Shih Poo Temperament and Behavior

Shih Poo is one of the most popular toy dog breeds that are not purebred but crossbreeds. Shih Poo is a cross between Shih Tzu and the Miniature Poodle. When it comes to temperament and behavior, the Poodle and its crosses are among the ideal breeds.

Also known as Shoodle, the Shih Poo is a wonderful dog breed that loves to play with its owners, especially with children.

While getting a new breed for the first time, you should do a little research about that very breed. The most important things needed to be studied about a breed are its health-related issues, temperament, grooming needs, maintenance cost, and other traits. That is why we have featured Shih Poo’s temperament and behavior in this post today.

While talking about the Shih Poo’s temperament and behavior, we’ll also cover the factors that should be considered before choosing a breed.

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Dog Temperament Important Factors and Shih Poo:

Some of the most important factors of temperament that are considered while choosing a dog breed are mentioned below. Along with that, we’ll also analyze Shih Poo in accordance with these factors.


There are over 500 pure and mixed breeds and all of them have different intelligence levels, some are more intelligent while others lack it. A dog’s intelligence is very important because most of the factors are dependent upon it, such as trainability, agility, and ability to be alert and protective.

Shih Poo in terms of intelligence: It is a highly-intelligent dog because one of its parent breeds- Poodle is considered the 2nd-most intelligent breed which is inherited by its puppies more or less.


If a breed is aggressive, the inexperienced and first-time owners should not get that because it is really very hard to deal with it. Also, the breeds with the best temperament are not supposed to be aggressive. An aggressive dog can be disastrous for you, as well as, others because such a dog can be frustrated very easily.

Shih Poo in terms of intelligence: The Shih Poos are friendly and calm. The only problem one may face with the Shih Poos is that they bark their heart out. They love barking and keep barking for long spans of time.

Social and Friendly:

It is one of the most important factors because friendly and social dogs are the champions. Their attitude towards their owners, children, strangers, and other pets should be social and friendly. If you are looking for a guard dog, you may go for a breed that is not much friendly to strangers.

Shih Poo in terms of friendliness: In terms of friendliness and social behavior, Shih Poos are exceptional. They become excellent couch dogs, lap dogs, and playmates.


A puppy needs to be raised and trained just like a real human puppy. If the breed is easy to train, you’ll not face many problems while raising and socializing it.

Shih Poo in terms of training: Shih Poos are easy to train and won’t give you a tough time during the training sessions. While training them, you must remain calm and the sessions should be rewarding.

Final Thoughts:

Well, if you are looking for a family dog that accompanies you everywhere and tends to sit in your lap all the time, you can go for a Shih Poo. Also, the Shih Poo is good with small children but it is not recommended to get toy dog breeds because they could harm them by considering them a toy. Most importantly, if you have planned to get a Shih Poo, try finding it in a shelter first, and if not found, get it from a reputable Shih Poo breeder.

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