Bernedoodle vs Groodle – A Quick Comparison

Bernedoodle is a Poodle and Bernese cross while a Groodle (aka Goldendoodle) is a Poodle and Golden Retriever cross. Both, the Bernedoodle and the Groodle are among the most popular dog breeds nowadays. They are hypoallergenic, friendly, and highly social.

We have received several queries about both breeds asking about their comparison.

Although they share some of the traits, pros, and cons, still there are some differences that we have featured in this post. Let’s find some worth-reading similarities and differences between both breeds.

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If you are confused between both breeds, you can easily make a decision after reading this informative article.

Bernedoodle vs Groodle Comparison

Bred bySherry RupkeMonica Dickens
Key characteristicsHypoallergenic, Social, and IntelligentHypoallergenic, Loving, Friendly, and Intelligent
Lifespan12 to 18 years10 to 14 years
Weight4 to 40 kg 14 to 20 KG
Body FeaturesHanging ears, button eyes and bushy tail.
Usually have long or short hair.
Straight or curly coat and beautiful eyes.
ColorsBlack, Black & Brown, Black & White, Tri-coloredGold, Cream, Chocolate, Apricot, Grey, Brown, and Red
Behavior/Temperament- Stranger-friendly
- Exercise lovers
-Playful and responsive
- Obedient and gentle
- Intelligence overloaded
- Best companion
Pros- Low to non-shedding coat
- Children-safe
- Excellent in running and swimming
- Social and friendly with everyone
- Hypoallergenic
- Easy to train
- Easily maintainable
- Best with kids, strangers, and other pets
Cons- Must give time to exercise them daily
- They hate boredom
- Not suitable for small apartments if the pup is large-sized
- Daily exercise needed
Common health issues- Cushing's Disease
- Hip and Elbow Dysplasia
- Cataract
- von Willebrand's disease
- Hip & Elbow Dysplasia
- Epileptic Seizures

Final words:

So, it was a quick comparison between Bernedoodle and Groodle and we hope it was fruitful for you. Overall, both breeds are almost the same. Both of them can become the best dog for your family.

One thing. Always get a puppy from a reputable breeder in order to avoid any future issues with your pups. Check best Bernedoodle Breeders.

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