Shih Poo Pros and Cons – A Quick Guide

This Shih Tzu and Miniature Poodle cross is one of the most popular hybrid breeds nowadays and it’s full of fun, loyalty, and energy. Named as Shih Poo, it is a small-sized adorable dog and it makes the best lap dog for any owner.

As both the parent breeds are charming and adorable, the Shih Poo has inherited all the beauty from both the breeds. It comes in a variety of colors including Black, White, and Tan. Most of the Shih Poo’s traits are just like other Poodle crosses such as Bernedoodle, Groodle, and Cavapoo.

Just like we have written for other breeds, we are writing this post to cover Pros and Cons of Shih Poos as it is really important to know a breed’s pros, cons, and health-related issues before getting a puppy.

Let’s find Shih Poo pros and cons in details.

Shih Poo Pros

The best breed for lazy owners:

Being a small-sized and compact breed, their legs are very short and they don’t like exercises. An owner with a tough routine is the best match for them. Still, we’d suggest exercise them a bit so they can kill their extra energy to avoid any future behavioral issues.

Hypoallergenic coat:

Both the parent breeds; Poodle and Shih Tzu are hypoallergenic as they have a low-shedding coat. Therefore, Shih Poos have inherited this trait from both the parents. This makes Shih Poo one of the best hybrid breeds for people with allergies.

Ideal indoor dog:

If you live in an apartment, Shih Poo can be your best match because its small in size, won’t take much space, and you can easily keep them in your premises.

Highly social:

When it comes to sociability, Shih Poos are the champions. They can easily be adjusted with any type of owners. They make best friends with other canine and non-canine pets. One thing to remember, as they are small in size, so if you have a giant-sized dog such as a Great Dane, then don’t get a Shih Poo.

Shih Poo Cons

Although they are among the ideal dog breeds as they have very less negative traits, still, we have found some tiny points which you should consider before getting a Shih Poo puppy. Let’s check their cons below.

Depression or Separation Anxiety:

Well, none of the dogs want to be left alone but Shih Poo is a bit more sensitive in this regards. If a Shih Poo is left alone for a slightly longer time, it may develop an aggressive and destructive behavior which may lead to accessive barking, separation anxiety, tail chasing, and destructive chewing.

Risk of injury:

As we have already said, don’t get a Shih Poo if you already have larger breeds as they may be injured severely while playing due to their small size.

Health issues:

Shih Poo may also develop some diseases over time such as Hip Dysplasia, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Sebaceous Adenitis, and dental diseases. So, its always recommended to keep them up to date on vaccination and get one from a good breeder.

Final words:

Whatever dog breed you are planning to get, try to get one from a shelter or a rescue group first. Still, if you want to get one from a breeder, look for a reputable breeder and do your homework before getting your new furbaby.

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