Bully Kutta vs Pyrenean Mastiff – A Quick Comparison

We have been comparing different breeds on our blog and this time we have decided to compare 2 Mastiff breeds from different regions. The Bully Kutta from Pakistan and India and the Pyrenean Mastiff from the Spanish region.

Both of these breeds are large-sized dogs with a strong skull and macho looks. Interestingly, despite their strong looks, both the breeds, the Bully Kutta and Pyrenean Mastiff are opposite breeds. The Bully Kutta is an aggressive breed that is illegally used for blood-fighting while the Pyrenean Mastiff is a calm and protective breed that has an exceptional temperament.

There are many other differences in both breeds. So, we are going to do a quick comparison between Bully Kutta and Pyrenean Mastiff. Let’s explore them below.

Bully Kutta vs Pyrenean Mastiff Comparison

Pyrenean MastiffBully Kutta
Other NamesNavarra MastiffPakistani Bully, Pakistani mastiff, Sinfdh Mastiff, Indian Bully, Indian Mastiff, Alangu Mastiff, Bohli
OriginAragon, SpainPakistan and India
Close BreedsMolossus from the ancient timesMolossian Hound
Key characteristicsIdeal herders, livestock protectors, intelligent, calm, and best as pet dogsIntelligent and energetic
Lifespan10 to 14 years8 to 10 years
Weight50 to 110 kg 60 to 90 KG
Body FeaturesDouble thick coat with large spots darker than the actual colorHeavily wrinkled face. Strong body, and macho looks.
ColorsBlack, Grey-Silver, Medium Grey, Brown, Golden, Marble, Light Beige, and SandyBlack, White, Brown, Brindle, Piebald, Fawn, and Harlequin
Behavior/Temperament- Quiet and sharp
- Intelligent and friendly
- Excellent as guard
- Exceptional as a pet dog
- Aggressive
- Energetic and responsive
- Not easy to handle so not for inexperienced owners
Pros- Friendly lad
- Excellent as a watchdog
- Highly intelligent
- Good overall health
- Multipurpose dog
- Excellent at game hunting
- Ideal watchdog
- Healthy breed
- Excellent companion if trained well
Cons- Not for small apartments
- Needs to be groomed often
- Not for first-time or inexperienced owners
- Aggressive
- Not suitable for small homes
Common health issues- Bloat
- Hip and Elbow Dysplasia
- Inflammatory Bowel disease
- Dental issues
- Congenital Heart Disease
- Hip Dysplasia
- Skin diseases
Exercise NeedsModerateRegular exercises needed
Puppy price$1000 - $1800$200 - $1200

Wrapping Up:

So, dog lovers, it was a quick but informative comparison between Bully Kutta and Pyrenean Mastiff. Overall, both of them are intelligent and can become an ideal watchdog if trained well. And yes, we strongly believe that all the dogs and all the breeds deserve equal love and they must be treated well regardless of their size, gender, or any other characteristics.

If you want us to compare some other dog breeds, we’d be more than happy to do so.

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