Bernedoodle vs Pomsky – A Quick Comparison

Bernedoodle and Pomsky, both are among the best hybrid breeds and are in high demand around the world.

And when it comes to choosing one of them as your next pet dog, you may highly be confused because both of the lovely breeds are difficult to ignore.

Bernedoodle is a Poodle Bernese mix and has been topping the charts since its birth. Lots of generations, types, and colors have been developed within the last decade and many breeders are doing their hard work to eliminate health issues in Bernedoodles. Although most of the websites have not cited Bernedoodles as one of the top 10 breeds, the emails, and feedback we receive show us that they may be one of the top 10 crossbreeds.

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On the other hand, Pomsky is a new crossbreed and it’s a Pomeranian Husky cross. Unlike the Bernedoodle, Pomsky does not have any types, sizes, or generations. Even there is not enough information available about their health-related issues or other traits. Apart from these facts, Pomsky is pure love. This fluffy dog is said to be one of the most surprising dogs because you never know what is coming next from it.

Anyways, we were being asked to do a quick comparison between both the breeds so you can easily decide about your next puppy.

And remember, whatever breed you get, try to find one in your local shelter first, this way you’ll save a life help your local shelter.

Let’s explore both the breeds now.

Bernedoodle vs Pomsky Comparison

Bred byJoline Phillips and Tressa PetersonSherry Rupke
Cross betweenPomeranian and Siberian HuskyBernese Mountain Dog and Poodle
Key characteristicsEnergetic, Social, Adorable, and Curious.Low-shedding,
Cuddly, Loving, and Intelligent
Lifespan10 - 12 years12 - 18 years
Weight9 - 14 KG4 - 40 kg
Body FeaturesWolf-like appearance, almond eyes, short furry tail, and tiny legs.Hanging ears, button eyes and bushy tail.
ColorsWhite, tangerine orange, and Khaki shadesComes in lots of colors and patterns
Behavior/Temperament- Playful
- Energetic
- Stubborn and trouble maker
- Always pleased to please you
- Playful and responsive
- Family guy
Pros- Exceptional Temperament
- Easy to train
- Protective
- Weather Tolerant
- Fluffy looks and feel
- Low-shedding coat
- Excellent with children
- Best runner and swimmer
- Socio-friendly
Cons- Stubborn behavior
- Expensive
- Unpredictable
- Must give time exercising him daily
- Boredom
Common health issues- Early tooth loss
- Luxating Patella
- Ametropia
- Black Skin Disease
- Cushing's Disease
- Hip and Elbow Dysplasia
- Eye Cataract

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Final Words:

So, it was a quick but detailed comparison between Bernedoodle and Pomsky. At the moment, we’d suggest you get a Bernedoodle because it is a mature breed. While Pomsky is yet to be developed and purified more. Make sure you get a puppy from a reputable breeder and not a puppy mill.