Top 5 Vizsla Breeders in Massachusetts [2024]

If you’re looking for a lovable Vizsla puppy in Massachusetts, you’re in for an exciting journey! Vizslas are known for being friendly and charming, making them wonderful companions. But finding the right breeder is just as important as choosing the breed.

In Massachusetts, a state with a rich history and beautiful landscapes, there are some fantastic Vizsla breeders dedicated to making sure their puppies are healthy, happy, and ready to be your new best friend.

In this article, you’ll find some of the best Vizsla breeders in Massachusetts, so you can bring home a furry friend that will fill your life with joy.

Things to Consider While Getting a Puppy From a Breeder

When getting a puppy from a breeder, there are several important considerations to ensure a positive and ethical experience.

Some of the important factors to keep in mind are:

  • The reputation of the Breeder
  • Health Screening
  • Contracts and Guarantees
  • Ethical Breeding Practices
  • Early Socialization
  • Parental Temperament
  • Spaying/Neutering Policies
  • Watch for Red Flags

By thoroughly researching and considering these factors, you can increase the likelihood of getting a healthy, well-socialized puppy from a responsible and ethical breeder. Also, make a detailed questionnaire are ask these questions from the breeder.

Best Vizsla Breeders in Massachusetts

Bellas Breed Kennel (Acushnet)

Quick details about the breeder

Phone:  508-971-3337
Email:  [email protected]

Bella Breed Kennel has been dedicated to the world of dog breeding for around two decades. With a passion for providing top-notch Vizsla puppies, they take pride in breeding dogs that meet AKC standards.

Their goal is to bring forth healthy, happy, and well-behaved puppies that enjoy long and joyful lives. Nestled on an 11-acre farm, their premises serve as the perfect haven for her dogs, offering ample space for exercise. The kennel is thoughtfully designed with indoor/outdoor access, equipped with radiant heat and air conditioning to ensure the dogs’ comfort year-round.

If you’re considering bringing a Vizsla puppy into your life and looking for a Vizsla breeder in Massachusetts near Boston or Providence, Bella Breed Kennel is one of the best choices for you.

Shikari Vizslas (Brimfield)

Quick details about the breeder

Phone:  508-971-3337
Email: [email protected]

Shikari Vizslas has been a dedicated breeder of this wonderful breed since 2013. Since then, they have continued breeding selectively, staying active in showing their dogs and ensuring they lead fulfilling lives with training and hunting adventures. Their commitment to providing the best possible life for their Vizslas remains unwavering.

Situated in the beautiful town of Brimfield, MA, in the heart of central Massachusetts, this breeder has a dedicated space for their Vizsla dogs and puppies. The dogs aren’t just pets; they’re cherished members of the family, and the same goes for any visiting dogs. With a sprawling property of 10 acres, over 5 of which are securely fenced in, these dogs have plenty of room to play, explore, and burn off that energetic Vizsla spirit.

So, if you are looking for a reputable Vizsla breeder near Springfield or Worcester, Shikari Vizslas is a top-notch choice for you. They usually have 2 litters every year but they occasionally skip breeding so it is recommended to talk to them if you need a puppy.

Forest King Vizslas (Northfield)

Quick details about the breeder

Email:  [email protected]

Forest King Vizslas is a small breeding business run by a duo of husband and wife- Mike and Kim. Kim is a certified vet technician and she has been dealing with all kinds of animals since she was 15. She has an excellent knowledge of breeding and she puts all her experience into breeding well-tempered and healthy Vizslas.

Their versatile Vizsla dogs are excellent bird hunters and they are actively involved in bird hunting. They consider their dogs family therefore their dogs live inside their house.

So, if you are looking for AKC-registered Vizsla puppies in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, Forest King Vizslas is one of the best choices for you.

Sunchaser Vizslas (Cape Cod)

Quick details about the breeder

Sunchaser Vizslas is one of the oldest Vizsla breeders in Massachusetts operating for over 40 years. They started breeding Vizslas in Southern Maine before moving to Massachusetts.

They aim to provide Vizsla puppies to families that are not just a personal companion but also show dogs, skilled field workers, agile athletes, or hunting partners. Their focus remains on the love of the breed and maintaining the purity of Vizslas, rather than turning their passion into a business.

Boasting a lineage rooted in excellence for hunting, they maintain a commitment to keeping their Vizslas “The Best Kept Secret in The Dog World.”

So, if you are considering getting a Vizsla puppy and looking for breeders in Massachusetts or Rhode Island, Sunchaser Vizslas could be the right match for you.

Kutya Kennels (Plymouth)

Quick details about the breeder

Phone: 508-335-5325
Email: [email protected]

Kutya Kennels is yet another MA-based Vizsla breeder that breeds limited litters to keep the quality. All of their puppies are handled by their family members including kids so the puppies are well-socialized.

Their puppies are ready to leave at 8 weeks of age but before that, they spend quality time and receive utmost care at Kutya Kennels. Moreover, their puppies’ tails are docked, and declaws are removed.

Before being handed over to their forever families, the puppies are dewormed and also receive their first shots. All the puppies come with AKC registration. So, if you are looking for Vizsla puppies near Boston, Kutya Kennels is the first-class choice for you.

Final words:

Finding the best breeder before getting a puppy is an important step that you should not ignore. With dedicated breeders committed to the well-being of these wonderful dogs, you have the opportunity to bring home a healthy and happy puppy.

Remember to consider factors such as reputation, care practices, and the breeder’s love for the breed. By choosing the right breeder, you’re not just getting a dog; you’re gaining a lifelong companion that will bring joy and love to your home.

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