All About Dalmadoodle Dog Breed [2022 Fact Guide]

The Dalmadoodle dog looks like a character right out of your favorite Disney film. Charming and athletic, these dogs are a combination of unusual yet remarkable characteristics. They may look tall and proud, but they are the sweetest, most vulnerable dogs you can find.

If you are planning to get a Dalmadoodle puppy and looking for an ultimate guide about the breed, keep reading this article. You’ll find everything about the Dalmadoodles including their temperament, pros and cons, grooming needs, health-related issues, and much more.

So, find out more about this breed below.

Origins of Dalmadoodle Dog

As the name implies, the Dalmadoodle dogs are a cross between the Dalmatian and Poodle dogs. Also known as Dalmapoo, the exact origin of these dogs is unknown. The Dalmatian traces its history back to Dalmatia (current-day Croatia) whereas the Poodle hails from Germany and France where they were initially used as hunting dogs. The unlikely combination of these marvelous dogs resulted in the rare Dalmadoodle.

This dog embodies the cuteness and intelligence of the Poodle and the unusual markings of the Dalmatian. It is a designer dog breed with growing popularity.


Dalmadoodle dogs have such distinctive appearances that it is impossible to ignore them. So, here are a few striking features of this dog;

  • The Dalmadoodle is best known for its dalmatian-like spots and fluffy hair.
  • Their bodies are large and athletic with very fine proportions.
  • It has deep brown eyes and fluffy wise-looking eyebrows.
  • Their heads are round in shape with a long muzzle giving them a proud, dignified look.
  • The Typical Dalmadoodle weighs about 20- 25 inches and can weigh up to 50-70 pounds.

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Introduction to Parent breeds


Known for beautiful spots on their bodies, the dalmatians are medium-sized dogs that were originally used as working dogs, mostly as coach dogs or hunters. Due to their photogenic looks, they have been featured in many films and animated movies for a long time.

Dalmatians are sensitive, affectionate, and energetic dogs that are not suitable for inexperienced owners. As they are among the high-energy dogs, they’d do well with owners who do intensive exercises and activities like cycling, hiking, or jogging.

They are very much prone to deafness and around 1 in 10 dogs are born completely deaf. So, while getting this dog, you should keep this in mind and look closely at your pup.

Another rare version of Dalmatian- the long-haired Dalmatian is also gaining popularity due to its fluffy coat.


Poodles are said to be one of the most intelligent and agile dogs known for their hunting abilities. They come in four different sizes- Toy, Miniature, Medium, and Standard, the medium size is not recognized by the AKC though.

They are excellent family dogs due to their loving personality which makes them friendly with kids, elders, and other dogs. Their most popular trait is their curly coat that is less likely to shed, making them an ideal breed for those with allergies. Moreover, they are playful and very easy to train, so, they could be an ideal breed for novice owners.

Poodles have been mixed with other breeds for the last 5-6 decades or maybe more, and we can find over 100 different Poodle crosses aka Doodles or Oodles.

As they are intelligent dogs, it is highly recommended to do their obedience training or they may be destructive.


The Dalmadoodle dogs are one of the gentlest creatures to walk on the planet. They are soft, goofy, and very sensitive. In fact, if you are too harsh or mean towards them you are likely to hurt their feelings and offend them.

If you are a cuddler and enjoy snuggling with dogs then the Dalmadoodle is the perfect companion for you. These pups love being showered with affection and make most of their owners’ attention.

By nature, these dogs are playful and easy-going so you can expect them to follow you around, wagging their tails in obedience. Additionally, these dogs can be very charismatic, they will show off tricks and act cute to keep everyone entertained.

Living with

The Dalmadoodle dogs make excellent housemates. They get along with everyone from adults to children and even other dogs. However, Dalmadoodles have a tough time adjusting to cats and are likely to chase them around.

Overall, these dogs are not aggressive or particularly noisy. They enjoy prancing around the house, keeping themselves busy with whatever they can find.

The Dalmadoodles are very protective dogs. If they see a stranger or predator approaching, they tend to get very defensive and will bark to alert their owners of possible dangers.

While most dogs suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for too long, it does just fine by itself. These pups are the life of the party but also enjoy time by themselves, exploring the world on their own.

