8 Reasons to Choose a German Shepherd

Dog owners treat their pets like family, but they also have to make sure that their family is comfortable with them. Some breeds are just right to have in a home with kids and the elderly, while others may be better suited for singles or couples. Similarly, there are certain breeds that can hardly be kept as a pet.

It is vital to choose your pet wisely if you have a family at home or plan to have one sooner rather than later. And a German Shepherd makes a great choice if you are looking for a canine companion that will blend with your loved ones and lifestyle. Here are some reasons why you can bring it home without thinking twice.

Reasons Why Should You Get a German Shepherd

An intelligent breed

German Shepherd is an inherently intelligent breed, and you need not do much to train and educate them. Just tell it something once, and it will remember your instructions forever. You will be surprised to know that the breed makes the largest percentage of police dogs for the obvious reason.

If you are looking for a smart pet that will keep orders when children and the elderly are around, this is one of the choices that wouldn’t go wrong. You can trust them for using their intelligence to keep your family safe in all situations, even when you aren’t around.

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Easy to train

Apart from being super-intelligent, German Shepherds are easily trainable, making them an ideal family-breed. They remember commands quickly and easily. Once they learn a behavior as a part of the training, they will follow it every time. They love to please their owners, so you can expect your pet to go the extra mile with obedience.

You can easily teach a German Shepherd new tricks and even let your children do it. Let them be together for training sessions, and they will have a great bonding experience together.

Great with kids

If you have young kids at home, it is easy to feel apprehensive about bringing a large dog breed home. You will always worry about the animal harming your little one accidentally. But with a GSD, you can rest assured because the breed is great with small kids.

It brings a perfect balance of playfulness and protectiveness, making it a dependable companion for young children. It will keep the kids entertained and protected, so you never have to worry when leaving them in each other’s company. The breed genuinely enjoys the attention they get from kids, so they will both be inseparable even before you know.

Agile and energetic

German Shepherds are known for their agility and high energy levels, which is another reason they make an ideal companion for families. You can train your pet on an agility course, and it is all set to win competitions in the local park.

sable german shepherd makes a perfect combination of good looks and high energy. Your little ones will love to show it off to their friends. The breed never gets tired, and it can play for hours with your kids and their friends.


You need not do a lot to keep your German Shepherd healthy. A balanced diet and proper grooming and care are enough to keep it fit. Being an active breed, the German Shepherd requires at least thirty minutes of exercise daily to stay fit. It isn’t a lot, even if you have a busy lifestyle with work and family to manage.

The walking and playing routine can actually help you stay at your fittest best. As long as you are dedicated to looking after diet, exercise, and regular vet visits, a GSD wouldn’t have a lot of health issues.

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One of the key issues that dog owners face is adaptability. The problem can get even more challenging if you live with a family. A new member may join, or someone may depart, which can be a major change for the animal. Similarly, you may have guests around or plan to relocate at some point. You will want a pet that adapts easily, and a German Shepherd does it without much work.

It will be happy when you bring home a new baby or move to a new place. You need not worry about stress and separation anxiety because the GSD adjusts to changes just like humans do.

Extremely protective

If you have vulnerable family members (babies and old parents) around, it makes sense to bring home a dog that can protect them when there are threats around. GSDs are loyal and protective by nature, so you can trust them for keeping your home and family safe.

These dogs are fierce and will not hesitate to face a danger only to protect their loved ones. Being a herding breed, they have a natural instinct to safeguard the herd, which is your family. You will sleep soundly when you have this intimidating guardian taking care of your home and family at all times.

Excellent travel companion

If your family loves to go on road trips and weekend breaks, a German Shepherd is going to be the best travel buddy you can have. It loves riding in cars and will keep your kids happily occupied even on long drives. The best part is that it can blend effortlessly with your family’s schedule.

You can expect it to be comfortable with your feeding time, bedtime, and even rest stops. Just make sure that you explore pet-friendly hotels online while planning the trip because you will not want to struggle to find one when you are there. Fortunately, you can find plenty of them around the country, so taking your GSD along on a family trip shouldn’t be a problem.

Wrapping it up:

German Shepherds bring together the right mix of affection, energy, and care for the owners. They keep your kids and parents safe and give them good company when you aren’t home. They fit in anywhere and even mix well with your guests. Additionally, there isn’t much fuss about health issues and separation anxiety with this breed. All these reasons make them an excellent choice for your family, so go ahead and bring one home right away.

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