Affen Spaniel Dog Breed Info and Characteristics

Agile! Compassionate! Excellent Companion! The combination of these worthy traits is known as the Affen Spaniel dog. Also known as Affen Cocker, it is a cross between the Affenpinscher and Cocker Spaniel. Although the Affen Spaniel exists since around 2000, its exact origin and history are unknown.

If you are planning to get an Affen Spaniel and looking for a quick guide on this very dog breed, we have got you one. We have gathered and added important facts and information about the breed which every dog owner should know about it.

Note: Adopt, don’t shop. Before getting an Affen Spaniel puppy from a breeder, try to peep into shelters to find a dog there. You may find the love of your life in a shelter who is eagerly waiting to be adopted by a loving human. Read Why Should You Adopt a Dog from Shelter?

Now, let’s find out more about this breed below but first a quick look at its profile.

Affen Spaniel Dog Breed Profile

Breed NameAffen Spaniel
Other NamesAffen Cocker
Dog Breed GroupMixed/Hybrid/Crossbreed
Parent BreedsAffenpinscher and Cocker Spaniel
Height10 to 20 inches
Weight15 to 25 pounds
Life Expectancy10-15 years
Coat TypeMedium-haired and curly
Common ColorsBlack, golden, gray, light brown, or dark brown
Grooming NeedsHigh
HypoallergenicAffenpinscher has a low-shedding coat and the puppies may inherit it somewhat
TemperamentLoyal, protective, and alert
Apartment LivingYes
Energy LevelHigh
Pet-FriendlyYes, but supervision is recommended due to their hunting abilities
Common health concerns- Hip Dysplasia
- Ductus Arteriosus
- Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease
Overall HealthVery good
Intelligence levelVery intelligent
TrainabilityEasy to train
Energy LevelHigh
ActivityUp to 30 minutes of exercise
Litter Size3 to 7 puppies

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Given below are the most common traits and facts about the Affen Spaniel. Read them out to get maximum information on the breed.

Compact dog

It is a small to medium-sized dog and excellent for those living in smaller spaces. It won’t be taking much space, although it needs more activity and exercise than other breeds of its size.


They are very alert and protective. They won’t spare any stranger and will tend to bark at them. Due to their alertness and protectiveness, they are considered an ideal family and guard dog.

Family Guy

It creates a very special and strong bond with its family and prefers to spend most of its time with them. For this reason, experts suggest that the Affen Spaniels should not be rehomed. (Abandoning them would be even crueler)

Ideal for hunting

If you are living in the country and looking for a small-sized hunting dog, the Affen Cocker could be the right match for you. Both of its parents are well-known for their hunting abilities.

Sporting Dog

They are an exceptional breed for sporting purposes and do well in agility shows. Just like the hunting trait, their ability to become the best sporting dog is also inherited from both the parents- Affenpinscher and Cocker Spaniel.


Short pushed back muzzle, curly and silky fur, large round eyes, and floppy ears. All these features make the Affen Spaniel one of the attractive breeds out there.


They have medium hair and have high grooming needs. It is highly recommended to brush their coat once a day to keep it from matting and tangling. While a visit to a professional groomer would be due once a month.

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Ear care

As they have floppy ears, the chances of dirt or foreign objects trapping in their ears are relatively high. So, you must check their ears regularly to prevent their ears from dirt and foreign objects.

Active and ready-to-rock

They almost love all the activities and even those which many other dogs may dislike. They enjoy swimming, walking, running, digging, barking, fetching, and whatnot. But remember, they can easily become over-excited so it is recommended to supervise them when outside.

Other Cocker Spaniel mixes:

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Final words:

So, these were the most important facts and information about the Affen Spaniel that every new owner should know before getting a puppy. If you are the current Affen Spaniel owner and want to share your experience, please let us know via woof @ thedogsjournal . com

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