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Being a cross breed of the Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle, Bernedoodles are among the most popular dog breeds. They were crossbred by Sherry Rupke for the first time and they have inherited intelligence, playfulness, and smartness from their parent breeds. Moreover, they are social and friendly. Another reason behind their high demand is that they are hypoallergenic, and good for the owners who are allergic to dander.

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Before adopting any dog breed, it is really very important to check for their detailed Pros and Cons. So, in this post, we have listed the Pros and Cons of Bernedoodles that you must know before getting a Bernedoodle puppy. One thing to remember here is that most of the Poodle crossbreeds such as a Shih Poo or a Groodle inherit the cons from Poodle.

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Pros of Bernedoodles:

Hypoallergenic coat:

Its low-shedding coat makes it the best choice for the people who are allergic to dog dander and hair. It gets this trait from Poodle, the parent breed. Among all types of Bernedoodles, the F1b Generation Bernedoodle is the best in terms of low-shedding.

Best for children and family:

Bernedoodle makes the best pet because of its friendly and loving behavior. They are ready to grab your attention and please you, and they’ll literally anything to please you.


Got other pets at your homes such as a ferret, cat, or a parrot? Don’t worry at all, Bernedoodle suddenly adjusts will all types of pets and dogs of other breeds. In fact, they make a great bond with other pets and it feels like they are the same type of animals.

Cuteness overloaded:

With their unbelievable cuteness, Tiny and Mini Bernedoodle looks like a toy. So, if you want to be an attention grabber, just get a small-sized Bernedoodle and leave the rest on your doggy.

Your best exercise partner:

All dogs need to be exercised on a daily basis to ensure their health. Likewise, Bernedoodle becomes your true companion during exercises, running, swimming, playing, and other activities.


Bernedoodles are socio-friendly and guess what? They have the ability to impress your guests at first sight.

So these were the detailed Pros of Bernedoodles, now, let’s move to their Cons.

Cons of Bernedoodles:

Like all other dog breeds, Bernedoodles also have various cons that you should consider before making any final decision. Let’s explore them.

Daily exercise:

Bernedoodles are exercise lovers and they never want to miss their daily exercise. Therefore you should change your decision about buying or adopting a Bernedoodle if you have a busy routine. A Berndoodle requires at least half an hour daily for his exercise. If you are not into exercise, go for another poodle cross, i-e, Shih Poo, who doesn’t need much exercise.

Inheritance of health-related issues:

As they are a designer breed, they may inherit diseases from their parent breeds just like they inherit their habits and features. To avoid any such health issue, try to buy a dog from a certified and reputed breeder.

Not a guard dog:

Bernedoodles have several types and generations but unfortunately, none of them becomes a good guard. So, if you are looking for a guard dog, consider adopting a Bullmastiff or a Kuvasz.

More than enough playfulness:

Their playfulness and responsiveness may sometimes become a headache for you because they hate to be bored and show bad behavior.

Regular grooming:

A Bernedoodle shed very less because of its curly coat, so you need to brush them regularly or either they’ll have a matted coat. They usually need grooming every 8 to 12 weeks.


The Bernedoodle’s cost may vary between $3000-4000 because of their high demand, that means, they are relatively expensive than other dog breeds. Moreover, it’s maintenance is also very expensive, especially, Standard Bernedoodle cost more to maintain.

Final words:

You are once again recommended to buy from an expert and certified breeder, and make sure your dog has had all the necessary vaccinations.

As we have listed the major Pros and Cons of Bernedoodles, if you feel you can easily bear them, they are the best of the best dogs for you. They literally become your life partners and the best companions.

If you have any questions about Bernedoodles, we would like to answer them.

Image: Wikimedia Commons


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