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Owing to the Dalmadoodle’s rather sensitive nature, training them can be a bit of a challenge. You can never be harsh towards them but you must establish your dominance.

In training, early socialization practices are a must as they are very hostile towards strangers. This is why it is important to introduce them to new people and places so they grow up to be friendly instead of passive-aggressive.

Similarly, dog owners need to ensure that their Dalmatian Poodle mix is allowed to run free in the backyard. But also frequently accompany them on jogs, hiking activities, and daily walks. This will help in controlling your dog’s energy levels and keeping them physically fit.

For mental stimulation, dog owners should teach their pups new tricks and provide them with interactive toys. This helps in domesticating the dog, making them calm but ensuring that they remain clever at the same time.

Make sure the training sessions are rewarding, this way you’ll be able to train your dog without making any fuss.



The Dalmadoodles have fairly simple grooming needs. Just brush their coats every other day and give them a haircut when their fur gets too long. A visit to a professional groomer every 2-3 months would be the best.


Their teeth need to be brushed at least twice a week to avoid oral diseases. To make your dog familiar with brushing, start this routine from the day your puppy arrives at your home.


Dalmatians are prone to ear-related diseases and deafness, and a Dalmadoodle may also get them. So, keep an eye on your fur baby’s ears and make sure they are clean. Also, check if there is wax or any foreign object in their ears, and if found, clean them or get it checked by your vet.


If you feel their nails or too big to hurt them or anyone else, trim them accordingly. Failing to do so may be harmful to your dogs.


Dalmadoodles are energetic dogs so they need plenty of nutritional food to be up and running. Ideally, a bag of high-quality dry or wet dog food or foods high in omega fatty acids is enough for their growth and development. But you can also cook them homemade food rich in protein and green vegetables. Just make sure you steer clear of foods containing wheat or corn.

To determine portion sizes, you will need to take into account your dog’s size, activity level, and even age. The easiest way to do this is to consult your vet.

Health Concerns

Despite being a crossbreed, the Dalmadoodle is prone to some of the same conditions as its Dalmatian and Poodle parents. Hence, they need to be closely monitored for hip and elbow dysplasia, Addison’s disease, kidney stones, and various skin allergies. To avoid genetic diseases in your dogs, make sure to get one from a responsible breeder, it would cost you more but you really save a lot on vet bills.

A Healthy Dalmadoodle dog can live up to 14 wonderful years but the above-mentioned diseases can significantly reduce this life span. Therefore, we recommend frequent vet trips for early diagnosis and possible treatment.

Puppy Price and Annual Maintenance Cost

A puppy from a reputable breeder may cost you between $800 to $2000 depending on several factors. Some backyard breeders may sell them for relatively low prices but such puppies are a result of unethical and unhealthy breeding and may develop genetic issues later.

When it comes to annual maintenance costs, expect around $1200 in the first year and up to $1000 in the following years. These costs would cover necessary dog supplies, dog food, vet bills, vaccinations, grooming, and other important necessities.

FAQs about Dalmadoodles

Is it a hypoallergenic dog?

It may be either a low-shedding or a high-shedding dog depending on the coat style. If the coat style is more like a Dalmatian then it would shed more while in the case of a Poodle-like coat, it would shed extremely less.

Are they good family dogs?

Yes, they are among the friendliest breeds known for their loyalty and affection. To get the most out of them, train and socialize them from an early age.

Are Dalmadoodles stubborn?

They may inherit a perk from their Dalmatian parents and if they do so, they may be a little bit stubborn. So, you should train them patiently and not give up as they could be trained to neglect such behavior.

Final thoughts

The Dalmadoodle or Dalmapoo dogs are wonderful creatures. They are thoughtful, kind, and unbelievably loving dogs. They are one of the most underrated breeds just waiting to be adored and accepted. So, if you are thinking of getting this dog, we suggest you go for it. But one thing is for sure that they may be a bit difficult to handle for the first-time or inexperienced owners.

As parting advice, we recommend that you adopt instead of shop for a dog. They are plenty of eager puppies waiting to be adopted and rescued so don’t shy away from giving them a home. Happy petting!

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