playpen or a portable playpen. Getting a portable playpen has a plus point because you’ll be able to take your puppies outside easily.

Check a portable playpen below.

Portable Puppy Playpen

puppy playpen


Regular Puppy Playpen

puppy playpen on Amazon

Dog Treat Dispensing Dental Chew Toy

Dog chew toys are very important because puppies like to chew everything they access and it is also important for the development of their teeth and oral hygiene. Luckily, we have found a wonderful product that is not an ordinary chew toy but a helpful tool to freshen your dog’s breath, reduce tartar and plaque, and be highly distractable for your dog.

It is available in 2 different shapes and 2 sizes. This chew toy is very durable and can withstand aggressive chewing for a long time. You can fill it with treats and your dog would be busy with his toy for hours.

Dog Chew Toy

dog chew toy on amazon


Puppy Training Pads

While potty training your puppies, a puppy pad is the best solution, not only to train them but also to avoid indoor accidents. The puppy pads are not only comfortable for dogs but also make it easy for you to clean the mess.

There are several brands of puppy pads available on Amazon and we have chosen the best brand based on reviews.

Puppy pads for training

puppy training pads for bernedoodle dog

Final Words:

So, these were the 10 recommended products that you must have before you get a Bernedoodle puppy. Make sure you get the right size or type which suits your puppy.

Credits: All the products are taken from Amazon and all the images are the property of their respective owners.

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