Pomsky vs Irish Doodle – A Quick Comparison

Pomsky and Irish Doodle are hybrid dogs and their popularity is continuously increasing. Pomsky is a small-sized fluffy dog while the Irish Doodle comes in 2 sizes; Standard and Mini.

In the year 2020, even though there was a lockdown in most parts of the world, the demand for pet dogs didn’t decrease. In fact, their demand increased, especially, the hybrid breeds were in high demand. Some most popular mixed dog breeds in 2020-21 are Cavapoo, Goldendoodle, Bernedoodle, Pomsky, and Irish Doodle.

On The Dogs Journal, we have detailed articles on all the mentioned breeds where you can learn everything about them before getting a puppy. But sometimes, it is really difficult to decide the breed. So, to help our readers, we keep comparing different breeds, so they could choose one based on facts and their ability to maintain and raise the dog.

In the recent past, we received emails and messages to compare Pomsky and Irish Doodle. So, in this article, we have compared Pomsky and Irish Doodle and added all the significant differences, pros and cons, features, and other important characteristics. We are sure, after reading this informative article, you’d be able to decide on your next puppy.

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So, let’s have a quick comparison between both the breeds below.

Pomsky vs Irish Doodle Quick Comparison Table

Find a quick overview in the following table first and then we’ll have a detailed comparison below.

PomskyIrish Doodle
Bred byTressa Peterson and Joline PhillipsUnknown
OriginUSAUSA - While the parent breeds are from Ireland and Germany
Cross betweenPomeranian and Siberian HuskyIrish Setter and Poodle
Key characteristics- Full of energy
- Socio-friendly
- Curious
- Affectionate and loyal
- Ideal companion
- Excellent entertainers
Lifespan10 - 12 years10 - 13 years
Weight9 - 14 KG18 - 32 kg
Body FeaturesSmaller version of a wolf but more fluffy, beautiful almond eyes, tiny legs, and short furry tail- Dense furry coat
- Almond-shaped or oval eyes
- Sporty built and athletic body
- Floppy ears
Colors- Tangerine Orange
- White
- Khaki Shades
- White
- Black
- Brown
- Mixed colors
Behavior/Temperament- Always ready to play
- Full of energy
- Dominating behavior sometimes
- Affectionate
- Energetic
- Intelligent
- Productive and adventurous
Pros- Easily trainable
- Excellent Temperament
- Protective nature
- Tolerates extreme weathers
- Fluffy coat
- Low-shedding coat
- Very intelligent
- Social and friendly
- Ideal family dog
- Ideal therapy dog
Cons- Dominant and stubbornness
- Very expensive
- Unpredictable personality and traits
- Very high energy
- Separation anxiety
Common health issues- Ametropia
- Black Skin Disease
- Early tooth loss
- Luxating Patella
- Epilepsy
- Luxating Patella
- Eye problems

By reading this quick overview, you’d have a clear idea of which dog breed suits you more but some important points are needed to be explained in detail so find them below.

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Pomsky vs Irish Doodle Temperament

What describes a dog’s temperament? The dog’s personality, behavior, and nature are some of the important characteristics of a dog’s temperament. And it is very important to learn about a breed’s temperament if you are getting it for the first time.

When it comes to Pomskies, they have an excellent temperament and they are very loyal and friendly. Being a product of Pomeranian and Siberian Husky, they may develop possessive and dominating behavior but early-age training and regular exercises help get rid of this behavior. Some best characteristics that makeup Pomsky’s temperament are its intelligence, loving nature, and high energy. Overall, they are ideal family dogs.

Irish Doodle is a highly-intelligent and easy-to-train dog that loves to learn new tricks. It inherits its energy from the Irish Setter and would keep you on your toes. Both; the Standard and Mini Irish Doodle are extremely good with the children and love to be around them. Early-age socialization is necessary or they may develop destructive behavior. To get more out of this energetic pup, it is recommended to exercise them for around 90 minutes.

So, the conclusion is that both the breeds are wonderful family dogs but if you don’t have much time to exercise your dog for up to 90 minutes a day, Irish Doodle is not for you. Instead, you should get the Pomsky.

Pomsky vs Irish Doodle Health Comparison

You need to remember an important thing here; all dogs are prone to several common canine diseases that can be treated or avoided by responsible breeding and puppy vaccinations.

Apart from the common diseases, the Pomsky dogs are prone to allergies, eye infections, and cardiac diseases. Along with that, they may inherit several genetic issues from their parent breeds if not bred well. Some of the inherited diseases are Luxating Patella, Eye Cataract, Arthritis, and Intraocular Pressure. Another important point to consider here is that Pomsky is a relatively new breed and these facts may be changed later.

When it comes to Irish Doodle, it may inherit genetic issues like Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, Luxating Patella, and eye problems from its parent breeds. Overall, they are a healthy breed and you may not suffer a lot. As compared to Pomskies, they are an older breed and a bit matured in many terms so we could give a Mini Irish Doodle extra edge over Pomsky.

If you really need a healthy dog, get one from a reputable breeder. That is the simple formula of getting a healthy puppy.

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Bottom line:

What dog should I get, Pomsky or Irish Doodle?

If you can spare 90 to 120 minutes a day to exercise/walk your fur baby, you should get an Irish Doodle. As Irish Doodle comes in 2 different sizes, so you may get one dependant on your living space.

If you live in an apartment and looking for a small-sized affectionate dog, Pomsky is for you. But remember, their fluffy coat needs a lot of grooming while they may show stubbornness during the training sessions and may give a tough time.

In our opinion, both dog breeds are wonderful, you just need to choose one based on your routine, requirements, and the amount of time you can give to your puppy.

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