DogWatch vs Invisible Fence – Unbiased Review

What is the difference between DogWatch and Invisible Fence?

My dog escapes more often which hidden fence system should I install?

Are there any cheaper alternatives to DogWatch and Invisible Fence?

If you are looking for the answers to these questions, just stick to this detailed post. This post contains answers to all these questions and a bunch of others.

So, why do we even need a hidden fence system?

Dogs are excellent escape artists. Especially the hound breeds, as well as, Terriers and various other breeds are masters in escaping. No matter if you spend a lot of time and money fixing the escaping routes and installing the traditional wooden fences, they will find a loophole and escape like a champion.

If your dog has ever escaped or been misplaced, you know the pain of a lost dog. Some dogs come back after escaping your yard (thanks to the neighbors and authorities), but sometimes they meet an accident and may come back with a major or minor injury while chasing cars, which is painful for them and for us obviously.

Experts have been inventing different fences and tools to keep dogs from escaping yards for a long time. Some of them work on some dogs while many intelligent and smart dogs find their way out of the yard, even if it’s highly protected. But thanks to science and technology, engineers have developed various equipment to protect our dogs- one of them is the hidden fencing system for dogs.

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What is the Hidden Fence?

A hidden fence is an underground wire cable fence that uses radio signals to keep your dog within the defined boundaries. With the passage of time, modified and customizable versions of hidden fences or invisible fences have made their entrance into the market.

2 such products DogWatch® and Invisible Fence® are said to be the most advanced and highly customizable hidden dog fences that come with lots of features that no other invisible fences offer. And that is why the buyers are always confused between both of them while planning to install an invisible fence to their property.

So, what’s the difference between DogWatch & Invisible Fence? Which one is best for you? What are their pros and cons? This quick comparison between DogWatch and Invisible Fence will answer all your questions.

DogWatch vs Invisible Fence Comparison and Product Review


DogWatch is a hidden pet-friendly fencing system that keeps your pets from being escaped and a possible disaster. Different than other traditional hidden dog fences, DogWatch presents 3 different fencing systems. Keeping in mind the competition and safety of dogs, we’re gonna talk about the latest DogWatch hidden fencing system, i.e., SmartFence.

dogwatch store amazon invisible fence

The SmartFence by DogWatch is an advanced underground fence that is equipped with FM radio technology and some other extraordinary features.

DogWatch Installation Cost:

The DogWatch SmartFence will cost you between $1500-$2500 if you have one pet. For additional pets, you need to purchase more collars that cost you $399 each, as well as, various other products.

With time, you may also need to purchase lithium batteries, collar straps, wire repair kits, training flags, and various other products.

Features of DogWatch SmartFence:

Safest radio system – Based on SafeLink FM technology, its radio signals cannot be interfered with by external or stray radio signals.

Best for training purposes – It comes with up to 20 advanced adjustable options that help you to train your pets.

Signal range setting – The signal range is easily adjustable and you can choose different range settings depending on the size of your pets, i.e., the smaller range for small breeds like Chihuahua and the larger range for large-sized dogs such as the Great Dane.

Super-fast Reaction – The DogWatch SmartFence would react as soon as your pet approaches the defined boundary which means you’d be notified before it tries to cross the boundary wall. Along with that, your dog will also get a warning signal before it reaches the hidden wire.

Waterproof – The DogWatch receiver is tough enough to last against harsh weather conditions such as rain and snow, and rough play.

Various types of important alerts – The owner will be alerted when the boundary wire is disconnected, as well as, for battery replacement notifications, power loss, SmartCollar connectivity loss, and transmitter connectivity.

Activity tracking – The DogWatch SmartFence let you track your pet’s activity whether it’s active or resting.

Additionally, it comes with a lifetime warranty, the longest battery life, easy-to-use technology, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Invisible Fence:

Invisible Fence is a smart fencing system that provides your pet with much-needed safety and security. Invisible Fence does also have several solutions and the most advanced of all of them is the Boundary Plus Smart System.

invisible fence for dogs

It is an underground fencing system that could be installed in yards of all sizes, from small to large. The best part of Invisible Fence is that it provides your dog with around 30% of more yard space to run and play- thanks to its smart technology.

Invisible Fence Installation Cost:

On average, the invisible fence may cost you up to $1500. But if you are planning to get it installed on a larger property, it may cost you more. So, it is recommended to make your appointment and get a free consultation from a designated expert.

Additionally, you may also need to pay for batteries, if needed.

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Features of Invisible Fence:

Ideal for farmhouses and large properties – Invisible Fence is the best solution for larger properties that are over 5 acres in size.

Ideal for diverse landscapes – It’s customizable and can be used on a variety of terrains including water. The best part is that it is easy to install and can be installed without digging.

Connectivity with your smartphone – Your smartphone is probably one of those things that stay with you all the time- in bed, in the office, while traveling, and whatnot. Invisible Fence Boundary Plus Smart System lets you connect to the fence and keep you updated about the system status and battery level through your smartphone.

Zero interference – Their radio technology is smart and makes sure no external radio signals interfere with your invisible fence system.

DogWatch vs Invisible Fence – Which one is the Best?

DogWatch SmartFence comes with lots of smart features including real-time activity tracking of your pets, signal range settings as per your requirements, and up to 20 adjustable training features. In our opinion, DogWatch is the best solution for smaller properties like homes with yards or backyards.

Invisible Fence Boundary Plus Smart System also has such smart features that make it a tough competitor for DogWatch. But as compared to DogWatch, Invisible Fence is the ideal solution for larger properties such as a farmhouse or any property larger than 5 acres.

Are there any cheaper hidden fence solutions?

Paying around $1500 or even more may not be affordable for someone, especially if they have multiple pets, the price may go even higher. So, a relief of sigh for those as there are some cheaper options available, and the best of all is PetSafe Wireless Pet Fence.

PetSafe Wireless Pet Fence Features:

PetSafe Wireless Pet Fence is yet another hidden fencing system for dogs that lets you keep an eye on your pets and can secure up to 4 acres of area.

This hidden fencing system is portable, waterproof, customizable, and lets you monitor your dog on an LCD display. You can add unlimited pets to this system but the receiver collar is mandatory for all pets. This system could be installed for under $500.

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Bottom Line:

If your pet is an escape artist and you live in a potentially dangerous neighborhood for pets, you MUST get a hidden fence system installed on your property- no matter what you choose. It’s very important for your pet’s safety and your peace of mind.

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