Bernedoodle vs Shih Poo – A Quick Comparison

Bernedoodle and Shih Poo, both are Poodle crosses. A Bernedoodle is a Bernese Mountain Dog/Poodle cross while the Shih Poo is the Shih Tzu/Poodle cross. Both of the breeds are hypoallergenic like Poodles and are among the most popular designer dog breeds nowadays. Check Reputable Shih Poo Breeders.

As both the breeds are a Poodle cross and do not have much difference, we have decided to write a dedicated comparison post for them. Also, check Shih Poo Pros and Cons.

Let’s compare both breeds below.

Bernedoodle vs Shih Poo Comparison

BernedoodleShih Poo
Key characteristicsHypoallergenic, Intelligent, Loyal, and Friendly.Hypoallergenic, Playful, Loyal, and the best Indoor dogs
Lifespan12 to 18 years10 to 16 years
Weight4 to 40 kg (Dependent on type of Poodle)3 to 9 KG
Body FeaturesCompact body along with medium to long hair and a bushy tail. Have beautiful button eyes and hanging ears.Small in size and cute looks. May have a curly or a straight coat.
ColorsBlack, Black & Brown, Black & White, Tri-coloredBlack, Tan, Cream, White, Sable, and multi-colored
Behavior/Temperament- Responsive and Playful
- Friendly with strangers
- Loves exercise and training sessions
- Playful and Energetic
- Won't tolerate harsh behavior
- Loves cuddling with their owners
Pros- Hypoallergenic
- Safe for children
- Excellent runners and swimmers
- Social and friendly
- Hypoallergenic
- Best indoor dogs
- Best for lazy or busy owners
- Easily adjustable in any house
Cons- Hates boredom
- Daily exercise is a must
- Risk of injury due to its small size
- Depression and destructive behavior sometimes
Common health issues- Hip and Elbow Dysplasia
- Cushing's Disease
- Cataract
- Hip Dysplasia
- Sebaceous Adenitis
- Progressive Retinal Atrophy

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Final words:

So, friends, it was a quick comparison between both the lovely dog breeds and I’m sure now you can easily decide between both of them.

Whatever the differences are between both the cuties, one thing is for sure, both of them; Bernedoodle and Shih Poo can become the best playmate for your family.

Got any questions regarding both breeds? Or want us to compare any other breeds? Just ping us through the comments or Contact Page, and we’ll love to facilitate you at our earliest. Woof woof!

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