Pomsky Pros and Cons – Things to Know Before Getting a Puppy

No one knew that this most hyped hybrid breed will become a hot cake even before its existence. As soon as the imaginary Pomsky was proposed, the people started waiting for it eagerly. And now, the Pomsky is said to be one of the most popular designer dog breeds.

Just like other crossbred dogs; Bernedoodle, Goldendoodle, or Labradoodle, the Pomskies are in high demand, and most people prefer to get a Pomsky as their next dog. So, if you are one of them, this post is for you. Also, read popular names for Pomsky puppies.

As the vets suggest, before you get any new breed for the first time, spend a couple of weeks finding positives and negatives about the breed. It is important for your dog’s life, as well as, for you.

This post contains the most common pros and cons of the Pomsky dog. All these facts are based on reviews and feedback from the dog parents who already have a Pomsky puppy. After reading this post, you’ll be able to conclude whether you can keep a Pomsky easily or not.

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So, without further ado, let’s find out more about this adorable creature.

Pomsky Pros

The Pomsky or Pomeranian Husky mix has several positive traits that make them an ideal breed for almost every dog owner. Let’s start with the first and the most important; temperament.

Excellent Temperament

Hybrid breeds are the most unpredictable breeds because you never know what the pups inherit and what not. But as per Pomsky’s owners’ feedback, it is a gentle and playful breed that never disappoints you in terms of behavior.

Cool Looks

The Pomsky usually inherits the size of a Pomeranian and the beautiful coat from Husky. And yes, it has incredible blue eyes that cannot be ignored. It is a gorgeous and handsome breed that can compete and outclass all the other breeds in terms of beauty.


On average, they may have a lifespan of up to 15 years. A well-bred pup can even live longer than this. As this breed is not much old, it will take some time to make exact conclusions about their age and other facts.


Do not get mistaken for its small size because it is protective of its family and will always be ready to respond if it senses any danger.

Weather Tolerant

As one of its parents is from Siberia and has a double coat with silky hair, the Pomsky can also tolerate extremely cold weather. It also does good in warm weather, so overall, it can tolerate all types of weather except very hot weather.

Social with other Pets and Children

Pomsky does extremely well with other canine and non-canine pets so you shouldn’t be worried to get a Pomsky if you have other pets at home. Similarly, they are good with children and enjoy their company but the breeders suggest that you should keep an eye on them if the children are too small.


This small-sized Husky alternative can be raised easily in urban apartments. It can adapt to any lifestyle which means you won’t be needing to do anything special while having a Pomsky. Just some daily walks, regular feeding, regular vet visits, and that’s it.

So, these were the positive traits of Pomsky. Like any other breed, it also has some negative traits or cons that you must know before getting a puppy. This way you’d be able to raise your puppy without any special problems. Let’s explore its cons below.

Pomsky Cons


None of the hybrid breeds is predictable. You never know which of the parent breeds has more dominance over the puppies. No breeder can guarantee their appearance, coat, colors, and pup size in adulthood.

Difficult to train

When it comes to training, Pomskies are among the most difficult breeds and you may face a tough time while training them. But consistency and patience are the keys, and by doing rewarding training sessions, you can get fruitful results.

Hates Boredom

Being a half-Husky, it is a highly-energetic breed so you must exercise your dog to keep it fit and healthy, and most importantly, keep it entertained. If not exercised or walked enough, the Pomsky puppy can easily get bored and a bored puppy is disastrous. As a result, your puppy may develop excessive barking, howling, and destructive chewing problems.


Almost all the hybrid breeds are expensive, the Pomskies are considered the most expensive of all of them. A wellbred Pomsky puppy may cost you somewhere around $5000 based on its appearance, demographics, and the breeder’s reputation.

Stubborn and Shy

A Pomsky may also show stubbornness or shyness sometimes. To address these issues, socialization and training at an early age are highly recommended.

Final Words:

So, these were the pros and cons of the Pomeranian Husky mix and we are sure you can now decide whether you should get this adorable and affectionate puppy or not. If you are a current Pomsky owner and want to share something with us regarding their pros and cons, we’d be happy to have you on board with us. Just leave a comment below and we’ll add your comments on this page.

Image: Pomsky Owners Association

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