Enjoy Fun-filled Moments With Your Dog With These Activities

An unexciting routine can be monotonous for anyone. The same goes for our dogs too and when these little creatures get bored, it’s been witnessed that they end up chewing the shoes, stewing couches, digging the lawn, starting barking excessively, and starting to behave more destructively in extreme cases.

For centuries, people raised dogs to serve as herders or as livestock protectors. However, the screenplay has changed considerably in recent times. Since it’s in their genes to act as scavengers, if they don’t indulge in any physical activity the entire day, they start behaving aggressively and destructively.

Next time when your furry friend starts annoying you because of boredom, instead of yelling at them, try to keep them engaged with some fun activities because over-reacting and yelling at them will result in more destruction and problems.

And, how to relieve boredom in your dog’s life? Keep scrolling and learn about the amazing boredom busters that will keep your dog engaged and busy.

Ways to keep your dog from boredom

Build a connection with your dog through fun games

It’s a world-renowned fact that dogs have extraordinary smelling sense and hunting abilities. Therefore, you can plan your activities, keeping this in mind. Like, you can hide their toys (and some treats) in the house and/or lawn and ask them to find them by sniffing around.

Another game you can try is fetching. Throw the tennis ball and let your dog get it back. Hide and seek is also a good option to play. Hide somewhere and let your pooch seek you. There are many more interesting games for your fur baby such as hide-n-seek, tug-of-war, and frisbee, etc. These games will allow them to stretch their body while enjoying some fun-filled moments with you.

Take your dog shopping and buy them treats and toys

The markets are full of a wide variety of dog foods, toys, and accessories. In fact, not many think about this, but you can prepare a wardrobe for your dog too. You can buy your pooch some accessories such as collars, leashes, bandanas, boots, socks, caps, or dog dresses, etc. You can create a special look for your dog for every occasion.

Not only dresses, but you can also buy them a new soft toy, which they’ll love to chew, or can buy their favorite treats. However, there are certain dog policies. Make sure to call your said store to verify all the conditions to avoid any hassles later on.

Host a Dog Playdate

Just like humans, dogs are also social animals. They love to interact and play with other dogs. So you can take your pooch to meet its friends around. You can plan water games, fetch, race, or scavenger hunt as a part of their play date.

Give your pooch a ‘work for food training’

If your dog is sitting free and is ready for an activity. Let’s give it some brain workouts. It will not only make them active, but it will be helpful in their training.

For instance, as we mentioned before, give your pooch a ‘work for food training.’ Make it do some activities such as sit, shake hands, stand, jump, and all. Every time it positively responds to your commands, reward your dog with treats.

Play animal videos for your dog

If you are occupied with work and can’t find time to play with your dog, then the least you can do is play some animal videos for your dog and let it enjoy the screen time.

YouTube and social media are full of animal videos. You may not know this, but dogs are smart enough to learn new activities through videos (so make sure not to play destructive videos). So, let your fur baby see the videos while you are working nearby and develop new skills.

Go Swimming

The summer is around and most dogs love to play in the water or swim either in a pond or a pool. Also, swimming is one of the toughest exercises that burns excessive energy in your dogs. So, if you haven’t tried it yet, give it a try and thank us later. In fact, when you come back from a swimming session, your dog will have the best sleep of his life. Along with swimming, you may try some enrichment activities around the pond or pool to stimulate your dog’s mental health.

Wrapping up

Understandably, you can’t be available all the time. But when you do, make sure to bond with your companion. Try to break their monotony with the above-mentioned activities and make them feel happy and relaxed.